My two best friends

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Chapter 6

Marcus's POV,

"She knows something is up dude," Mason said to me.

"I know what the hell are we supposed to do?" I asked him.

"We can just tell her how we feel." I looked over at him.

"Are you nuts?" I asked him.

"No, but she has been our best friend for as long as I can remember. There is no way she looks at us as anything more than that." He had a point and that's been something I have been struggling with ever since she got home. "Plus think about this, how can we tell her how we feel. We only noticed her now? Think about how that's going to make her feel?"

"I have always noticed her. It's just now..." I knew he was right and the last thing I wanted to do was make her feel bad. "What do we do?" I asked Mason.

"First things first. We are both crushing on her and we have to make sure this dont come between you and I. For all we know she won't be into us like that, but if there is that small chance. We can never take this out on each other and have to respect her choices. Do you think you can do that?" I had to think about that for a moment. I know my fuse is short, but Mason is my best friend and I dont want to lose either of them.

"Maybe we should just keep this to ourselves for now. Maybe wait to make sure these feelings are real?" Mason shrugged his shoulders at me.

"Yeah, maybe that's a good idea, but in the meantime we cant act like something is wrong. She already knows something is up."

"She has to be feeling something about us. I mean look at us. Were hella hot." Mason started laughing and tossed a pillow at me. I grabbed it and laughed with him. Then he just shook his head. "Come on let's get over to her place before she kills us," I said standing up. mason stood up and we went out to his car and headed over to Candace's place. We pulled up and she was on the porch with her arms crossed just looking at us. "So, what do we tell her is our problem?" I asked Mason.

"We could just say I had a family issue and you came with me." I hated lying to her, but I dont think now is the time to tell her how we really feel. It's funny, I have known this girl for a very long time and not once did I ever look at her as more than my best friend, but now all I can think about is kissing her lips and knowing how she feels in my arms. I looked over at Mason who I know was feeling the same damn way. Mason is and will always be the better choice. he is a good, great guy. She would be lucky to have him, and that just might kill me.

We both got out of the car and headed towards her. She just stood there looking at us. "So whats up?" She asked us. I looked to Mason for help.

"Nothing cans, I was just having a hard time with my stepmother is all." She looked over at me. I bit down on my bottom lip.

"And what's been your problem all day?" I looked away from her beautiful eyes.

"Nothing, it's just been one of those days. It's nothing to worry your head about." It seems to work because she seemed to calm down some. She eyed us both for a moment.

"My mother made beef stew. Are you guys staying for dinner?" We both nodded our heads at her and followed her inside like the damn puppies we were for her. What the hell? I said to myself. No damn girl has ever made me act like this. mason and I both made ourselves at home resting on the couch in the living room. Candance went into the kitchen to help her mother. It didn't help that she was now in a pair was short shorts and a small tank top. How the hell did we miss how good her body was all these years. I dont think I was even aware of the fact that she had breasts. Let alone nice breasts.

You could tell Mason was thinking the same thing as both our eyes were on her every time she came near us. She walked in and handed us both bowls of stew and then she sat down right in between us. She started to eat but mason and I were both just looking at her. She then cocked her head. "What?" She said and I started to cough and Mason just turned his head. "Come on you two, what's going on?" She said as she looked at both of us. I reached out and moved a piece of her hair behind her ear. Then I just smiled at her and took a bite of my stew. She just sighed and went back to eating her food. Mason glanced over at me and I knew we were both thinking the same. We had to chill and it wasn't going to be easy.

Her dad came home late and the three of us were sitting out back playing ball. Her dad had a half-court setup. Well, Cans was just watching us. "Hey, guys." He said as he came out back. Her dad has always been hella cool with Mason and me. I think it's because she is his only child and he has no boys. He took his jacket off and put his hands up for us to toss him the ball. he played around with us for a while. I loved watching Candace smile as we played ball with her dad.

It was getting late and like normal. I didn't want to go home. I knew my brother was there and that just meant fights. Nine times out of ten. I crash on Candace's floor or her couch. Her family has never minded. for the first time, I felt awkward about it. Mason was getting ready to head home and I looked at him and then back at her. She turned towards me. "Are you staying or going?" I licked my lip and Mason just nodded his head at me.

"Staying if you dont mind," I said and she smiled at me. She gave Mason a hug and headed upstairs. I walked Mason out to his car. "I didn't want to do anything out of the ordinary," I said to him like if I was trying to make up some sort of excuse. he just turned and smiled at me.

"Dude, chill. It's not a problem." I was worried. I couldn't help how I was feeling and I knew he felt the same. I was just going to go up there and sleep. I was no way going to act on my feelings. Especially after mason and I agreed to wait. Mason and I shook hands and I watched him take off. I turned and saw her bedroom light was on. I stared up at it for a moment and then closed my eyes. I knew she was up there waiting on me. how did I get myself mixed up in my best friend? maybe this is all just a crush because she came home different. Maybe it will all go away and things can just go back to normal. I sighed and started to make my way to her.

She was sitting in her bed turning her TV on. I grabbed a few blankets and started to make myself a bed on her floor. "Marcus, I think we're mature enough for you to sleep up here." Her words hit me like a ton of bricks.

"What?" I said. She looked at me and tossed the blankets back for me to get into the bed with her. Was she for real? This is torcher that I'm being punished for. How the hell was I going to maintain myself in the bed with her? She has no idea what she is doing to me.

"I think its better if I sleep here."

"Really Marcus, get your butt up here." Damn it, I said to myself and moved myself into the bed next to her. She pulled the covers back. "Do I have cooties or something?" She asked smiling. I just rolled my eyes at her and she started to giggle as she pushed me some. Oh, she wants to play.

"Did you just push me?" I asked her and she looked over at me. Candace hates to be tickled.

"Marcus, dont you dare." She said with that evil look in her eyes. I cocked my head at her. "Marcus, I swear..." But before she could finish her words. I snatched her butt up and laid into her. She was hollering and laughing. The next thing I knew. She was now laying under me. I stopped to just look at her. She was smiling and holding herself. How did she get to be so beautiful? Was the only thought in my head. "Marcus?" She said and I moved myself away from her.

"Go to sleep goofy," I said as I turned myself away from her and closed my eyes.

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