My two best friends

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Chapter 4

Marcus ended up falling asleep on the couch and we didn't wake him. I woke up the next morning and got up to jump into the shower. Mason was coming home today and I had missed him so much. I couldn't wait to see him. I jumped into the shower and when I was done I stood in the mirror naked and started to blow dry my hair. That's when the bathroom door opened and in walked Marcus. "Marcus!" I yelled out. He looked up at me and then his face went red. I stood there completely naked in front of him and we both just stood there looking at each other. I regained myself and grabbed my towel. "Marcus, get out!" I yelled out. He looked at me now wrapped in my towel. He then got a huge smile on his face and he walked out of the bathroom.

I was so embarrassed. Marcus has never even seen me in PJ's. I just shook my head and walked out of the bathroom. Marcus laid on my bed just waiting for me. I walked into my closet and closed the door behind me. I got dressed and walked back out. He laid there with just a smile on his face. I crossed my arms at him. Since when did you become such a pervert?" I asked him. I started to brush my hair back out.

"I guess since you came home looking like that." He said. I looked down at myself.

"It's always been me, Marcus. All that really changed is my hair and I dont wear my glasses much any more." I never thought of Marcus more than just a friend. It hurt that he only really noticed me now. After so many years of friendship. I mean I know I hid but when I was around my guys. I was always me.

"What's wrong Can's?" He asked me.

"It's nothing," I said. Marcus got up and came close to me.

"I'm sorry Can's, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just I have always loved you as my best friend and now you, it's like you came out of your shell and you're just beautiful inside and out." He made me smile. I slapped his arm and told him to behave himself. "Nope." He just said and jumped back onto my bed. I shook my head and headed back into the bathroom.

"When is Mason going to be home?" I asked.

"He just texts me. He is on his way now." I smiled I was really excited to see Mason. "Do you want to go to his place so we can greet him when he pulls up?" I thought it was a great idea.

"Hell yeah, his father will love that," I said laughing.

"You think I give a shit what his family thinks?' Marcus yelled out.

"I thought they invited you to go with them?"

"Hey I love Mason and all, but I can't stand his dad. If I had to spend longer then a day with them. I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut."

"Good point," I said and came out of the bathroom. "How long until he will be home?"

"About an hour. Let's go get some food I'm starving. Then we can head over to his place." I agreed and we headed out in search of food. We were both sitting on Mason's front porch lost in conversation. When we heard their car pull up. Mason jumped out of the car and ran over to us.

"I thought Candace was home? Where is she?" I looked up at him like he was nuts. Marcus, of course, started to laugh.

"Really Mason?" I said. He looked at me for a moment.

"Can's, what the hell."

"You mean to tell me you really didn't know it was me?" Mason's mouth was open and you could tell he was having trouble with his words. "Mason?"

"What did you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you, your I, hell Can's you look good." All I could do was smile and blush. Marcus just sat there with a dumb smile on his face. "You could have said something," Mason said to Marcus. I just rolled my eyes. I stood up and wrapped my arms around Mason.

"Give me a hug you big jerk," I said to him and he hugged me tightly back and I felt him kiss the top of my head.

"It's good to have you home Can's even if I dont recognize you." I slapped his arm.

"Both of you act like I went away and had all kinds of plastic surgery done. All I did was lighten my hair some and use contacts now instead of my glasses."

"That's not true," Marcus said. I looked at him funny. "Your dressing different and your whole demeanor is different. You seem more confident and out of your safety zone. Your all-around different and its in a good way Can's" I blushed again. "Don't forget we have all grown up together. We know you better than you even know yourself. So when you do something big like this. We are going to notice it."

"I guess your right," I said. "sit down and tell us about your summer?' I said to Mason.

"Nope, you first." He said to me.

"Nothing much, My grandma is still kicking. She is a strong woman."

"What made you change yourself?" Mason asked. I sat there for a moment thinking about my summer.

"I guess it was the fact that I didn't know anyone. It was like I could be this new girl and I could act any way I wanted. Not to mention my cousin Brittany wanted to give me a makeover and when I agreed. I ended up really liking what she did. Once everything was done. I still felt like me and I really didn't act anyway different. I just looked different and I liked it. I dont want to hide in your shadows anymore. I want to be my own person." Both Mason and Marcus looked at each other.

"You were hiding?" Marcus asked me.

"Come on you had to know it. The two of you were just getting more popular by the minute. I couldn't keep up with the two of you. I loved you guys so much and I didn't want to lose you so I lost myself instead, and none of that is your fault. That was my choice." They both had a look of pain on their faces and I never meant to do that, but I always tell them the truth.

"I never knew you felt that way," Marcus said.

"Of course you didn't. I never told you how I felt. It had gone on for so long that I just got to used to it. Hell, every time you like a girl or a girl likes you. They hate me and treat me like crap. while i was gone for the summer I got to know what it feels like to be a girl. I even met someone super nice."

"Wait, you met someone?' Mason said. I smiled at him.

"Yeah, his name is Max and he is a great guy."

"So what are you trying to say? Do you have a boyfriend?" Mason said.

"No, he is not my boyfriend. I won't do anything long-distance. I'm too young to live like that, but if I were to of stayed, then yes he would be my boyfriend." They both just looked at me. "What?" I said to both of them.

"Nothing," Marcus said and Mason just put his hands up.

"You guys have girlfriends all the time. I can't have a boyfriend?" I said to them while crossing my arms.

"Sure you can after we get to know them," Marcus said and Mason laughed.

"Oh really, will just see about that." I started to walk off and they both followed me.

"Are you saying you're going to have a boyfriend?" I stopped and turned to look at them.

"What's with the big brother act?" I said.

"Wait, is that how you see us?" Marcus said.

"What?" I said.

"Do you think of us as a brother?" Marcus asked. I shook my head.

"No, I think of you two as my best friends. You mean the world to me." They looked at each other again. "But I'm a big girl and I dont need the two of you running guys away from me."

"We would never do that," Mason said. I just looked at both of them.

"You guys, it's still me." I started to get worried. Maybe they didn't like the new me. Mason walked over to me and put his arm around me.

"I like what you have done, I just feel like now I have to watch you better. Guys are dicks Cans. I dont want you to ever get hurt by some jerk." I just smiled at him how was I going to argue with that.

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