My two best friends

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Chapter 37

Candace's POV,

I looked over and they both had entered the room. My two most precious people in my whole world. I smiled at them. Marcus came over to my side first. He took a seat and then took my hand in his. He looked back up at me with tears in his eyes. "I'm so sorry baby." He said and laid his head down. I ran my fingers through his hair. I looked over at Mason. He was standing at the foot of my bed.

"Mason," I said softly. He came to my other side and kissed my cheek.

"How are you feeling?" He asked me.

"My chest hurts some," I said in a raspy voice.

"Do you need me to call the doctors back in here?" Mason asked. Marcus was running his fingers up and down my arm. I shook my head no at him. He took a seat and then my parents walked in. The guys looked at them and then gave me a moment with my family.

It was still pretty foggy about what had happened to me. I remember bits and pieces but not the whole story. My mother and father filled in the blanks for me. I couldn't believe that Tiffany was the one who stabbed me. I knew she was a bitch, but I never thought she would go as far and try to kill me. What made it worse was that she was still out there. I guess the police have had men watching me ever since I got here. My mother told me hoe Mason and Marcus have been here none stop in the four months I have been in a coma. You would think to be asleep for four months would make me want to run a marathon, but it wasn't true. I was very tired and I felt like crap. I actually just wanted to go home, but the doctors said that wasn't possible right now.

Mason's POV,

"Do you think her parents are going to tell her about the baby?" I asked Marcus while we waited for her parents to come out of her room.

"I don't know man. I don't really know if it will come better from them or us." That's when her father came out of the room and walked over to Marcus and me.

"She has been pretty much brought up to date on everything that has happened with her. As far as the baby goes. Her mother and I think that the news will be better coming from the two of you." I looked at Marcus and he looked at me.

"Yes sir," I said and Marcus and I walked back into her room. It was so good to see her smile. It was like we were her light. I sighed as Marcus took a long breath. Her mother smiled at us and told us good luck as she left the room. We both went to her side.

Candace's POV,

I eyed them both for a moment knowing something was on their minds. I crossed my arm and just looked at them. "Okay start talking," I said and they looked at each other.

"What do you mean?" Mason asked.

"I wasn't born yesterday. I know when something is on both your minds. So out with it." I said. Marcus took a seat while Mason kept standing. I watched Mason look at Marcus and Marcus just nodded his head.

"Something was found while you were in your coma." Mason started to say. I felt my heart start to beat fast.

"Like what? Do I have cancer or something?" Mason and Marcus both smiled.

"No angel your not sick," Marcus said.

"Then what? What was found?" Mason walked over to me and placed his hand on mine.

"Cans, you're pregnant," Mason said. I looked at him and then back to Marcus.


"Its true angel, but we don't know who the father is." My eyes got wide and I pulled the blanket away from me. My belly had a small bump. I looked back at them. "Your almost five months along," Marcus said. I looked at Marcus.

"But... you're the last one I slept with."

"You also slept with me right before you and Marcus," Mason said. Oh my lord, he was right. I have no idea who this baby belongs to. I felt the tears sting my eyes.

"I'm sorry," I said and started to shake my head. I felt like a complete loser. I was so ashamed of myself. Both of them just held my hands. "You both must hate me," I said and closed my eyes as a tear fell down my face.

"Why would you think that?" Marcus asked me.

"This is not a normal situation you guys. Here I am acting like a whore because I'm in love with both of you. I have no morals and now I'm pregnant and I don't even know who the father is."

"Your not a whore," Mason said sounding a little pissed off.

"Yeah, it's not like we didn't know what you were doing. We didn't make this easy on you." Marcus said.

"All I wanted to do was come home and get our friendship back. Now were where we were when I left in the first place, but this time there is a child involved. I don't understand what you two see in me."

"We see you," Marcus said.

"We love you too Cans. Don't you understand that? Your not a whore and Your home to us. We are happy about this baby and we don't care who the father is." Mason said.

"Were not going to make you choose. If you want us both. Then we have already agreed to this life." Marcus said. I looked at both of them. I had so much on my mind and at that moment I was just tired. The next couple of days went by pretty fast. I was passing all the doctor's tests with flying colors. All I wanted was to go home. I wanted my own bedroom and my own shower. Masons and Marcus were always here and my parents came to see me during the day. I had learned that I had lost my job and I learned about Mason getting his home back.

We got to hear the baby's heartbeat and learned that the baby was doing good. I was still having a hard time realizing I was carrying a baby. It was almost like it wasn't real.

It was the night before I was going to get to go home. I was having dinner in my room with my mother and the guys. My father had to work. "Cans, we have a question for you," Mason said. I sat my fork down and looked at them. "The work at my home is almost complete."

"I had to realize that my mother needs twenty-four-hour care. I've placed her in the home here in town. Where I can get to her whenever I need to." Marcus said.

"I or we would like it if you would move into my home and make it your own," Mason said. My mouth fell open. Mason and Marcus just looked at each other. "I can run my company from here, but I still have to go to New York here and there. Sometimes I have to go a lot. With Marcus's business here. He never has to leave. No matter what one of us will always be here for you. The home will be more yours than mine." I looked at my mother who was doing her best not to pay station, but she had a smile on her face. Thanks for the help mom, I said to myself.

One of the things I have been doing a lot while stuck in this hospital was think. I've had so much time to think. My mind was running wild with all the possibilities of choices I could make now. They have both offered themselves to me. To have them both at the same time. It was what I wanted in the first place, but now I just wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. I was actually struggling with that choice. Did I want to bring my baby up in that type of environment? I knew that both Mason and Marcus would make wonderful fathers, but my heart was going in different directions. We all still had no idea who the father was. Not that it really mattered to me who. I was just a little lost. Did I want them both? Or could my baby and I be happy with just one of them? Allowing the other to have a normal life with someone they could keep all to themselves.

Both of them were looking at me waiting for my answer. I didn't have one for them. I guess until my head and my heart knows what it is I want. Maybe my best choice is to just go home with my parents. I hated to tell them that and I hated to string them along. I just wanted to be fair and I could only hope that they would understand. I had so much on my mind. I just woke up from a coma. I was stabbed and the person who stabbed me was still out there. I just found out that I was pregnant and now Mason and Marcus want to get themselves both to me. I honestly needed some me time.

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