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Chapter 4

You know. I must sound like a typical teenager who is angry at her parents for getting a divorce and having to move away from all my friends. Well there’s a little more to it. You see my parents have been together for 27 years and been married for 21 years. We were all happy living our ordinary lives. Well as normal as being a half witch can be. But still normal. Everything was going get. But then this couple came through our town on vacation celebrating their 28th anniversary of Being married. They were a very happy couple and still looked at each other with love.

But the second my mom and dad looked at them and they looked at them. Everything changed. I have been trying to figure out what happened in my mind but I have been coming up blank. Well until now. But I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. Back to the story at hand. So, my parents and the couple start talking at a restaurant, having a couple drinks, having fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that when they got home they started fighting. Over the past hour all I heard was fighting. And me being me I had to try and fix the problem.

Every time I would make progress it would be thrown away and something would happen to set each other off again. I don’t even remember what they were arguing about because it was so simple and stupid.

They never settled down like I had hope. Instead by the 2nd hour of fighting. They both said they wanted a divorce. I had never heard either one of them threaten divorce. It wasn’t funny so we didn’t threaten each other with it. And with that 27 years were washed down the drain in 2 hours. But that’s not the end. Oh no. By the 3rd hour mom and dad had called for two divorce lawyers. By the fourth hour (with a little magic assistance by dad) they had set up a time to get the divorce done and over with. Yes. That fast. They wasted no time whatsoever. It was like they just didn’t care anymore. The only reason the entire process lasted to 35 hours was because the court reminded my parents they actually have a daughter and wasn’t a figure of their imagination. The process of me being dealt with was longer than they hoped and I could tell they didn’t like having to actually go through something that took even the smallest time out of their schedule of playing house with the new couple in town. My Mom was the one who got me as you can tell.

I cried for a week while people came in and packed everything up around me. I dragged my feet the entire time hoping they would realize what they were doing. But no such luck.

But I finally figured it out. They weren’t normal. John and the other one. They had to be something. A witch maybe. Or they could be werewolves. They had this kind of aura around them that was kind of like that wolf that was laying next to me in the woods about a couple hours ago. So I know they are not normal humans. And I plan on figuring it out.

“Ashley.” I looked up at my mother who sat next to me at the table. “You haven’t touched your food.” I looked down at the plate in front of me.

“Not hungry.” I said pushing the plate forward and got up from the table.

“Please don’t be like that. We all need to talk. We’re a family now.” Mom said.

Yeah well where were you when I was crying my eyes out because you decided to get a stupid divorce. Where was the talking when we were an actual family with dad and we had problems. Don’t be like what? Don’t have my own feelings about something?

“Whatever, I’m going to bed.” I said and walked away and to the stairs.

“But we still have to show you your surprise. And I have something else to show you.” My mom said and stood up holding her hands in front of her chest in excitement.

“Come on Ash.” Jerkface said and I glared at him.

“It’s Ashely. Not ash.” I growled out and crossed my arms.

“Come come.” My mother said and grabbed my arm pulling me outside. She pulled me to a corner but stopped. She turned to me and covered my eyes then pushed me forward around the corner. “You ready?” She asked and I shrugged my shoulders. She removed her hands from my eyes and I opened to see a white dodge charger sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it. “Well?”

“Well what?” I asked, turning to her confused.

“What do you think?” She asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“It’s..... pretty... I guess.” I shrugged my shoulders. Don’t get me wrong. I loved dodge. And I didn’t have a lot of money while growing up so this was actually a nice car. Most of our past cars were used.

“It’s yours. John and I thought you would need one, sense dad has your old one, plus you said you always wanted a car like this.” Mom shrugged her shoulders with a smile on her face like it was no big deal but I could shower her in thank you’s anytime now.

“Well?” John asked, wrapping an arm around my mother.

“It’s a car.” Was all I said and turned around with tears in my eyes at the thought of my mother and John trying to buy me like I was that easy to buy. My affection and loyalty could never be bought. I headed for the door leading back inside but my mother had to stop me again.

“Look.” She held out her left hand to show me a diamond ring that sat on her ring finger.

“It’s a ring.” I said and walked away. When I was inside I made sure neither of them were in seeing or hearing distance before letting out a couple of my tears. I ran to the room I was to be staying in and laid down on the bed.

