My two best friends

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Chapter 39

"Everything looks good and healthy with the baby. Now I know we talked about having an amniocentesis. You wanted to make sure everything was tip-top." I nodded my head at the doctor. "Do you want to find out who the father is?" I looked at Mason and Marcus. Both of them nodded their heads. "So, I'll need to get some blood from each one of you guys. I watched them follow the doctor out. I had picked a female doctor named Dr. Brown. She was one of the best in town and she was not judgemental about our situation. Her nurse however I was almost sure had an opinion. I was left alone in the room with her.

"Can I asked you a question?" She said. I sighed, here we go. I said to myself.


"Does it matter to you who the father is?" I looked over at her. She didn't have an attitude about it. I guess maybe she just wanted to know.

"I really don't. I love them both the same."

"That's sweet, I guess I would want to know."

"They want to know but it doesn't matter to me."

"Your lucky." I sat up a little.

"Why do you say that."

"Well, why most of us woman are looking for one perfect guy. You have two of them." I laid back down with a smile on my face. Yep, yep I do. I said to myself. They guys came walking back into the room. Mason didn't look too good.

"What happened?"

"Mason is a pussy that's what happened," Marcus said. Mason took a seat. I reached out to him.

"What happened love?" I asked.

"I don't care for needles."

"He almost passed out and then he almost puked," Marcus said while laughing.

"Shut up Marcus," Mason said, and then I had to laugh. The two of them sounded like when we were kids.

"Oh now, you're laughing at me," Mason said crossing his arms.

"That's not why I'm laughing," I said while still laughing.

"Whatever you both suck," Mason said. The doctor walked in and handed Mason a cookie and some juice. Marcus rolled his eye and I winked at him.

"Alright, I need you guys out of the room why we do this." The doctor said.

"Yeah, Mason you might pass out for this one. Marcus said. Mason just kissed my forehead and walked out. I was actually very proud of Marcus. He has been reading all kinds of baby book and it makes me proud. I haven't even started reading. The doctor did her test and I was surprised it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I meet the guys in the waiting room and we headed home.

"So when will we know?" Mason asked.

"She told me about a week and then she would call. She also asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby." Mason and Marcus both said yes.

"I think we will wait for that one," I said putting my foot down. I want at least one surprise. Marcus just winked at me and Mason put his tongue out. "How old are you sir?" I said to him and we all just laugh.

"I think Mason is about two with the way he acted today."

"Fuck off dude. I have never been good with needles."

"How are you going to be there when she gives birth?" Marcus asked Mason.

"That's different, it's not happing to me." I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks," I said. We got back to the house and it was about time to make some dinner. The guys were finally going to let me do some cooking. That or they were going to listen to me bitch for a few hours. I walked inside and took my shoes off and went to open the patio doors. I loved the cool air to come into the house. I went into the kitchen and started to pull the stuff out for dinner. Both of them sat at the counter watching me. "What are you two doing?' I asked them.

"Were here in case you get tired or need some help." I guess I could put them to work.

"Okay Mason you make the salad and Marcus you can chop the vegetables." They both got up and started to do their jobs. I couldn't ask for a better life. I watched them and it was everything I had ever wanted. I reached out and turned the music on and soon I was swinging my hips to the music. I got the stew all together and then I went to have a seat on one of the stools. Mason and Marcus were cleaning up some. I watched as they were both topless now. It was pretty warm out and they did this a lot. To be honest tonight I was feeling a little different about it. I watched as their muscles moved with everything they did. I saw some sweat and I bit my lip. I think Mason was the first to notice me watching. He smiled but he didn't say anything. He just kept cleaning.

"Hey, Marcus?" Mason said. Marcus looked up at him.

"Yeah?" He said.

"You want to go toss the ball around?" Mason asked him.

"Sure." I watched them walk outback. Of course, Mason put up a hoop. I grabbed my lemonade and followed them outback. I watched as they started a game. I was beyond turned on and I knew Mason knew what he was doing. I haven't felt like this since I was hurt. I just kept my eyes on them. I don't think Marcus had any idea what was going on, but Mason, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing and damn it, it was working. I got up and went inside the house. I pulled my dress off and went back to the back door completely naked. Mason saw me first and dropped the ball. I watch Marcus walk over to him and start to say something, but Mason just tapped him and Marcus turned and looked at me. I smiled and then started to head inside and up the stairs. They both came inside and then stopped at the bottom of the steps.

"Angel, what are you doing?" Marcus asked me. I stopped and turned to look at them. I winked and kept moving forward. I could hear them behind me as I went into my room and sat on my bed.

"My body belongs to you two. Do with it as you please." Mason walked over to me and put his hand out to me. I took it and he took me into his room. The shower in Mason's bathroom was large enough to fit ten people. It had a showerhead on the roof and all along the walls. Marcus followed us in the bathroom and closed the door. Mason started the shower. I watched them both get undressed. The sight of the two of them sent shivers down my body. Mason opened the door for me to step in. They both came in and Mason went to my front while Marcus stood behind me.

They both proceeded to wash me and themselves. Feeling their hand all over my body was driving me crazy. I closed my eyes when Marcus went to wash my hair. Mason was washing my breast and leaving kisses on my body. Marcus kissed the tops of my shoulders. Mason went to his knees in front of me. His kisses on my stomach and my hips were doing things to me. I swear I could have had an orgasm right there and then. I ran my hands into his hair when he started to kiss the folds and then made his way past them. I had to grip his hair. Marcus held me up and continued to kiss my neck and down my arms. It didn't take much as I was very sensitive and I ended up bucking against his face.

Marcus walked out and grabbed a towel. Mason got up and just smiled at me. "I missed that taste." He said. I just blushed. They took me to Mason's bed and laid me down. They were both gentle with me. Even though there were times I wanted it harder. I needed them to get used to me being pregnant. I asked the doctor about sex with two men while pregnant. She told me I could still do all the things I had done before and that sex was a wonderful way for me to relax while pregnant. They took their turns with me and my body felt amazing. I just couldn't get enough and it seemed they had felt the same.

We laid there as the smell of dinner flooded the bedroom. "Oh crap, dinner," I said. I jumped out of the bed full of energy. I ran out naked and when I got down to the kitchen. I grabbed my dress and put it on. I check my stew and it was done. I grabbed some bread and started to cut it up. Mason was the first to enter the kitchen. He came over and kissed me.

"That was wonderful, baby." He said to me. I kissed his nose and told him to set the table. He did as I asked. Then Marcus came into the kitchen. He had a huge smile on his face. I kissed his nose has I handed him some bowls. Oh yeah, I could get used to this. I said to myself.

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