My two best friends

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Chapter 36

Marcus's POV,

The fucking cops had no idea where tiffany had run off to. My store had video surveillance and the whole thing was caught on camera. It's been one week and she still hasn't woken up. Mason hasn't left her side. The knife punctured her left lung and she lost a massive amount of blood. She was rushed in and went into surgery right away. They lost her on the table twice and she has been in a coma ever since.

Her parents rushed back from their vacation. It's like no one knows what to do and all I feel is anger. I had gone home and looked at myself covered in blood and grabbed one of my guns and went looking for tiffany myself, but Mason was the one to pull me back. The hospital has now become everyone's second home. I'm sick to death having to listen to the doctors try and explain to us why she is not waking up. Mason was able to talk her parents into going home and getting some rest. I tried to tell Mason the same thing, but he won't budge. I watched him exercise her and try talking to her. I haven't moved from this chair next to her in three days.

It was around eight pm when I was alone with her. I told her about the dreams I had of her dancing in the rain after we have made love. I told her I wasn't ready for her to go yet. We needed more nights like that. I watched her eyes do some fluttering when I would talk to her and I prayed she could hear me.

Its been almost three weeks now and there has been no change. mason is still here and has been running his company from candace's house. I haven't taught a class since this happened. candace's parents are here every day, but they go home at night. Mason hasn't had a choice and goes home with them to get work done. I, on the other hand, am here all the time. I don't really give the nurses the time to do their job. I wash her and change her. I have been the one doing her exercises.

I thought nothing could top what we all had just been through. Until Monday morning when two doctors came in and pulled candace's parents out of the room. Mason and I didn't understand what was going on. Everything else that had to do with candace was always told to all of us. I looked at Mason when the two doctors and her parents came walking back into the room. her parents looked upset and her mother was crying. I stood up and all heads turned towards me. "What's going on?" I asked and my heart was racing.

"We have some news on Candace's condition." The older doctor started to say. "There hasn't been much change to her. She is healing and that's a major plus. We now face a new problem." I looked over at Mason. Candace's mother came over to Mason and me. She placed her hands on our shoulders and told the doctor to continue. "Candace is pregnant." Mason's eye got huge and my mouth fell open.

"But she was on birth control," I said as I took a seat. her father looked over at me.

"So you're the father then?" He asked me and I looked over at Mason.

"Doc, do you know how far along she is?" Mason asked.

"Were guessing around five to six, maybe even four weeks along." That could mean Mason or myself could be the father of her baby.

"Now what happened?" I asked.

"Her condition has changed now that she is pregnant. We need to try to keep her as comfortable as possible. her body is healing and that's a great sign."

"How is that a great sign? I mean she isn't waking up and now she..." I didn't know what to even say. The only woman I have ever loved is in a coma and is possibly carrying my baby. None of this was good. I suddenly felt very exhausted. I walked over to the window and looked out at the trees blowing in the wind. The doctors said a few more things, and then Candace's parents followed them out of her room. I felt Mason come walking up next to us. "I'm not crazy right, it could be one of us right." He nodded at me. "What are we going to do?" I asked him.

"I don't know Marcus. I don't know what to think. I feel like we are losing her and now we have a baby to worry about."

"Can she carry the baby while in a coma?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I'm going to talk with the doctors. I need some answers. right now I can't think straight." I placed my hand on his shoulder. Days turned into weeks and the weeks became months. Candace was now almost four months along. She still hadn't woken up.

A lot has gone down in the last couple of months. Mason's stepmother had a heart attack and passed away. Mason found out that the house that he grew up in was in his name to be left to him if anything had happened to his stepmother. His father made sure of that and Mason had no idea. Mason moved into the home right away and started fixing the place up. Candace's job let her go only a month ago. it was for the best because even if she woke up now. She would be in therapy for a while. There would be no going back to New York. I had to higher full-time care for my mother. I was never home. Mason had to fly back to New York a few times for his company. I was only gone in the mornings to run my store. Other than that all my time was here in this hospital. I fucking hated it here.

Tiffany was still on the run. I swore I was going to kill that bitch myself. If I found her before the police. Not that I have time to try and find her. The talk with her parents about the fact that the baby could be mine or Mason's. Didn't go over to well with her father. Her mother on the other hand almost looked like she already knew. Mason and I tried to explain everything to them but her father is still not talking to us. It's easier right now to hold onto anger with everything going on.

"Your mother is trying to make Mason and I fat. She keeps bringing all this home-cooked food to us. We can't tell her no, and the food is amazing." I heard Mason laugh as I was exercising Her legs and talking to her. The doctors told us to talk to her as much as we could. "Baby, we need you to wake up soon. You have a baby that's going to need its mother. Mason and I have been fighting over the baby being a girl or a boy. We need to know who her father is." I looked over at Mason when I uncovered her belly and I could now see a small bump. I couldn't help it any longer. My body sat back in the chair and the tears poured down my face. Everything was becoming so real. Mason walked over and place his hand on her stomach.

"Come on beautiful, open your eyes for us. Marcus and I are both here and we both love you." Mason said as he ran his hand up and down her stomach. I felt defeated and I had no more answers. I was placing some of the flowers in a vase while the nurses were changing her bedding. Mason had left to grab us some dinner and some drinks. Mason and I started having dinner together here with her almost every night. Most of the time Candace's mother would bring us food. The nurses finished up making her bed and when they left the room. I kissed her and so did Mason. Mason and I got lost in conversation when we both heard her start to cough. both of our heads snapped over to her. She was coughing uncontrollably. Mason ran out of the room as I went to her side.

the doctors came running in and she was still coughing like crazy. They ended up making us leave the room. I called her parents and all four of us were in the waiting room when the doctors came out to us. "Candace is coming out of her coma. She is having a hard time breathing. We have her on oxygen and the coughing as finally calmed down some. she is sleeping again, but she is out of the woods now."

"Can we go back in?" I asked. He started to nod his head and before he said anything else. I headed back to her room. Mason followed me in. She turned and looked at us both. With a smile on her face.

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