What’s a Luna

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Chapter 17

Previously “So what do you say, wanna jump in the pool?” Liam asked.

“I-” I looked around thinking of some way for me to get out of this. Me? in the pool with him? Think I’d have a heart attack. Or I’d end up giving in to temptation seeing him without any clothes on besides swim trunks . I didn’t need that right now. I already dazed off enough.

“Totally up to you,” Liam raised his hands to my biceps rubbing my arms lightly. “We could watch a movie. Play cards.” He suggested and I could feel both his and mom’s eyes on me.

“You love swimming,” my mom cut in and we both turned our heads to look at her.

NO, don’t you dare.

“I can’t remember the last time you went swimming...” mom said looking off into the distance as though trying to remember.

“You let me skip school and go swimming a month ago.” I turned away from Liam and leaned my elbows against the counter top instead.

“I thought I let you skip school to go to the movies?” She raised a brow at me before her eyes widened in realization, “right I let you skip for both.” Nodding she looked back to the food she was making in front of her.

I leaned forward to take a peak at what she was making. mmm chicken. “Well, we could help you make dinner. Or I can and Liam could hang with the guys.” I looked over my shoulder to Liam. His eyes shot up from my ass, making eye contact instead. Oh, yes. I did see that. Biting my bottom lip I raised an eyebrow at his smug smile. In return his eyes held a challenging glimmer in them.

Taking a step closer to me, Liam raised his hand to rest it on my back and I no longer felt comfortable leaning over the counter. But sitting up straight would only place me closer to the cocky bastard. “I prefer not interrupting whatever business my Grandfather needs to talk to your father about-”

“He is NOT. My father.” I huffed pulling away from him to walk out of the room. Whatever was happening between us instantly broke and I was back to my own senses.

There was no pause in his steps to follow after me and reach out to grab my forearm gently. “I’m sorry, it just slipped. Your mom hasn’t even married John yet. And ever when he does he will not be your father. Step father technically but-”

“I get that you didn’t mean to say it but knowing that people are going to be calling him my dad is not something I ever wanted.” Glancing at Liam from the corner of my eye, his gaze was trained sully on the side of my face. I feel like a child. I’m not a child, I just hate how I feel like I’m sitting on a ride that I never wanted to be on and cant stop or control anything that’s happening. And soon enough the track is going to end and I’ll go tumbling over. Or dead, I’ll be dead. “You wanna do something?” I asked. My eyes trained in front of me and not the guy beside me. His hand had yet to leave my arm and I could feel the heat from his hands. I was expecting butterflies. You know how when you meet your soulmate and they explain fireworks and your body on fire, every touch is electric. Well, honestly? I just feel full, content. I don’t know if that’s worse or better.

“Whatever you wanna do.” Liam confirmed, his thumb making slow circles across my skin. And lust, I definitely feel lust.

“And here I was thinking you would wanna be the one in charge,” I teased, finally facing him fully and reached out to grab his arm like he grabbed mine. Damn, I pressed down a little more, damn.

He glances at my hands with a small grin. Damn, even his smile is gorgeous. I’m starting to feel a little less mad at my parents at the moment. This soul mate, mating bond thing is no joke. “And why’s that? Exactly?” The question pulled my attention away from the blue eyes I didn’t realize I was drowning in. Fucking hell. Would this bond stop? It didn’t help that he was drop dead gorgeous.

Dropping my hands to his chest instead I played with the front of his shirt so I didn’t have to keep eye contact. I could feel his hands being placed on my hips. “I don’t know,” Shut up ash. “I just got that, Alpha, feel.” I shrugged. Breathing in deeply, his smell was even intoxicating.

His hands tightened around my hips.

Oh shit.

Liam leaned in a little more to place his forehead on my shoulder.

What the hell was that.

I could feel his lips brushing against my ear, ready to say something I most likely didn’t want to hear, but definitely deserves.

Why couldn’t you keep your loud mouth shut. Any other time you have no trouble keeping quiet.

“Well, then by all means. Let me be an Alpha, and take charge.” He whispered and paused.

For a slight moment I thought that was gonna be the end of it. But even I’m not that dense.

“HEY!?” I yelped and gasped for air. I think he crushed a liver throwing me over his shoulder like that.

“We’re going swimming.” Liam smiled at my mom once we walked back through the kitchen and I reached in my back pockets to throw my phone and wallet on the counter. If he was gonna throw me in it would not be with casualties. Besides my clothes.


Coughing and hacking I gasped for the much needed air. Fucking dick threw me in the water. Going under again to push the hair from my face I raised from the surface to float on my back. Closing my eyes I ignored Liam’s chuckling. I peaked from my left eye to see that smug expression again. I may have deserved that a little, didn’t mean he had to be so smug about it.

“Was that, Alpha, enough for you?” He asked mockingly.

“That bordered on the line of childishness. Now are you gonna be an adult or do I have to splash you?”

“Ooo, threatening me now?” He leaned down, taking off his shoes and socks. His hands grabbed the bottom off his shirt and pulled it off in one swift movement.

Rolling my eyes I turned away so I could get out from the cold water from the other side of the pool.

“Where you goin?” He jumped into the water and emerged like a Canadian hatching from the ice. Swimming to the side of the pool his hands placed themselves by my feet. I’ve watched enough movies and read enough books to know to take more than just a couple steps back.

“For one,” I held my arms across my body, shivering. “I’m cold. Two, the hot tub is right over there,” I pointed to the hot tub not even ten feet away. “You’ll be able to see me at all times, promise.” I muttered walking away. I wanted to flip him off but I feel like that werewolf rage would get me in some deep shit. I still needed to ask dad to send me that spell book, It’s not like he uses it. I also need to ask him about werewolves and ask if he knows that he’s gonna be marrying one. Not that he would care, if anything it would just make him more comfortable telling her his secret...

With always having to hide the witch part about me. It kind of makes you wonder how being with a person that accepts you would really feel. I mean yes mom loved dad, but she was always... distant when it came to either one of us using magic.

Maybe this is better for everyone. As much as I hate to admit it.

Still don’t like John though.

The water moved around me and I could feel something, someone almost as warm as the hot tub itself. What bra was I wearing? Ah right, I fixed my shirt feeling the fabric of the black sports bra.

The water was up to my shoulders, but that was because I was leaning back to try and not be so cold. You would think they would place the pool and hot tub somewhere where the sun could reach. But no, it had to be covered by an extended roof. Don’t know why anyone would suggest swimming right now, it was cloudy, rainy, and cold.

“You know,” I jumped hearing his voice even if I knew he was beside me. “I never realized before how pale you were.” He held his arm next to mine and yes I looked like Casper.

“I can’t really hold a tan unless I really try. I just burn, heal, repeat.” I mumbled leaning a little closer to him, for body heat purposes only... He adjusted his left arm pulling me to his side and fully wrapping his arm around me. Only bad thing about this was that now my shoulders weren’t under the water, and I was giving into temptation. Just like my parents.

“That’s gotta suck,” he chuckled under his breath. Did he just smell me? To be fair I smelled him earlier.

Leaning closer I tried to absorb his body heat. “I get that you’re a werewolf, but I didn’t think it meant you would be this warm...” Fuck...

Liam stiffened beside me and moved away quickly.

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