What’s a Luna

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Chapter 15

"So guess what Miss. Price did in english today," Helen said once she sat down at the table. I rolled my eyes. I was regretting it so much right now. But I wouldn't let anyone know that. The only people who knew I did it were Liam and his friends along with apparently everyone at this table. Helen hasn't been able to stop smiling, especially when she looks at me.

"What did you have her do?" C asked with a sigh.

"She sat on mr. populars lap and told him he had a great ass." Jade said and I had to admit it was kind of funny if you thought about it.

"No way." C said and I nodded a shy nod. When someone challenges me this other person comes out. I don't know why or how, it just happens. I shrugged my shoulders and looked off into the distance.

Everyone went quiet at the table and I furrowed my eyebrows at them all.

"You have a pretty great ass as well." Liam's voice whispered in my ear so only I could hear. I felt shivers run down my spine and heat rush to my face.

I turned my head and signaled for him to lean closer so I could whisper in his ear. He did and I rested my hand on his Neck which made him jump a little.

"Thanks, though I can explain." I started but he only grinned.

"You don't have to explain. It's fine. It's not everyday a beautiful girl sits on my lap and tells me I have a great ass." He smiled and I knew I was definitely blushing. He stood up straight and went to walk away when it seemed he remembered something and leaned back down. "Could you tell John I'll be coming over today as well?"

"Sure, but why?" I asked, not bothering to whisper.

"Business," he said and brushed some hair away from my face before walking away from me.

When he was at his own table everyone started talking in hushed whispers. I didn't say anything. I knew he was listening.

I then wanted to bang my head on the table. How could I forget he was a werewolf. Of course he knew what I was going to do in English. He has been listening this entire time.

"Looks like someone has the hots for Mr. Popular." I looked up to see C smirking. Everyone was talking at the table about Liam actually coming over to talk to one of us. whatever that means. Last time I checked, we all breathed the air.

" I don't have the "hots" for Liam. Helen said I wouldn't do it, so i had to do it. Simple," I said and Jade rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, you two whispering back and forth. I could see the love in your eyes," C said rolling her eyes as well.

"I think he may like her back," Jade said and I scoffed. The only reason he would have feelings for me is because of the mate bond, or he likes the awkward potato who has no social skills whatsoever. Though, that still doesn't stop me from rambling.

"Can we please stop talking about this?" I asked, placing a hand on my face.

"This is the most interesting thing that has happened here in a while. This is most definitely going to be talked about later," Helen said and I rolled my eyes.

Time was going by slow, too slow. It felt as though 3 hours had gone by, when really, it's only been an hour and 6th hour had just started.

I felt the chair next to me move and glance over to see Liam sitting down. I kept quiet the entire hour. I could feel him looking at me too. But not a word left my mouth. If the werewolf wanted to talk to me, that's fine. But until then I am not going to risk the chance of pissing him off right now. And knowing me, I would.


I shot from my chair and made my way to my locker. At first I had done the wrong combination, the one from my old school. I had the same combination for 3 years, I had to fight my instincts to turn the knob a different way.

Opening the locker and grabbing my stuff I made my way through the Halls. It seemed as though they went on forever, every single turn that I made always led into a different Hall , it seemed as though I couldn't leave the school..

when I finally found the door I felt a sudden relief come over me. But this was short-lived once I ran into a person. I didn't fall which was a first for everything, but the boy had dropped his books. it seemed as though I kept running into him, granted it was only the second time but 2 times in the last couple weeks had me starting to feel bad for him.

"Are you alright?" I asked and held out a hand to help him up. He grabbed my hand but once he saw who I was he dropped it as quickly as possible. I leaned down and picked up his books. He didn't seem to know what to do with himself; he kind of just stood there. When I went to hand him his books he glanced around the hallways as though just the simple act would be illegal. "I don't bite." I teased trying to lighten the mood and get him to take his books.

"Yeah, but he might." The boy mumbled. "Thank you." He said taking the books quickly and running down the hallway before I could ask him who he was talking about. I had a pretty good idea though.

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