My two best friends

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Chapter 21

Candace's POV,

"So we have a problem," Mason spoke up. Three of us were in my bedroom working on school work. Marcus and I both looked up at him. "Our senior prom is coming up." Oh crap. I said to myself.

"I dont see a problem," Marcus said. I turned and eyed him. "Why can't the three of us go together?" He said. I looked back at Mason.

"Or one of you could take Missy," I said. They both snapped their heads at me. I smiled. "Hear me out," I said and they just looked at me. "No one will think anything if the four of us went together."

"Okay, but who gets to go with you?" Marcus asked me.

"I guess I'll leave that up to you," I said. Marcus just shook his head.

"How is that fair?" Mason asked me. I cocked my head at him. "You dont think we both dont want to be with you that night? Hold you and dance with you?" Mason said. I sighed because he made a very good point.

"I understand, but we are still in the dark about our relationships with each other. It's not like we can be all over each other at the prom. Even if one of you took Missy. I would still dance with you both and be in both of your arms." They both looked at each other and then back at me.

"Okay, but who gets to take you?" Mason asked.

"I would love to go with you both. So why dont you decide. Look it's going to be a blast with all of us and there are like six different parties to go to that night. Lets all just go as friends and have a blast for our senior prom." I wanted to be able to go with them both and love both of them all night, but I didn't want to have to hide. None of those people mattered to me, but what Mason, Marcus and I were doing was our own business. I don't want to have to explain myself to anyone. I just wanted to go and have a good night without any worries.

"If this is what you really want. Then, of course, we will do it that way." Marcus said. Prom was only a week away and I was now really excited about it.

"So who is taking me?" I asked them. They weren't really saying much. I watched them for a moment. I then got up and grabbed a hat off my closest door. I sat back down by them and wrote both of their names on a piece of paper. I out the names in the hat and pointed that hat at them. "This will be fair. One of you pick." Mason smiled and reached in the hat. He pulled out a piece of paper and opened it. He showed it to Marcus and Marcus smiled. "Well?" I asked them.

"Your mine," Marcus said. I smiled and clapped my hands. I handed my phone to Mason. He just looked at it.

"You have to call and ask Missy. We have shopping to go and do." I told him.

"What if she already has a date?" Mason said.

"She dont, I would know." He sighed and pressed call.

"I still can't believe Mason asked me to the prom," Missy said while we were knee-high in pork dresses. I didn't want to ruin her night by telling her it was just a friend thing.

"Mason is a wonderful guy," I said to her. She smiled and I felt bad. I made Mason promise to give her a great night to remember. The last thing I wanted was to mess up her prom night.

"Yeah, he is very sweet. I still can't get over that you're going with Marcus." I looked at her funny. She knows how close I am with them. I didn't think it would be a shock.

"Why do you say that?"

"I just thought if you were going to go with one of them. That it would have been Mason."

"Really why?"

"You seem closer to Mason."

"I do?" I was actually didn't think that was true. Missy walked over to a rack and set three dresses on it.

"He just seems more touchie feelie with you." I sighed.

"That's just Mason. He has always been that way. I'm just as close with Marcus as I am Mason but were all just friends.

"I know that, but Marcus he is a bit of a..." She stopped talking. I just looked at her. "You know, he is like a mess kind of. Dont get me wrong. Marcus is very hot. I think he is hotter then Mason. I just see Mason having a better future then Marcus." I did my best not to show her my anger. I think Marcus has a wonderful future ahead of himself. Marcus is every bit as good as Mason. I didn't want to make a big scene and show my face.

"Marcus is a very good guy," I said because well I had to say something.

"I know I didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry." She said. We spent the entire day dress shopping and eating in the park. I ended up with a long tight fitted red silk dress. It had small spaghetti straps. A plunging neckline and a low cut back. Red is Marcus's favorite color. I let Missy know that Blue was Mason's favorite color. She ended up going with a black dress that had some blue high lights in it. Her dress was short and looked great on her. We also made a plan to go have our hair done on the day of the prom. Mason let us know he was renting a limo so the four of us could go together.

I couldn't wait. I was actually very excited for prom. Ever since that crap went down with Crystal and Tiffany. We haven't really heard too much from them. Mason said that every time he is home. She says away from him. I kind of felt bad for Tiffany. She was brought down a peg but it actually killed her personality. She wasn't very talkative and I wasn't sure if anyone asked her to prom. I saw her the other day in the girl's bathroom. She was fixing her makeup. I walked in and we were the only two in there. She looked at me and then look away.

"How are you?" I asked her. She didn't even look at me. "I'm sorry about Mason and Marcus." I tried to tell her. She just looked at me in her mirror. "Really Tiffany, they went a little too far." She put her lipstick back in her bag and turned to face me.

"Why do you even care Candace?" She asked me.

"Because I dont think anyone should be bullied." She just sort of snickered at me. I crossed my arms.

"I hope you can keep them both happy." She said and left the bathroom. What the hell did she mean by that? I asked myself. There was no way she could know, right? I tried to just let it go. The day of the prom actually came pretty fast. Missy and I went and got our hair done. Then we headed home and I got all ready. My hair was pulled up in a soft french bun. I had pieces of hair falling down around my face. My mother came in and placed a pair of real diamond earrings in my hand. She smiled at me and kissed my head. The guys were stopping to wet Missy first. I knew her family would want pictures of her and Mason.

My mother hollered up at me to let me know they were here. I stepped out and started to head down the steps. I stopped when both Mason and Marcus looked up at me. My mother and Missy were lost in conversation. Our eyes met and I dont think I have even seen both of them look so good. They were both in a tux. Mason had stuck with black and white. Marcus had a black on black tux. They both looked so good and I knew I was going to have a hard time keeping myself normal around them. Both of them had smiles across their faces. I smiled back at them and headed down the steps. The four of us stood next to each other and my mother and father were going crazy about us. My mother took so many pictures, but the one I loved the most was the one she took of me in the middle of Mason and Marcus. Missy understood, knowing they have been my best friends for so long.

"I know I'm not your date tonight, but I have to tell you just how beautiful you look," Mason whispered into my ear. I wanted so bad to kiss him, but I didn't. Marcus had his arm around my waist. I felt his hand ran up and down my side.

"I'm so glad you mine tonight." He whispered into my ear as we all climbed inside the limo. I sat in between Mason and Marcus. I knew tonight was going to be full of surprises. I just took a deep breath as we left my house.

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