What’s a Luna

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Chapter 18

It's like you're turning into dad here, not thinking before you speak.

Now with Liam looking at me from across the hot tub and not keeping me warm, I could feel myself getting cold again. But I don't think sinking back down into the water would be a good defense if he did try to do something.

Should he really be looking at me with surprise and suspicion? No, he was obvious in every way.

"You don't have the right to be mad, or surprised right now." I decided to talk first seeing as he didn't seem to be starting the conversation soon.


"Hooow?" I leaned back. "How, what?"

Liam looked me over again trying to see if he missed something. He could be thinking I was joking. We were making werewolf references earlier. I could try and get away with playing it off. Or rip it off like a bandage. "How are you not scared?"

"You saying the big bad wolf is gonna eat me?" I challenged. My mind instantly went into the gutter after I said that too. Rolling my shoulders, I tried to hide the small smile forming on my lips. "Yes, I was told to be scared of werewolves my entire life. Not gonna stop now just because I'm mated to one."


"Your pack, literally has called me, Luna, multiple times to my face. Google isn't that hard to figure out."

"I mean, but..."

"You are the 'leader' of the A whatever in school. You strut around with a smirk on your lips at all times. Other werewolves are scared of you, John included. and Yes I know about that one. The nerd in my 5th hour, explains how she can carry so many books. The guy I bumped into in the hall, he thought you might bite him."

"Please don't tell me you're a hunter..." Liam sighed slouching for the first time I've been around him. "I don't need to be constantly worrying you're gonna kill me. Plus that would be so cliche."

"I mean, I'm not a hunter, but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down yet. But we both know that killing your other half hurts like a bitch. Sadly the only thing I really know about the whole bond thing. And you'll only make this 'cliche' if you make me live with you or something overprotective and controlling."

"Vampire?" Liam asked, disregarding everything else.

That doesn't make me feel better. "um, no. I'm not that pale, damn. I may be dead inside but I can form some kind of body heat." I shivered. He looked at me. "Shut up. You moved away." I threw my arm out towards him and a vase broke. He ducked down quickly, looking behind him.

"Witch?" He guessed turning back to look at me.

Crossing my arms I looked at the broken vase with wide eyes. Mom is gonna kill me.

"Ash?" Liam called forcefully. My eyes snapped to his.

"How'd you guess?" I mocked. "You really think you and John alone could lift that barn door off of your grandfather?"


"Or the fact that I literally just blew up a vase?" I asked, pointing to the vase. What was that spell? I used to use it on my car all the time when it broke down. Come on, Come on. riiight "Solve Fasciculos." I mumbled watching the vase fix itself.

"I've never met a witch." Liam claimed watching the vase as well. His eyes watched me uneasily.

Come on, you have fangs and claws, I just stare intensely and read from a book.

"Well, I've never met a werewolf before so, hi, nice to me you. Please don't eat me unless you're down on your knees." I winked, reaching out my hand to shake.

Liam grabbed mine with his and pulled sharply making my body fly into his.

Well, if this wasn't a drastic change of events.

"No, promises." He smirked looking up at me. "I might not be on my knees the entire time." Licking his lips, his eyes looked to my lips. "This makes everything ten times better. I thought you were human. The whole dramatic speech about the supernatural and blah blah blah... Constantly having to fight for your affection. But you know all about it. That mating bond... that you're mine... if you'll have me..." The creases between his brows had my fingers itching to reach out and touch his face. It made me wonder if even his face would be warm in comparison to my hands.

I hadn't realized I had yet to say anything until his hands tightened on my hips like back in the hallway.

"please." He whispered. I could feel his breath hitting my neck.

Finally giving in I reached out my hands and placed them on his cheeks, stroking back to pull threw his dark hair. Liam's head tilted back, his lips still slightly parted from his last word.

"please..." It's as though he hadn't said anything but I know the word left his lips again.

Even rejecting him would hurt us both. Him most likely more. It wouldn't be fair to not give him at least one chance. Why hurt someone if they haven't done anything to you?

"Dinner time!" Mom called out the window to both us and the other two down by the forest somewhere.

"Coming!" I called back but never left my spot on his lap.

Oh screw it.

Pulling his head closer to mine I slammed our lips together. I'm hoping I'm not a bad kisser.

Our lips moved in sync and Liam's hands moved to grab my thighs and pull me down farther. Taking my bottom lip between his teeth he pulled lightly only to let go and try to come back for more.

"Ah," I pulled back my head just enough. "Dinner." I mumbled knowing he could clearly hear me.

"2 more minutes." His hand moved to tangle in my hair and pull our lips back together.

"I have to get dressed in something else. You have to find something to change into. AND, It's time to eat." I pulled away all the way this time and made my way to exit the hot tub.

I didn't get to the first step before he was right behind me again. "I mean, I have found something I'd like to devour."

"...." My pause was enough for him to kiss the back of my neck. "I have too." I looked back at him and he kissed my lips once again. "Chicken." I stated, moving away, grabbing a towel by the door and walking in while wrapping it around me.


The feeling of dry clothes against my cold skin was a relief. I never used to get this cold. I was a chubby person growing up. I didn't like it so I started working out this year with my friend and lost at least 50 pounds. I wasn't skinny but, average, I guess. The only thing I missed was my fat keeping me warm.

mmmm. I smell chicken.

The sound of socks sliding on the wood floor could be heard from down stairs most likely. It wasn't like I was being quiet about my arrival.

"Yas, food."

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