What’s a Luna

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Chapter 19

Making my way around the corner I started digging in. The others were already at the table with their plates of food. The only one who seemed to be missing was Liam.

Must be looking for something dry to wear. I thought, shrugging going back to my food.

Looking up again when the door to the bathroom creaked open, my hand went slack causing me to almost lose my plate to the floor.

Are those my sweats?

Why is his shirt in his hand and not on his body? Was he trying to give me a heart attack?

“My shirt must have got wet from the splashing,” Liam’s voice bounced off the walls startling me just the slightest.

Right food, eat food. No ogle boy.

“So you two had fun?” John asked, glancing between us. Liam was in the kitchen grabbing his plate of food and then made his way back around the corner into the dining room.

Liam sat down next to me even though there were plenty of other places he could have sitting. Pulling his chair closer to the table he slid it my way just enough for me to notice. His grandfather wiped his face with a napkin, but you could see the slightest smirk he was trying to hide. Ok, so he noticed too.

“Loads, but turns out, we cleared a lot of things up. She actually a- mmm.” Liam groaned, pulling his foot out from under mine.

“She’s a?” Mr. Desmond asked, tilting his head to the side and giving Liam a weird look.

Liam went to open his mouth again when I sealed his mouth shut with a small spell. Man what was I worried for? I could take him down easily. The others may be a problem because I don’t know how fast they are. Plus some supernatural creatures are affected differently when it comes to magic.

Shooting my mom a look, she stood up suddenly, drawing the attention to her. “Does anyone want seconds?” She asked and John nodded, standing up to go get some more with her. Placing a kiss on her cheek as he walked by.

“Anyone else? Liam? Ash?” John asked looking back at the last minute before he hit the corner.

“We’re good.” I smiled, bumping into Liam who nodded.

John gave me a weird look but smiled back anyways and continued to walk into the kitchen.

I turned my attention to Liam who was looking at his full plate in front of him. There was a tension in his jaw and his lips slowly separated. Oh no, don’t you dare. How did the spell wear off that fast? Clearing my throat, Liam and his grandfather looked at me. “Did you want to eat outside? Or another room?” I asked Liam and his grandfather raised an eyebrow at Liam. Glancing between the two of us, a big smile lit up his face. I didn’t think he could smile with his cold stature.

“No need to stay on my account. Your mom and John will be back in a second anyways.” Mr. Desmond said just as you could hear them walking back.

“Perfect,” I said, smiling at the man in front of me. “My room.” I stood up, walking my way to the stairs. There was a sound of someone fumbling behind me and a ‘her room?’ whispered from his lips.

“Aren’t you going to bring your food?” His grandfather asked.

“Nope.” Liam placed a hand on my back, not letting an inch of space between us. “I’ve got something else I’m going to devour.”

I could feel my face heating up instantly. “I mean I do have snacks in my room.”

“Yea, it’s leading me to it now.”

“Cheez Its, gold fish, chocolate-”


“I am a full meal, I’m not snack size.” I opened my door motioning for him to go in. Once he stepped in I turned around and locked it, physically and magically.

“Locking the door, smart.”

“And the windows.”


“The one in the bathroom too, so if you think you can get out, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Woah woah woah, why would I be trying to get out? You into some kinky shit huh?” Liam asked, smirking he placed his hands on my waist. “That’s fine, I’m down, as long as it’s not butt stuff. I don’t do butt stuff.”

“That’s not why I brought you to my room.” I said pulling his hands off my hips.

Liam let them fall to his side and glanced behind him at the bed, taking a seat. “You just want cuddles? Cause I can do cuddles, completely down for anything.”

“My god it’s like talking to a puppy,” I sighed pulling my desk chair out, sitting down.

“Hey, I may be a werewolf, but can we not with the dog jokes?”

“Then can you shut up and let me speak?” I asked, leaning forward and placing my elbows on my legs.

“I’m all ears.”

“Were you about to tell your grandfather that I’m a….”

“A witch?” He asked and I cringed at how boldly he said it. “Yea. Also they’re not listening if that’s what you think. You can speak freely.”


“Cause I’m the Alpha and if they disobeyed, even my grandfather, they would be punished.”

“No not that. You can’t tell them I’m a witch.” I ran a hand through my hair.



“Cause why?” He asked teasingly. “It would solve the issue of John not having to keep his secret from your mom. I could text Karen telling her that she was safe. Though out of curiosity, are both your parents witches of just one?” Liam pulled some covers over his lap, playing with the fabric.

“My dad, and I don’t want you to tell them yet cause I’m still trying to figure this all out. I don’t need a bunch of you guys sniffing around and calling me luna. Do you guys not fear the human’s in this town figuring it out?”

“Well most of them know about it, whether from them joining the family or cause they happened to be friends with us. If they did open their mouths, who’s going to believe them? Who’s going to support them? The Police, fire department, the board. All of them know, or are part of my pack. This is a werewolf town. I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner. Then again you hang out with one of the only groups that are all human. But Hellen knows about us. Her dad used to be married to like my second cousin, or something around there. The family tree gets a little messy. Most of the time a werewolf doesn’t find their soulmate till their later years, most of the time giving up and getting married before that and having kids. I’m actually extremely lucky, I wasn’t expecting to find you for another 30 years.”

Furrowing my eyebrows I didn’t know what to say.

Taking my silence as a negative Liam tried to cover himself, “but I planned on waiting for you anyways. I wasn’t going to get married. As much as the pack was pressuring me.” Clearing his throat he looked over to the window. “Seems as if I’m jumping ahead, you may be supernatural, but I don’t actually know how much you know. Or how much you want to know. Once my mom had me and I transitioned, she only knew enough to be comfortable in this town, so she freaked out, locked herself up in her room. No one, not even my dad using the mating bond could pull her out of it. We still don’t know why she came out of that room. But now she knows more, still isolates herself from the others. I think she’d like you though…” Liam paused drifting off into his own thoughts. “I completely understand if you don’t want me. Or any of this. I’m not going to do what my dad did.” Liam looked at me. He was giving me space even though I could see every time that he looked at me that he wanted to reach out and touch me.

“A week, I need a week,” I said looking off to the side so I didn’t have to meet his gaze.

“A week?” He asked.

“I need to talk to my dad and figure out some things… I’m not going to reject you so you don’t have to worry about that.” I glanced at him and our eyes instantly locked. “But we’re both young and need to think about this rationally. And honestly. That’s kind of hard with this…”

“Mating bond? Yea, makes your brain a little fuzzy huh?” He tapped the front of his head and I nodded.

“It’s terrible, I’ll be trying to think about something and then I look at you and that’s it. Brain off.”

“And the urge to rip each other’s clothes off.” Liam smirked leaning back. His eyes darkened.

“Well yea, that too.”

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