My two best friends

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Chapter 34

Candace's pov,

We laid there and held each other and talked. We went into more detail about our lives. None of us bring up Tiffany. Mason had come up to my room last night and found me in the window. I was still so upset. He came and sat next to me. he placed his hand on my leg and I went into his arms. I told him how sorry I was and all he did was shhh me. "Cans, you need to go to him," Mason said. He pulled out my phone and put Marcus's number in for me. That's when I sent him the text. once he said he was coming back. I didn't even grab a coat. I just ran outside and jumped into his truck.

My intentions were not to sleep with him, but I just couldn't help myself. I needed to feel him. I needed for him to touch me. I wasn't thinking straight and I just didn't care. I craved his forgiveness. I needed him to know how sorry I was. I couldn't let go of how much of his life I had missed. I couldn't let go of the fact that she was the one who helped him. It was driving me crazy. If I was only going to get to touch him one last time. I was damn well going to take it.

The sun was starting to rise and I knew I had so much work to do today for my parent's party. "Are you going to come today?" I asked Marcus who was currently kissing my neck.

"Do you want me to come?" He asked leaving more wet kisses pon my still naked body.


"Then I'll be there." He said. I think he got me two more times before he finally took me home. He kissed me once again and I stood there and watched him leave. I turned and looked at my childhood home. I had so many thoughts in my head. I was tired but my mind was running wild. I felt like I was back to square one. I had now been with both of them once again and the love I had was now stronger than ever. I knew mason was in my bed and my other love was now headed back to his home where his girlfriend was waiting for him. I had no idea where any of this was going to lead us now.

I sighed to myself with a smile on my face. I could still feel his kisses on my body. I could smell his cologne all over me. I hugged myself as I made my way into the house. I found Mason fast asleep in my ned. I watched him for a moment. He always slept so softly. I reached out and ran my fingers through his hair. I then turned around and headed for the shower. when I was done it was still only six am. I crawled into the bed next to mason and fell asleep.

I was awakened by the sounds coming from downstairs. I pulled my tired self out of my now-empty bed. I walked down to the kitchen where I saw Mason and my parents setting things up in the back yard. I looked over to the clock in the kitchen and if was already after eleven. "Why didn't anyone wake me," I said in a bit of a pout. Everyone looked up at me and Mason came over to my side.

"You just looked tired and we got this. Now that your up, get some coffee, and come join us." I nodded at him and walked back inside and made myself one large cup of coffee. There were workers outside placing up tents to help keep us out of the cold. I sat on the kitchen stool and drank my coffee. I wanted so bad to send Marcus a text. Just to check on him, but I didn't want to cause problems for him. He said he would be here and the party starts at five. I'm sure Tiffany wanted to know where he had been until dawn this morning. I'm sure it wasn't easy on him.

I finished my coffee and went upstairs to change into something a little warmer and then met everyone out back and got my ass to work. My mother wanted the party to be a little fancy. I got myself a cute little black dress with purple accents all down the front. I straighten out my hair and had it sharp to my shoulders. I did my makeup and add a touch of red lipstick. I walked out into my bedroom and both mine and Mason's eyes got big. He looked so handsome in his black suit with a white vest. I was in awe of him. "Wow, Cans, maybe we can be late to this party." He said as he came to my side and ran his hands down my body. I closed my eyes and if it wasn't for my parents. I would have allowed him to make me as late as he wanted.

"Come on you animal, we have a party to go to." he smiled at me and kissed my cheek. "Have you heard from Marcus today?" I asked him as we made our way outback.

"No, but I'm sure he will be here." I nodded at him. Most of the guests were family and friends of my parents. The party was rocking out. It was funny to sit back and watch my parents dance the night away. It was around six when I turned and saw Marcus come walking into the tent. He was dressed in a nice suit with a belt buckle. His color choices were black and red. He looked just as good as Mason. Mason was the first to go to him. I stayed in my seat and watched the two most important people in my life get lost in conversation.

That's when Marcus looked around the room. Until his eyes found mine. I smiled and blushed right away. He flashed me his grin. I melted right there and then Mason turned and looked at me and also gave me his grin. Fuck, I had it bad. They both made their way over to me. Dinner was getting ready to be served. I had Mason on my right and Marcus on my left. Both of them kissed my cheek as they took their seats. Now was the time for toast and food. We all had wine and I decided I didn't care how much I drank tonight. We were all celebrating. I chose to celebrate the fact that I had both my guys at my side tonight. The way it should be. The way it has always been.

The toast was great some were sweet and others were funny. Mine was mostly sweet and then both Mason and Marcus got up and spoke. They thanked my parents for treating them like family all their lives and then they thanked them for me. I danced with both of them all night long. My mother and I started a dance line. Turned out we were just being goofy. My father and I danced a few dances. I had a least a good three glasses of red wine in me when I went back into Marcus's arms. "How are you doing tonight beautiful?" He asked me.

"I feel good," I said and I knew I was drunk.

"Yes, you do." He said as he slid his hands down my back. I gave him a small moan, and I heard him growl. The night started to thin out and people were now starting to say their goodbyes. I sat slap happy with a smile on my face. My mother came and took a seat next to me.

"it was a good one, right?" She asked me. I nodded my head at her with my eyes still on my guys.

"Yes mama, it was a great party." She sat there smiling at me.

"Its good to have them back in your life." She said and I turned and looked at her.

"Yes, yes it is, but I just don't know for how long," I said and that hurt my heart. It was true Mason and I both lived and worked in New York. We would be heading home in three days. Marcus would be here. I had three days to decide what I wanted or what they wanted from me. I tried not to get my mind twisted into that now. I was drunk and I didn't want my emotions to take over. My parents were getting ready to leave the party. They were going on a new honeymoon. I wouldn't be here when they returned. I kissed them both goodbye and then walked back out to the tent. I walked in to find some workers cleaning up and then I found Mason and Marcus. I grabbed myself some more wine and headed over to them. They were seated at a table when I walked up and took a seat next to them.

"Hello, are you drunk?" Mason asked me.

"Maybe a little, what are you two sexy ass over here talking about?" they both looked at each other.

"Talking about you?" Marcus said.

"Oh yeah, what about me?" I asked sipping my wine.

"About how we need to get your ass to bed," Mason said. My eyes lite up. mason started to laugh. "Not like that." I then put my lip out and Marcus smiled at me.

"But I'm not tired," I said pouting. Knowing I was lying.

"Come on, you know you are," Mason said. I just sighed. I stood up and the two of them followed me. I wasn't walking a straight line. I then felt a set of arms pick me up bridal style and start to carry me up the stairs. I could smell Mason and knew he had ahold of me. My eyelids were becoming heavy and I was doing my best to stay awake. I was set on my feet and I took the zipper down on my dress and let it fall to the ground. I was in a thong and a bra as I claimed myself into my bed. I looked back at the two sets of eyes now on my body.

"Will you both stay with me?" I asked them. Marcus was already taking his coat off and Mason climbed into the bed with me. He pulled me not his arms and Marcus came to the other side. I was in both of their arms when My eyelids closed.

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