My two best friends

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Chapter 29

"I'm so glad to see the two of you." My mother said as soon as Mason and I showed up. It felt good to be home. I gave my mom a huge hug. My father came into the room. He looked happy to see us.

"Mason, my man." My father said as they hugged. "We have to get Marcus over here. So I can kick your asses on the court." Mason laughter and told my dad anytime he was ready. Mason took our bags up to my room and I joined my mother in the kitchen for a glass of wine.

"So, are you and Mason a thing?" My mother asked me.

"I'm not really sure what we are at the moment." My mother smiled at me. "Mom," I said.

"What? He is a good man Candace."

"I know what he is, mom," I said smiling at her. "Mom, can I asked you a question?"


"You wouldn't happen to know what Marcus..."

"What's going on in here?" Mason asked as he came into the kitchen. My mother was fixing lunch and it did smell good. I looked at my mom and whispered later to her. She just nodded at me. the four of us had lunch together at the table. Mason and my dad were lost in conversation. My mother and I just sat there listening to them talk. "So tell me, what does it take to make it to thirty years?" Mason asked my parents. I just smiled.

"Hard work." My father said. my mother just looked at my father.

"Dedication and hard work. You must have trust and we never get tired of each other. It's not always easy but we still love each other." My father reached over and kissed my mother. my parents have always been in love with each other and never cared who saw them show their love for each other. I have always loved that about them. They have always done their best to make time for each other. Always been very loving. My father was always kissing my mother. I guess I have always had the fairytale type of love in my mind. I have to say that my parent's relationship was a very rare type. Not everyone had a love like theirs. I could only hope that I found something like they had.

"So when do you want to do this?" I asked Mason while I was unpacking my things. Mason was laying across my bed. I knew he was ready for a nap.

"Do what?" He asked me.

"Go and see Marcus?" He just kind of sighed to himself, but I caught it. I wasn't sure what he was so worried about. Okay, so Marcus was upset after I left, but did I really think he wouldn't be happy to see us? Hell, I was upset after I left. I was upset before I left. I never once hated them. Damn it, I wish I would have kept in touch.

"Why don't we go and see him in the morning?" Mason said. I agreed and stopped talking about it. Mason ended up falling asleep and I went and spent some time with my parents. I didn't bring Marcus back up to my mother. I knew Mason was tired. It was getting dark and Mason still hadn't come downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen making her famous poy of beef stew. It was always one of Mason's and my father's favorite meals.

"Damn it." I heard my mother say in the kitchen. I got up and walked in there to see if I could help her with something.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Were out of milk." She said.

"No problem, give me your keys. I'll run-up to the store and grab a gallon." She smiled at me and went to her purse. She tossed me the keys. "I'll just run-up to the 711 at the corner. It will take me two minutes."

"Thank you." She said. Mason was still sleeping as I left the house. I turned the music on high and sung all the way to the corner store. It was still like three blocks from my house. I pulled up and got out of the car and headed inside. I grabbed the milk and a few sweet snacks and then headed to the counter. A man walked right in front of me and I had to step back.

"Sorry, excuse me," I said.

"No problem, my bad." That voice, I said to myself. I turned and I was eye to eye with him. Both our mouths hung open for a second. "Candace?" He said. I nodded at Marcus.

"Oh my god, Marcus?" I said softly. There standing right in front of me was a god of a man. What the fuck? I said to myself. He was almost covered from the neck down in tattoos. His body was ripped all the way down to his calves. His hair was neatly cut and his dark eyes were bright with emotion.

"What are you doing here?" He asked me. I was fumbling with my things.

"I'm here for my parent's anniversary. Mason is here to." I said. God, he was beautiful. My heart hurt realizing how much I had missed him. Marcus stood there just looking at me. I wanted so bad to go and hug him.

"Mason is with you?" He asked me.


"So what are the two of you together?" His words were coming out harsh and I wasn't sure how to take him.

"No, I..." I was at a loss for words. He just sort of shook his head at me.

"It was nice to see you, Candace." He said and walked past me. He went to the counter and paid for his things and walked out of the door. I went to the counter and paid for my things. When I walked outside. I noticed him sitting in a truck. I looked over sat him and our eyes met. I was so sad at that moment that I could feel the tears start to sting my eyes. That's when I saw her sitting in the passage seat of his truck. I knew who she was right away. Tiffany fucking James. My mouth hung open as I rushed to my car and got in. His truck pulled out and I could see his tail lights in the mirror.

I was beside myself. I tried to get it together as I pulled out of the store and tears ran down my face. Of all the women in all the world. What the hell was he doing with her? I knew this must of been what Mason was not wanted to tell me. Oh god, was he married to her? Did they have kids together? My mind was racing and when I pulled up in front of my parent's house. I sat there in the car for a moment. He was cold towards me. Something I wasn't used to. I took a deep breath and headed inside. Mason was sitting on the couch with my father. He took one look at me and I knew he knew something was wrong. I sat the things down on the counter and walked off to my bedroom. I knew Mason would follow me.

I walked in and took a seat on my bed. "Cans, are you okay?" He asked me as he came into my bedroom and closed the door behind him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him. He came over and took a seat next to me on the bed.

"Tell you what baby?" He said.

"Why didn't you tell me Marcus is with Tiffany James?" Mason's eyes went wide.

"How the hell did you find that out?" He asked me.

"I ran into him at the store. He was rude to me and I couldn't talk right. When I left the store. I saw her in his truck." Mason looked away from me.

"It's not really my story to tell. That's why I didn't say anything." I just looked over at him.

"Mason, you could of at least warned me." He looked pained and my tears started to fall again. His arm went around my shoulders.

"I'm really sorry Cans, but honestly it wasn't my place to say anything. It's Marcus's life to tell. I'm sorry he was rude to you. He was really in a dark place. I wasn't sure how he was going to react to seeing you.

"He hates me, Mason," I said, with tears pouring down my face. "Just tell me this Mason. Are they married?"

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