My two best friends

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Chapter 44

3 years later...

"Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't play the game." I hollered out to Mason and Jeffery. I held onto Alexa's hand as we made our way out to the basketball court. Alexa let go of my hand and ran out to her daddy. Marcus picked her up and she took the ball and went right for the net.

"You're ready to pop, you're not playing ball Cans." Mason hollered back to me.

"I can toss the ball," I said as I reached Mason. He bent down and kissed me.

"Our son is more imported then playing basketball baby."

"Whatever, I was tired anyway." I kissed him and went to have a seat on one of our benches. The summers here were hot as hell and I swore I was going to die, but the evening was so nice and cool. We all spent most of them outside. It was true, I was only a few days away from my due date with mine and Mason's son. I couldn't be happier. The last three years have been some of the best. Things couldn't be more normal around here. Well, I mean as normal as that can be when you have two husbands.

Tiffany ended up dying three days later in the hospital. Mason had told Marcus and me what had gone down between him and Crystal. About three years after I left. Crystal went to Mason in New York. She was broke and had nowhere to go. Her mother was heavily into drugs and lost all of their money. She kicked Crystal out and she went to Mason for help. He had said that he felt sorry for her and helped her with a place and she told him she wanted to go back to school. He had decided to help her out. He had a misjudgment one night when he slept with her. She wanted more but he told her he just didn't feel that way for her. For some reason, Crystal wanted to go to school in California. Mason set everything up for her. He was sending her money and paying for school. After about a year of her being gone. She stopped talking to him. He continued to send the money and just thought she was moving on with her life. The night she came to our home she wanted more money from him and said she had a child by him. Mason, of course, called he a lier. He didn't believe her. To this day, we all have no idea why she never told Mason the truth about Jeffery.

All the tests came back that Jeffery was, in fact, Mason's son. The funny thing was Crystal's mother tried to come for Jeffery. We figured she thought she could take him and then get money out of Mason. She of course lost and Mason made sure she would never be allowed around her grandson. The things that had happened in Mason's past were forgiven. None of us are perfect. I'm proud of my husbands and I'm proud of all the things we have overcome. Life has been nice and quiet. Jeffery is now seven and Alexa is now three. I love being a mother and Jeffery took to me instantly. He knows me now as his mother and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's funny because he calls Mason Dad, but he calls Marcus, Dad M. I love it.

I decided to tell Mason and Marcus that I wanted to have a small village of kids. They both said whatever and We started trying again when Alexa turned two. I wanted to go back and forth between Mason and Marcus. So when we were trying for a new baby. Marcus wore protection while Mason did not. It didn't take long to get pregnant.

We had a family move into the house next to ours. I ended up making good friends with the wife named Rachael. It took a little time fo me to explain my situation to her and her family. They have been very understanding and its been amazing having a close female friend. Rachael and I do a lot of Marcus's classes to help with gun safety. We make all the snacks and drinks and hep whenever Marcus's needs the help. Jeffery was thought to shoot at a young age. Mason and Marcus felt it was important for them to learn. Alexa will start to learn when she turns five.

Legally I could never marry both of Mason and Marcus. We didn't let that stop us from having a wedding. I'm actually married by law to Mason, My dad ended up marrying me to both Mason and Marcus. We had a nice wedding here in the back yard and my parents kept the kids while the three of us went to Paris for our honeymoon. I wear a ring the two of them had made for me. Most people here in town know our situation. I'm sure there are people out there that don't approve, but we never let that affect us.

I had just gotten Alexa and Jeffery to bed and decided to have a long soak in my bathtub. I had been in there for about ten minutes when I heard the bathroom door open. I looked back to see Mason and Marcus come in. They handed me a small glass of white wine. It always relaxed me. Mason started to wash my back while Marcus started to rub my feet. "Why do you two love me so much?" I asked while my eyes were closed, enjoying my husband's.

"You complete us." I heard Mason say.

"You're our soulmate," Marcus said.

"I do love you both so very much." I felt kisses on my feet and then a kiss on my cheek.

"Do you want help getting out?" Mason asked me.

"Yes please." I stood up and Marcus helped me out. I walked over to Mason who held the towel out for me. I finished up and walked out to my bedroom. There in my bed completely naked were my two sexy ass husbands. I knew what they wanted by the looks on their faces. I dropped my towel and crawled into bed with them. The next three hours they brought my body to highs of ecstasy throughout the night.

It was around four in the morning when my labor woke me up out of a dead sleep. I sat up and sat on the side of the bed. A next contraction hit me hard and I yelled out enough to wake the guys. They set up and watched me for a few minutes before Mason got out of the bed and called my mother. Once my mother showed up to watch the kids. I was rushed off to the hospital. I gave birth to my son Ryan John. He was born seven pounds three ounces. I was only in labor with Ryan for a few hours. He ended up coming pretty fast.

I sit here on my back porch watching my beautiful family. I couldn't of asked god for anything better in my life. I can still remember meeting them in kindergarten. I remember growing up with my two best friends and then becoming lovers. I always remember the first time I was with Marcus. How wonderful he was to my body. I can also remember being with Mason for the first time. His control pushes me to new highs in my life. I don't really remember too much of the seven years I spent without them. That part of my life is a blur. I hear my newborn son cooing in my arms. He is truly a happy baby. Mason walked out the back door with a plate full of chicken to toss on the grill. Mason was making corn on the cob. My parents were enjoying some wine and Rachael's family was enjoying the conversation. Our kids were playing in the sprinklers.

I took a long deep breath and just exhaled thanking everything I could for my life. Mason walked over to me and kissed Ryan's head and then his lips came to mine. I smiled at him as he pulled away. "I love you, baby." He said and winked at me. Marcus then walked over and kissed my lips.

"I love you, my angel." I smiled at him and there was no other place in the entire world I would rather be. Then with my two best friends.

The end...

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