What’s a Luna

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Chapter 13

I didn't even get the chance to read the sign on the door before I was dragged inside to the medium sized restaurant. We were a little ways out of town for who knows what reason, nor did I want to know.

A youngish waiter led us to a table with six chairs,three on each side. The five of us went to sit down, my mom pulled me to sit next to her so I was in one of the middle seats. I didn't get any time to protest as my butt hit the wood of the chair and I let a short breath of air out of my lungs.

Werejerk Sat in front of my mom but I didn't miss the small displeased glance in my direction. I rolled my eyes at that. She is my mother before she is anything to you so back the f*ck up, if she doesn't want to sit next to you that must mean something on your character not mine. I rolled my shoulders and calmed myself down so I didn't say anything, it's just things like that peve me to no end. Don't act like you're all that and a bag of chips only to see you were nothing compared to someone who didn't have to allure my mom to get her un denying love and affection.


I need to stay calm.

Three werewolves against one witch.

No problem.... kind of.

Three werewolves against one witch who is trying to protect a human.....

Big problem.

The empty chair next to me moved back and Liam sat down.


He looked over to see I was watching him and gave me the biggest smile. It almost made him look innocent though alluring at the same time. I gave him a small smile and it seemed his smile only grew. I glanced away to see Mr. Desmond sitting in front of me.

"How are you guys today?" A waitress asked with a pen and notepad in hand. She was standing next to my mom and John looking us over. Everyone gave a small fine and the waitress continued to smile at us. "Great, to start you off what would you like to drink?" I swear everyone at the table looked at me the same exact time and it was frightening.

"Water, please," I said, forcing a smile on my face. Though in truth I wanted to shrink into myself and stay there for the rest of my life so I didn't have to deal with human interaction.

"Water," my mom said with a bright smile that leaked a please and thank you all on its own. The rest said their drink order but I zoned out.

"Water." Liam said and I jumped. His voice shook me from whatever daze I was in and I looked over at the waitress looking at him with a lust glaze in her eyes. Her smile got brighter when she looked at him and then started handing out menus.

I had to hold back the smirk that wanted to cross my face at the attention she was giving Liam. I found it hilarious. Not only that but Liam didn't seem to know it was even happening, I could still feel his gaze on me.

I looked back at the waitress and she sent the smallest of glares my way.

That is really starting to p*ss me off.

The girl started stumbling as she walked away and raised a hand to her throat. She looked like she choked for a half second. That's when I looked down at my hands to see them in a fist. I could almost see the magic glowing from my body. And unless someone else was a witch in this place, no one noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I sent a silent apology to the girl though she would never think anything of it again.

"What are you having?" Liam asked quietly and it kind of surprised me his voice could be that gentle. Most of the time when you hear about a werewolf alpha it's all about how strong, rough, authoritative figures with a mean glare and only toughness in their voice. But looking at him right now all I saw was a young man. An attractive young man. But still, young. Like the years of leading his pack had yet to set in as it wears and tears you down. Having the lives of everyone resting on your shoulders. That could bring anyone to their knees. Yet it can also raise them to the fullest of power.

Liam cleared his throat to get my attention. I do that a lot to him. Just stare. Any other guy would have looked at me weirdly and walked away or started another conversation with someone else. But for some reason he has stayed here. Granted he must be used to the staring from other people not only in the school but in his pack.

Realization just struck.

The A squad or whatever it is they are called, are all werewolves. That's why people fear and adore them. Let them walk all over them and then apologize for being in the way.

"What?" I asked, realizing I still hadn't answered.

"What are you going to get?" He asked and I looked down at the menu to see if I could find anything.

"What do you suggest?" I asked instead of trying to read the menu in front of me. Everything on the menu was named weirdly. Instead of a chicken strip basket it said, chicken little nigglets. And so on. Though I would do this to confuse people if I was the one making the menu.

"I would suggest the turkey club. It's really good. It's called the gobble gobble." He said gently leaning into me to point it out on the menu. His arm brushed my hand when he pointed to the map and his other arm closest to me rubbed up against me.

Of course it's called the gobble gobble.

I could feel a strange pull to him that made me want to lean into his touch. But I didn't. That would be weird. And I'm trying really hard not to be weird right now.

"Did they name it that just to hear people say it?" I asked and I felt Liam chuckle.

"Possibly." He said not taking his eyes off me. I could tell because when he moved away from me it wasn't that far and his arm still rested on me. I had also looked at him a couple times to see him with this ever so small smile.

"Makes sense." I said and then suddenly there was a glass in front of me.

"You guys ready to order?" The girl asked and everyone nodded giving their order. Liam had told the girl my order as well and I was kind of grateful not having to speak. Though all I got from the waitress was a tight lipped smile and a nod.

"You guys are relationship goals." She said politely though I could see she only said it to see if we were in fact dating. Liam didn't cut in to disagree and instead just nodded his head smiling even more.

"Thanks," I mumbled. She walked away and I looked over at Liam to see surprise written all over his face.

He didn't say anything against it so I wasn't going to explain how we're not a couple and blah blah blah then her say something like, shame, while secretly working up the nerve to do something about it. I'm not in the mood for the cliché conversation.

I looked into Liam's eyes and saw something that I guess I didn't see the first time.




And darkness.

His face was the complete opposite of what he really was. What he could do.

But even in all of that I saw the smallest of light in his eyes.

I'm not saying that makes him not any less terrifying. It just means there is small hope that he won't rip my head off. And if I'm his mate. Then that percentage is about .1 percent bigger.


our food had come and this sandwich was the most amazing sandwich I have eaten in the past 2 years.

I looked over at Liam mid bite into my sandwich and took in his body language now that he was so close to me and not watching me like an eagle.

His jaw was set tight.

Shoulders back.

Arms clenched.

He was ready to attack if he needed to. I wondered why he was so tense and looked around to see he was watching someone. A small group of guys were hanging out a couple tables down and one of them was looking over here.

He was looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and took another bite of my sandwich.


Once we started driving back. It all finally clicks.

Now this is what you call a blonde moment.

The minute the words you have been telling yourself actually make sense.

Liam is supposedly my mate. Which means the smallest thing will set him off. I didn't think I even considered what this really meant. And I didn't want to deal with it right now. Or maybe never if I was lucky.

But that explains the growling in class.

The constant glances.

The small touches.


He is my mate. But I'll have to look into this to fully understand.

But one thing was for sure. I am not going to go into this blind. And he most definitely will have to tell me about it first than me telling him I know.

I am not a werewolf. I am a witch. And witches don't rush into things. We hold out playing cards to our chest until we know the ending of what is to come.

But until then I opened the to go box that had half of my sandwich still left and grabbed it in both hands and took another bite.

I'm going to finish my sandwich.

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