My two best friends

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Chapter 38

I sat on the edge of the hospital bed while Mason and Marcus were getting all my things together. I was so ready to be out of this hospital. I told them I just wanted to go to my parents for now. They understood and gave me no problems. It only took a few days before Mason picked me up and took me to his home. The place almost looked like a new home. Marcus was sitting on the porch waiting for us. I got out of the car and walked up to Marcus. With Mason's help of course. I was all smiles, Mason got his family home back and that made me happy. Marcus was doing well. His shop was still running smoothly despite what had happened there.

Marcus was on the hunt for a new home after his mother went into a hospital. Plus it was the home he shared with Tiffany and he didn't want to look at it any longer. In the meantime, he was staying with Mason. I took a full house tour with the two of them. I was getting tired as we stopped outside a door. "Mason, I need to sit down," I said and he smiled at me.

"You can have a seat inside this room if you want to?" I nodded at him and he opened the door. I stepped into baby land. The room was a nursery. There was a balcony that opened to his back year. Where you could see the pond. The room was done in mints and coastal yellows. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I stood in the middle of the room and then looked back at Mason and Marcus.

"I can't believe you did this."

"We," Mason said.

"Cans no matter what you decide to do. This home will always be your home. Marcus is already going to live here permanently. He has his own room and I have mine. The bedroom next to this room belongs to you. He pointed to a door attached to this room. I walked over and opened it. It was a bedroom with a king-size bed. The room also had double doors that opened to the same balcony that was attached to the baby's bedroom. My bedroom was done in pinks and blues. I had a bathroom of my own, a walk-in closet, and more space then I could ever need.

"What does all this mean?" I asked them as I took a seat on my bed.

"We want to be with you. We don't care anymore about sharing you. We have done that all our lives. We understand that there is so much going on with you. We only want to help you with everything and be with you. The three of us have worked so well together, it only makes sense. We were only half of ourselves when we were apart. Why do we have to choose? We will all need our own space and that's why we all have our own rooms. We all have king-size beds. Beds we will all fit in together but at the same time. We don't always have to be together." Mason said.

"Your parents already know how we feel and they are okay with it. Do you still love us the same Cans? Or is there one of us you want more than the other now?" Marcus asked.

"No, I love you both the same. I just need to know this is what you guys really want. I don't want to make any more mistakes. I want to make sure you are okay with the baby growing up in a household like this."

"You mean the many babies we are going to make," Mason said.

"I think if this child is loved and grows up in a home full of love. They will all be just fine with it." Marcus said. I couldn't believe I was going to finally make a choice that I was going to be happy with.

"I love you both so much, and I could never see my life without both of you in it. I choose to be with you both." Mason and Marcus both looked at each other.

"Really?" Marcus asked. I nodded my head at him.

"I have my things in New York I need to get. I have things at my parents to get." Mason was already in my arms.

"I took care of everything in your place in New york. All of your things are in the garage." I just shook my head.

"You guys are too good to me," I said as a set of lips came to mine and Mason picked me up into his arms. I held on to him and kissed him back.

"I have missed you so much." He said to me.

"Well you don't have to miss me anymore, I'm all yours." Mason smiled and kissed me again.

"I will get your things moved up to your room for you. What would you like to do with the future?" Mason asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders. "That's okay, we can figure that out later. Mason past me over into Marcus's arms and left the room. I looked into Marcus's eyes.

"I think he is overly happy right now," Marcus said. He sat me back down on my bed. He then took my hands into his. "Are you sure this is what you want?" He asked me. I nodded my head at him.

"This is how I always wanted it to be. I could never choose one of you over the other. That has never changed. This is where we all belong." He reached out and ran his hand down my face.

"I'm glad, I don't know what I would have done if you had chosen only one of us or none if us again." I reached down and kissed his lips. Over the next couple of days. The three of us got the house together. I was mostly in my bedroom for the first couple of nights. Then slowly I would wake up to Mason and Marcus both in my bed next to me. I haven't been interment with either of them yet. I was still recovering and I got tired very easily. I still had to see the doctor at least once a week. I spent time trying to work. I wanted to have a job, something I could do from home. It was actually going really well. Even though both Mason and Marcus gave me shit about it. I didn't just want to be homemaker raising babies. I wanted to have a career.

Because Tiffany still hadn't been found. Marcus insisted on me learning how to shoot and take care of guns. He had me sit in on two of his gun classes and once a day. He took me out to shoot. At first, I was scared. With Marcus helping me made me more and more comfortable. Soon, I was actually turning out to be a good shot. For some reason, I wasn't really worried about Tiffany. I remember looking at her when she stabbed me. All I saw was fear in her eyes. It was as though she didn't even believe what was happening. Mason and Marcus feel very different about it. They are worried and just want her found.

So far life has been going well. Mason has only flown out to New York twice since I moved in with them. He doesn't stay out there any longer than a few days. I'm now six months along, and I'm huge. We have a doctor's appointment today and both guys are coming. Were going to discuss if we want to wait until the baby is born to find out who the father is. Or if we want to know now with amniocentesis. I don't care who the father is, but Mason and Marcus want to know. I won't take that from them. "Angel, are you ready?" I heard Marcus yell from downstairs. We were just starting to hit June and the weather was getting warm. Not to mention I was warm all the damn time. I lived in sundresses. I was pulling my hair into a side ponytail.

"Two minutes!" I hollered back at him. Mason stuck his head in my bathroom.

"We don't want to be late, babe." He said. I looked over at him and he was looking me up and down.

"What?" I asked.

"You're just so beautiful." I smiled at him in the mirror.

"You think so?" I said. He nodded at me.

"You're going to be the perfect mother."

"And how do you know that?"

"Because you have taken such good care of Marcus and myself for years." I smiled at him and took his hand. We all three got into Mason's car and headed to the doctors.

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