My two best friends

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Chapter 25

"Mr. Black, what are you doing here?" I regretted my words the moment they left my lips. The two men on his sides looked at me like I was crazy.

"Miss Joyce, Mason Black owns this company." Mason just sat back and smiled not saying a word. I was so confused. I did my best to get my thoughts together and try to be professional. I kept my eyes away from Mason as I gave my presentation. Mason said very little. He would only talk to the two men at his sides. When I was done. I took a seat and waited for Mason to speak. He stood up and took a look at me.

"I'll have my company go over the books and I will reschedule a meeting with you in the future. I look forward to working with your company Miss Joyce." I nodded my head at him. I watched as he just excused himself and left through a door in the back. my heart ached. All the years of friendship and love and he just walks out. I don't even get a hello, how have you been. I sat there getting all my things together while the other men left the room.

"Candace." I heard him say. I looked up at him as he made his way back inside the room.

"Mason," I said back to him. He looked as though he had no idea what to say to me. "How have you been?" I asked him. He sighed and took a seat.

"No, how have you been?" He said, I smiled at him and took a seat.

"I'm okay," I said. I started to tell him what my life has been like for the last seven years. Leaving out my heartbreak. He sat there listing to my every word. "But look at you. I mean running this company. What happened to your father's company?"

"This is my father's company. I just made some huge changes. Candace, I'm sorry to say this and I hope I don't upset you but fuck." He said and I got shocked.

"You're so beautiful. I mean way more now than before. You aged very well," His words took me by shock.

"Thank you, Mason, but if we're going to hand out compliments." I stopped and looked him up and down. "Damn," I said and we both started to laugh. A woman stuck her head in.

"Excuse me sir, but your next appointment is waiting for you." Mason looked back at the very beautiful woman.

"You can go ahead and cancel the rest of my day. I won't be in." She stood there for a moment.

"But sir." She started to say.

"You heard me, Miss Aleen." She just nodded her head. Mason looked back at me.

"Lunch?" He asked me and I nodded my head at him. We were lost in conversation. Both having a great time catching up. I took my coat off and sat it next to me. "I really missed you Cans," He said,

"I missed you more then you will know," I said to him.

"I hope your okay with me asking, but is there anyone special in your life?" He asked me. I just smiled at him.

"No, not like that. I was seeing a guy I work with, by the way never date someone you work with."

"Yeah, I already know that one." We both laughed.

"I actually broke it off with him in the lobby of your company this morning." Mason looked at me funny. "It's a long story. What about you." Mason looked away with a grin on his face."Come on, you can tell me." I said with a smile.

"Well someone special. I'm going to have to say no, but I do enjoy the company of women."

"Meaning?" I asked.

"Meaning I have many different relationships." I eyed him for a moment.

"Wait, you're a dog?" Mason's eyes got big and then he started laughing like crazy. "Mason!" I said to him.

"I'm sorry Cans but no one has used the word dog yet. I guess I just like women, a lot of them." This kind of hurt my heart. I was hoping he was happy and maybe happy with someone. I mean Marcus and Mason have always been the ladies men, but to become just a playboy. I would have thought Marcus, yes, but Mason no. Mason just looked at me. "Does that make you upset?" He asked me.

"I guess so."


"I don't know, I just didn't think of you as being that type of man." He studied me for a moment.

"I have only ever loved one person Cans. When she didn't want me. I kind of went a different way with my life. No one has ever made me feel the way she did." I knew he was talking about me and my heart broke once again.

"I'm so sorry Mason."

"Hey, that's in the past." He reached out and touched my hand. I smiled at him.

"Mason can I ask you a question." As if he could read my mind. He answered me before I even asked.

"I haven't heard a word from in almost three years." I was actually shocked. I thought for sure they would have remained friends. "A lot happened after you left. Marcus's brother ended up shot and killed and It put a huge strain on Marcus. He went into a deep depression. I ended up staying the whole summer with him. Once I got him away from his family. He wanted to find a job and go to college on his own. I ended up paying for all of his schoolings and helping him with a place of his own." I hung onto every word Mason said. "Here's the kicker, he got himself together Cans and after three years of college, he opened his own business in our home town. After a year of owning his own business, he paid me back every dime I gave him. Even though I never wanted him too."

"Oh my god, really? I'm so proud of him." I said. "But why haven't you seen him in so long?" Mason just shrugged his shoulders.

"Life, I guess. I've been a very busy man and I knew Marcus has been busy too."

"Whatever happened with your stepmother?" Mason just shook his head.

"Can you believe that after I turned eighteen and moved out. She actually tried to take me to court. She felt she wasn't left with enough money and wanted what money my father left me."

"You're kidding me?" I said. "Did she get anything from you?"

"Hell no, that dumb bitch was only left with court bills. I think she is still in my family home." We both shook our heads. It was getting late and I still had a lot of work to get done.

"Thank you for adding my company to yours."

"I know a good thing when I see it Cans." He said and winked at me.

"I really should let you get back to work," I said and stood up.

"Please Cans don't be a stranger, I don't want to miss you anymore." I smiled at him and took his phone from him. I put my number in his phone.

"Have dinner with me this weekend at my home," I said to him.

"It's a date." He said. "I'll have my limo take you home. That way I know where you live." We pulled up to my building and mason reached over and kissed my cheek. "It was so good to see you. I have really missed you." He said to me.

"I have missed you too." He winked at me and I waved goodbye. later that night I was getting done with a call to my boss Jim. He was congratulating me on landing the Three account. I had almost told him about Brent, but I decide Id leave it be. If he wouldn't back away then I would say something. I sat there thinking about Mason. I thought for sure that maybe Mason would hate me after all these years. It meant the whole world to me that he didn't. I felt like a piece of my heart was mending. I realized that I never asked Mason what type of business Marcus started. I was all kinds of curious to know what Marcus had been up to. I wondered if he hated me after all this time.

Then it hit me. My parent's thirtieth wedding Aniversary was coming up. They were going to be having a huge party. I haven't been home in five years. I had only gone back once about five years ago, but I only stay for a couple of nights and I had to get back to New York. Maybe I would stay longer? Maybe I would invite Mason to come along. Maybe we could run into Marcus? Maybe even...

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