New school tomorrow.

Time skip.

I woke up early and walked down stairs. No one else was awake so I just grabbed my back pack that had everything I would need for school and grabbed the keys sitting on the counter with a note under it that said enjoy. I grabbed the paper and threw it in the trash. I walked outside and got in the dodge charger. Moving the seat back so my legs could actually fit I turned the key and the engine roared to life.

I pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road.

“Turn right in .1 miles.” An automated voice said and I jumped. I looked down to see a GPS. Placing a hand on my heart I glanced at the screen to see the location was to the school. My phone rang but I ignored it.

I pulled up to the school and sat in the parking lot for just a second before climbing out. I walked over to the school and glanced down at my watch to see I had at least 25 minutes before school even started. So I took this chance to go get my schedule. Walking into the office I talked to the first lady I saw and got my schedule, locker number and combination, and a map of the school. The school was about medium sized. Though at least 3 times bigger than my old school.

I walked down the halls when I was suddenly attacked by red hair and fell into the lockers to my left.

“Oh, so I’m sorry.” A feminine voice said and got off of me.

“Jake!” The redhead said hitting the guy I believe is Jake, who had strawberry blonde hair. “Look what you made me do.” She scooped playfully before turning to me. “Are you alright?” She asked and I nodded.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Though I think I got some hair in my mouth.” I said smiling at them. Jake chuckled while the red head gave me a big smile.

“I’m Claire but you can call me C.” She held out her hand and I shook it.

“I’m Ashely. But ash is fine as well.” I smiled.

“You’re the new kid right?” Jake asked and I nodded my head. He held out his hand and I shook his as well. “By the way I’m Jake. C’s twin brother.”

“No one cares.” C teased.

“Nice to meet you.” I said

“See someone likes me.” Jake said to C who rolled her eyes.

“Yeah well that’s because she doesn’t know you yet.” C said “but don’t worry.” She looked at me. “I think we will get along nicely. So what’s your schedule New girl?” I handed my schedule to her and Jake looked over her shoulder while she studied it.

“We have 3rd hour and 5th hour together.” Jake said and a girl with black hair walked over to us.

“Hey, c.” The girl said and looked at me. “You must be the new kid. I’m jade” she gave me a small wave.

“Ashely.” I said, giving her a small smile.

“I got to go. See you 3rd hour.” Jake said to me, he waved to jade and ruffled C’s hair before walking away to a group of guys handing out in the entrance of the school sitting at picnic tables colored blue. With grey big letters.

“We have 1st hour and 4th hour. And lunch. Which is after the 4th hour.” She informed me and jade looked at the paper as well.

“We have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour together.” Jade said and gave me a big smile. “Welcome to our little group. Though I must warn you. The others can be... random.”

“Randoms fine with me.” I said shrugging.

“The others? If I’m not correct you are the most random of all.” C said resting her arm on jade’ s shoulder. “Hey, looks like Helen is here.” I looked over to see a girl with blonde hair with black tips walking towards us.

“Heeeeey.” Helen said and gave jade a hug then c. “Who’s the new kid?” She asked c.

“Ashely or ash.” C said.

“We have decided it would be fun to have her around. You know. A new member of our little group. Besides it’s better than the A squad getting to her.”

“A squad?” I was confused. We started walking and I saw my locker. Helen turned in that direction and turned out she was the locker right next to mine. Though she seemed to be more closed off than the others. But that’s okay. I try to get along with everyone. Well except my parents and their new partners at the moment.

“Yeah. They don’t socialize with anyone except for the people in their group. Though sometimes they talk to other people it’s just rare. And if you get in their bad side you mind as well leave the schools and move cause your chance of making a life here would not go well. It’s not like they bully you full out. But he just has this way of making your life crumple around you.” C said and I nodded trying to understand why people would let that kind of think happen and have so much power. In my old school everyone was pretty much equal.

“They’re also incredibly hot.” Jade said with a dreamy sigh.

So that’s why.

“And smart.” Helen said and she even looked like she was going into la la land.

I don’t think I have anything to worry about. All I have to do is stay out of the way and go through 1 and a half years worth of school and I will be out of here.

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