My two best friends

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Chapter 7

Candace's POV,

The rest of the week went by pretty normal. Except for the guys. I dont care what they say I know something is up between the two of them. By now they should both have some conquest female they are messing with, but they have been blowing all the girls off. They have also been just a little more up my butt than normal. I thought for sure Travis was going to ask me out but by the third day of school. I hadn't heard too much from him. I get hit on almost daily, but I'm not interested in them. I guess I'm too picky.

"Come on Cans, it's going to be a lot of fun. You said you wanted out of your shell."

"I just dont know if I want to go to a drunken party at the beach tonight. I have so much work to do this weekend. The teachers are crazy this year." I watched Marcus roll his eyes. Mason just crossed his arms.

"What if I promise that if you go. I will bring you home when you say you're ready and I won't ask any questions?" Mason said.

"Fine, I'll go, but you guys can't leave me alone."

"Deal," Marcus said.

"Deal," Mason said.

"What do I even wear?" I asked them.

"Well, I guess that's up to you. I mean it's still hot so." I nodded my head at them. They dropped me off at home and told me to be ready by eight. I waved goodbye and went inside. it was only a little after three so I knew I had some time to work on my school work before I had to get ready. A few hours past and I decided it was time to get ready. I ended up with three different bikinis while I was gone this summer. Now time to pick out what one to wear tonight. I went with the simple black one and a shear suit cover. I pulled all my hair into a side ponytail. I grabbed a bag with some extra clothes inside in case it got cold and some water bottles. I didn't like to drink and I wasn't going to tonight. Mason sent me a text letting me know they were on their way.

I told my parents where I was going and headed out the door. They pulled up and I ran out to the car. "My god Cans, do you have shorts?" Marcus said. I looked down at myself once I got in the back seat of the car.

"What?" I said.

"I can see your ass," Marcus said. I forgot that this swimsuit was kind of like a thong.

"Why are you looking?" I said trying to be smart.

"Because it's out for everyone to see."

"I'll be fine," I said and buckled my seat belt. Mason had a smile on his face, but Marcus looked upset. "Marcus I have a cover on. Geez, dad, I'm sure there will be other girls there wearing much less than me." Marcus just shook his head. I sat back and crossed my arms. What's his problem? I asked myself. We got to the beach and the party was already going strong. There was a huge bonfire going and kids everywhere. I was actually a little excited to be here. We parked the car and headed down to the beach. The guy brought beach blankets and I watched as they set things up for us. I took a seat on the blanket and Marcus sat next to me. Mason said he was going to get some drinks and he would be right back.

"You good?" Marcus asked me. Just then some girls including Tiffany came run over to us.

"Hey you guys, we're putting together a game of spin the bottle. Do you want to join?" She asked us. Marcus looked at me. I whispered in his ear.

"What are we ten?" He looked over at me and then back at tiffany.

"Sure will join you." I looked at him like he was nuts. He took my hand and pulled me along with him. Tiffany looked way too happy about this. We ended up in a circle of about fifteen kids. Even Mason joined us. I just shook my head. Tiffany came over and grabbed Marcus's hand and made him move to a different spot. They were both sitting away from me on my opposite sides. The game was actually tuning out to be fun. The bottle hadn't landed on me as to which I was grateful for. Some girl I didn't recognize spun the bottle and hand to kiss Mason. we all laughed and clapped. Then it was Marcus's turn to spin. I couldn't wait to see who he had to kiss. With his luck, it would be Tiffany.

Marcus got up and gave the bottle a spin. We all watched it spin quietly. I watched it slowing down and then it pointed right at me and my heart skipped a beat. Oh no, I said to myself. I looked up and he had already made his way over to me. I stood up and whispered to him. "You dont have to do this," I said and he took one second to look at me and then his hands went on the sides of my face. That's when I felt his lips touch mine. I closed my eyes and lost myself in his deep kiss. Time slowed down and all I could think about was Marcus was kissing me and I didn't want it to stop. The sounds of the kids hooting and hollering made me pull away. Marcus just looked at me and then went back to his seat. His eyes stayed on me and I had no idea what to think. I'm sure he did this because of the game and I'm overreacting. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of his. he sat there and just watched me.

After a few more rounds. I quietly got up and went back to the spot we had set up. I just sat back and people watched for a while. That's when I heard a soft voice. "Hello." I looked over to see a red-headed girl walking towards me. Great probably some girl interested in Mason or Marcus.

"Hi," I said. She came closer to me.

"My name is Missy. I just moved here and started school with you. I just wanted to come and say hello. We have like three classes together. I dont really know many people." I smiled at her.

"You can sit if you want to," I said to her and she smiled back at me and took a seat.

"So that guy you kissed, is that your boyfriend?" I looked at her funny.

"You mean Marcus? No, he and I have been best friends since elementary school."

"Really, because that was an intense kiss. I would have never guessed you all were just friends." Her words made me think for a moment. I dont know how he felt about it, but I sure knew how I felt. That kiss was amazing and it did all kinds of things to me, but then I realized who I was kissing and I felt very awkward. He must feel the same way.

"Yeah, we're only friends, nothing more." Missy and I set there for a while and just talked about all kinds of things. I learned that her family moved here from Alabama. I could tell she wasn't from around here with her southern accent. She was really a nice girl and seemed to be full of spirit. I thought it would be nice to have a female friend. We were still talking when Marcus and Mason came walking over to us.

"Who's this?" Mason asked.

"Hi, I'm Missy." She said to them.

"She just moved here," I said. I was doing my best to not look at Marcus. I felt awkward and I was worried about how he was going to feel. I could feel his eyes on me. Missy land over towards me.

"How do you get anything done?' She asked me in reference to Mason and Marcus. I just laughed and looked over at her.

"Mason and Marcus are my best friends." She just smiled at me and shook her head. The night was started to get cold and I was starting to get tired. Marcus hadn't said much to me and I was ready to go. Mason walked over to me.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked me. I just nodded at him and started to yawn. I didn't have to do much as Mason and Marcus cleaned up everything and even carried my bag to the car. I got into the back seat and laid my head back.

"Marcus?" I said and he looked at me in the mirror. "Are you staying with me tonight?" I asked not thinking.

"If you dont mind. I mean I could always stay with Mason tonight."

"Yeah, my bitch ass stepmother is home. You might want to pass on that." I looked up and Marcus was still looking at me in the mirror.

"You know I dont mind." He smiled at me and looked out the window. The rest of the ride home was quiet. All except my mind that was running a million miles a minute.

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