My two best friends

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Chapter 27

Mason's POV,

"Damn it, I said if they don't want to sign the agreement then cut them off. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money." I said and hit the end button on the call. I looked around the board room at the faces looking back at me. I needed a break from all of this. My life has been just a fast-paced roller coaster. Ever since Candace came back into my life and gave me her drunken show. My mind has only been on her. I haven't even entertained the fact of other women. In fact, I lied to her that night when I told her there were three women in my life.

Me being a dog, as she put it was true. Only because my heart wouldn't let anyone in, but I don't keep them around. I hit it and then I'm done. Whan Candace decided to not have either of us. My heart ended up becoming stone. Marcus and I did our best to move on from it, but it never actually worked. I ended up throwing myself into my work. Marcus went down a dark path but I helped him the best I could and he turned it around for himself. I sort of lied to Candace about not talking with Marcus. I mean, I haven't seen him in years but we have an occasional phone call here and there. I know what's going on in his life and Candace is going to be shocked. I think maybe the reason why I haven't told her too much is that I want to keep her to myself for now.

I know the reason why she has asked me to go home with her. I know she wants the three of us to reconnect. Her intentions are good, but I just think she is going to be in for a shock that she might not like. It's really not my place to share this with her. I just hope that Marcus is as excited to see her as I was. He was in a pretty dark place after she left home. He swore that he hated her, and never wanted to see her again. He took her choice in a dark way. I understood why she did what she did. I needed to let her go, but I didn't do it out of hate, like Marcus. I know deep down inside Marcus doesn't hate her. He just doesn't know how to express himself well.

I excused all the partners and went into my office. My head was full of thoughts from the other night at Candace's Place. She had me confused by her words and her actions. Could she still care about me that way? Her life seemed to be in order and I did really want to work with her company. She also seemed a little lost to me. You can tell she feels like something is missing in her life. It took everything I had inside of me to not fuck her all night long and beg her to be with me. Candace was amazingly beautiful back in high school, but the woman she is today blows high school, Candace, out of the water. Her beauty only turned into a very sexy woman. I could tell right off the bat that any relationships she has had since then were dull and boring. I want to be the one that awakens her, but I can't do that when she is intoxicated. I need her to want me sober.

"Sir, you have an Amber Briggs on line two." I sighed, Amber is the daughter to one of my biggest accounts. I took her out one night and fucked her against the wall in the parking garage in my building. Ever since then she has been nothing but a damn headache. Every time she comes to New York she hits me up. I thought I could have liked her until she showed her true snotty personality. I guess it's my fault for not cutting it off right away. I have entertained her almost every time she comes to town. Mostly because of who her father is.

"Hello Amber, what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

"Mason, I'm in town for the next week and I wanted to see you."

"I'm really busy Amber. I'll have to get back to you."

"Boo, don't you want to see me? Come on Mason you know you can take some time for me. It's been almost three months since I've seen you." Yeah, and you haven't heard from me in that time either. I said to myself.

"I'll see what I can do and I'll get back to you." We said our goodbyes as I rolled my eyes. I was meeting Candace tonight for drinks at a local bar by her home. I could only think about that most of the day. I haven't seen her in a couple of days. I haven't seen her since that night. I promised her I would come back. Of course when I walked into the bar and saw her sitting on the stool waiting for me. My heart dropped. There she sat in a short cream-colored skirt and I could see the top of her stocking. She had her coat on the back of her chair and she was wearing a red silk top. She was unbelievably sexy and she didn't even know it. Which only made her even more fucking hot. I walked in and took a seat next to her. She turned to me and gave me that smile of hers that makes me want to give her the world.

"You came." She said like if I wouldn't have shown up.

"Of course I did. I promised you and I always keep my promises." She placed her hand on my arm and just smiled. She had a glass of wine in her hand already. I ordered a glass myself and took her to sit at a booth.

"I want to say I'm sorry again for my behavior the other night." I just shook my head at her.

"I hope you don't drink like that all the time?" I asked her. She hung her head.

"No, I think I was just nervous."

"Why Cans? You have no reason to be nervous around me."

"I know it, it's just been so long. I'm better now. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable?" I smiled at her. The only thing she made uncomfortable, was my dick. I now knew I was going to blow Amber off. I couldn't even think about entertaining some other woman when Candace was back in my life. At least not until I knew what that meant. I needed to know what her intentions were before I could make any decisions. Plus we were leaving to head home in two weeks. I took the whole week off to be with her and to see Marcus again. Back when we were kids and she was seeing both of us. She never let on if she cared about one of us more then the other. She was a hard one to read. She made both Marcus and myself believe she truly cared about us the same. It was hard, but after the night the three of us shared together. It was clear by morning that Macrs and myself didn't want to share her. I know we sounded selfish at the time, and even though the night was hot and pleasurable. I knew I wanted her to myself and Marcus felt the same.

Candace only had one glass of wine and I did the same. I told her I would take her home. We left the bar and got into my limo. "Do you want to come inside with me?" She asked me as we pulled up to her building. I agreed and my limo parked in her garage. I followed her up to her apartment. She had a nice place and kept it well cleaned. It was way too small for my liking, but it was perfect for her. It even smelled like her. I took my coat off and slung it over her couch. I stood there and watched her open her balcony doors. The cool air came in and hit my already hot face. I'm not going to lie. I knew she wanted our friendship back, but all I could think about was slamming her small body against the wall and fucking her until she screamed out my name. I just looked away from her and sighed. The friendship we once had would never be the same. I wanted her too much for that. I could only hope now that she felt the same way when she looks at me.

She walked back over to me and handed me a bottle of water. "Are you hungry? I could order us something." She said. Oh yeah, I'm hungry alright.

"Whatever you want to do. I could eat." I told her and she pulled out her phone and ordered us some Chinese food. She had her back to me and I was doing nothing but checking out her body. Then she reached down and pulled the back of her skirt up to scratch her leg. She pulled the skirt up enough for me to see the top of her beige colored lace stocking. I couldn't help what I did next. I didn't care what it would cause at the moment. I walked up behind her and grabbed her by her arms and pulled her body into mine. I felt her tense up at first and then her body relaxed. I took ahold of her hair and moved it away from her ear. "Do you want me?" I asked her softly in her ear. Her breathing increased and I could feel the heat of her body. "Just say it Candace and Ill make it happen."

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