My two best friends

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Chapter 30

"Rest your heart sweetheart, they are not married," Mason said. He stood up and there was a pained look on his face.

"Mason," I said and he turned to look at me.

"Tell me something Candace, are you upset that he was rude to you. Or are you upset that he has someone?" I knew right there and then that Mason was upset with me. Could I blame him? We have been sleeping together and here I was all upset over Marcus, but Mason had it all wrong.

"Yes, I'm upset that he hates me. No, I'm not upset that he has someone. I have only ever wished happiness for both of you. I am however that the someone that he has is her." Mason crossed his arms.

"You of all people should know that sometimes people can change." His words were hurting me as he spoke.

"You're kidding me, right? I was never an evil hurtful person Mason. This is not the same thing." I snapped at him.

"Even the shitty people can change their ways, Candace." Mason was defending Tiffany to me. I never thought I'd see the day. I shook my head at him.

"You know what whatever," I said and walked into the bathroom where I closed the door and locked it.

Mason's POV,

I watched her get up and lock herself in the bathroom. I just sighed as my phone has been going off like crazy for the last five minutes. I knew it was Marcus and I knew he was going to chew my ass off. I walked out of the house and took a seat. I pulled my phone out and called Marcus.

"What the fuck man?" Was the first thing out of his mouth.

"Hello to you to Marcus."

"Don't give me that bullshit Mason. You couldn't give me the heads up?"

"You know what, fuck you, Marcus. This is not my problem. Do you think she didn't want to come back and see you? Really man? She just chewed my ass out and now I have to get it from you. Look if you want her to stay the hell away from you and Tiffany. Just say so and I'll let her know for you. I'll go ahead and break her heart for you and you can just keep doing what you have been doing. She saw Tiffany by the way and let me tell you she is not happy about it."

"She is mad about Tiffany?"

"Yeah she is mad, Hello this is Tiffany we are talking about. I don't care about how much she has changed. In Candace's eyes, your sleeping with the enemy, and she is not happy about it."

"Likes she truly cares." I was about to lose my shit.

"Marcus just so you know. You're a fucking idiot."

"Why? She choose to leave us both. It was her choice to go away from us."

"Oh my god Marcus, when are you going to get it in that thick skull of yours. It wasn't like we made it easy for her. It killed her to let us go. She loved us both, even with all our flaws. We have been friends for a very long time man. How can you even act like you didn't want to run to her and pull her in your arms and hold her?" I could hear him breathing on the other end of the phone. "That's what I thought."

"Is that what you did. When you saw her again?' He asked me.

"Bet your sweet ass," I said to him.

"Fuck Mason, I'm a fucking twat."

"Yeah, you are. So what are you going to do about it?"

"I want to see her." He said.

"I know you do. She needs you to explain things to her. Things that are not my place to say. You need to tell her why you're with Tiffany. Tell her what has gone on in your life. I know as long as you are happy she will be happy for you."

"Can you bring her to my shop tomorrow?"

"I will try. We had planned on it anyway, but right now she is mad at me and you." I heard Marcus laugh.

"Yeah, I know how that goes with her stubborn ass."

"We might have to give her some time. Or you could always just come here and see her. Her dad wants to play ball with us anyways." I smiled because I knew he was smiling as well. We had always loved playing on the court with her dad.

"It's going to be hard explaining Tiffany to her."

"You just got to be honest. That's all she wants from us. How is that going by the way?"

"Same has it has always been, I guess. She is good to me and I do my best to be good to her."

"So why haven't you married her yet?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm not ready for that. We live together and that's been good. I don't know if I'm the marrying type." I had to laugh because that was Marcus. He was always so indecisive. I think the only time Marcus ever truly knew what he wanted, was when it came to Candace. But he is the one who needs to tell her his story. He has to be the one to tell her how broken he truly became when we lost her. My heart was broken the day she walked away from us, but Marcus took it to a whole new level of broken. Then when his brother was murdered. He went even deep into the dark. If It wasn't for me being there and Tiffany. We might have lost him altogether. She gained a whole new respect from me and this is all Marcus's story to tell.

"Hey man, I'm going to let you go. We will be here for the week. If we don't come by the store and you want anything to do with her. You need to just come here." Marcus agreed and we said goodbye. I took a deep breath and headed back inside. I was Hoping she was calmed down enough for us to talk. I walked in and found her with a glass of wine in the kitchen. Her parents must have gone to bed. I didn't see them anywhere. "How much wine are you going to have tonight?" I asked her with a smile on my face.

"Don't give me your grin Mason. It won't work."

"Are you going to stay mad at me forever?"

"No." She said and sipped her wine. I took a seat close to her.

"He wants to see you." I started to say and she turned and looked at me. "I can take you to his shop tomorrow. Or he will come over here. It's your choice, but I think you should at least hear him out."

"I'd like to see his shop." She said and I pulled her into my arms.

"I'm really sorry baby. I didn't want to hurt you. He needs you to hear his story." She relaxed in my arms and kept a hold of her glass.

"Tiffany?" She said to me and all I could do was give her a small smile.

"You'll understand at least I hope you will." Candace only had one glass of wine and then I took her to bed. I laid there next to herein the dark. Wondering just what all she had on her mind. The last thing I wanted was for this to turn back into what it was in high school. I wanted to be with her and Marcus had someone in his life. I just didn't know if she wanted to be with me like that or if her head was thinking about Marcus in that way or not. This wasn't like it was in high school. I would give up every dime I had for her to choose me.

I was also stuck on the fact that even though Marcus is with Tiffany. Candace could stir up feelings inside him again. That worried me like you wouldn't believe. All I could do was hope, but then again. I have no right to be jealous. I didn't have to sleep with her. I could have kept it strictly friends. I was so glad Marcus didn't ask me if Candace and I had been together. I wasn't ready to answer that question. I guess I would leave that up to her if she wanted to tell him. I couldn't sleep with all this on my mind. I snuck out of her bed and went into the kitchen and had a glass of wine myself. Tommaor was going to be a big day. A day I wasn't ready for. I needed some rest.

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