What’s a Luna

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Chapter 5

1st hour.


Ahhhh what a great way to start the day.

That is only slight sarcasm. You see I don’t really mind chemistry. I had already started it this year back at my old school. And so far it wasn’t that difficult. Yeah sometimes it could get confusing but my teacher had this specific way to cancel units that helped. I also was in honors chemistry back in my old school where this was just chemistry. So it turns out I am actually a head of the class.

Actually I had all honors classes back at my old school and all regular classes here. So academically it should be easy to pass my classes. It turns out that this school has a self defense class. I’ve never heard of a school offering that before, I always had to do karate or something like that to learn to defend myself. So I decided to take it. It’s my 6th hour which happened to be my last hour. So it turns out I have something I might like about moving here. That and some of the people I’ve met aren’t that bad.

Even if they do let this, a squad, walk all over them


In my 1st hour I sat next to Claire, Jade and Helen who turned out to have all my classes besides 6th hour. I didn’t really mind. She reminded me of one of my best friend’s, Talla. I was pretty much friends with her for most of middle school and into high school everyone else would come and go. But she was the only thing really constant in my life. Yes I have kelsee as well. We only started hanging out freshman year and we will always be best friends.

Just thinking about them makes me want to go running back to my little hometown and go to Talla asking to live in her attic.

“Hey. You’re already done?” C asked snapping me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see she was indeed talking to me.

“Yeah. I’ve done this before.” I said and I saw Helen glance at us before going back to looking at her paper. “Need help?” I asked the three of them and c got excited.

“Yes! I definitely need help.”

Time skip.

Next was the 2nd hour. I decided to take an online class. I mainly sat at the computer closest to the corner and did my work. Helen was a little farther away from me talking to some friends. Jade sat next to me and started talking about this guy named Bret she had a crush on for the longest time. I listened and did my work sometimes adding in my opinion.

“You know if you like him so much, then go and talk to him. You don’t have to but don’t you think you should do something? Maybe find a way to get him to notice you.” I suggested and Jade smiled at me. She then started thinking to herself and by the end of the hour it looked like a little light bulb went off in her head.

Time skip.

3rd hour.


I don’t know why but when Helen, jade and I walked into that class. They suddenly got very quiet. Jake was sitting next to some of his guy friends but nodded at us when we walked in. I didn’t see the other twos problem for why they were acting weird. I mean Helen actually wanted to sit next to me in this class. Which kind of made me worry. She didn’t seem to want to get to know me any times soon. Jade sat on the other side of me and the class started. We would be reading the great Gatsby and then watch the movie afterwards.

When the teacher was done explaining everything and she told us about how she wants everyone to read to chapter 2. Most of the kids didn’t even open their book and just turned to the person next to them and started talking. I could feel someone watching me and turned to look at Jade who was looking down at her book like it was the most amazing thing in this world. I looked at Helen to see she was looking at her hands and then would look at her book before going back to watching her hands like they were going to do something weird like change color or magically combust.

Well I probably could do that. But I wouldn’t. For not only would that be mean but that would bring attention to us and that would not be good.

“What is wrong with you guys?” I finally asked when I got tired of not knowing what was going on.

“Those 3 Boys over there are part of the A squad. There’s Liam the “Leader” of the group.” Jade said motioning to the guy with Dark Brown hair and Bright blue eyes. When I looked over to him he was already looking at me. When he realized he had been caught he looked away and started talking to his friends next to him. “Brett.” Jade said and blushed. I smiled and looked to see it was the guy with Blonde hair and Green eyes.

“I see why you like him.” I said just to tease her. She blushed even more but the weird thing is I swear I heard a growl. Jade didn’t seem to notice and neither did Helen so I let it slide.

“Then that one’s Michael.” Jade said and I looked to see he had Black hair and Green eyes.

“Okay, I still don’t really see the big deal” I said and Jade went wide eyed. I heard another weird noise and looked up to see Michael and Brett looking at Liam with slightly wide eyes. I saw Brett mutter something to him. I turned my head back to Jade.

“Looooook at them.” Jade said turning my head to look at them again.

" I did looook at them.” I said and she sighed rolling her eyes.

“Not looook at them, looooook at them.” She said and I pulled my face away from her hand.

“I don’t see the difference.” I said and Jade threw her hands up giving up.

Helen then wrote something on a piece of paper passing it to me.

‘watch out for them, they are big players. Except “The leader”, as jade puts it, no girl has ever been able to get his attention.’ the note read and I nodded back at her.

All I could really think about was how old my school was.

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