Blame It On Me

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The lobby was gigantic. The ceilings stretched up endlessly into the sky, the windows were shiny and clean, the flooring was marble, a huge chandelier hung down and illuminated the room, and there were lots of different staircases that led anywhere.

I walked to the front desk and waited in a long line to get my schedule. I looked at the other people because I love to watch people.

What can I say? I'm a people watcher. I smirked to myself.

Emo freaks, jocks, sluts, weirdos, smarties.

I went around the room putting people into groups just for my own pleasure.

"Next." I heard someone call. I snapped my attention back to the front desk and saw that it was finally my turn. "Name?" A woman asked me, her name tag read Mary.

"Uh, it's Naomi Rossé." I smiled nervously.

"Okay welcome to Kingsgate University. Here's your schedule and your dorm room number is 200." She smiled while handing me paper and a room key with the number 200 printed at the top of it.

I thanked her and and walked up a staircase with a sign that said: rooms 101-200.

I finally reached the dorm rooms after one hell of a climb up the stairs.

I think I lost 5lbs climbing those things!

I heaved in my mind. I walked down a long hallway with white walls, black doors, and maroon carpets.

I finally got to the end of the hallway and found the door that had the number 200 on it. I knocked on the door but no one answered. I twisted the door knob to see if it was unlocked, and it clicked open.

I looked about the room and there was music playing.

I woke up in a strangers bed, with pins and needles in my head.

"Hello?" I called out but there was still no response. I knew this song, it was All Time Low.

I noticed that one side of the walls had posters of: Nirvana, Green Day, Queen, The Offspring, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, etc.

"Well at least my roommate has good taste in music." I whispered to myself.

I took a few steps backward and I bumped into something. I turned around and saw it was a person.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I didn't see you there." I apologized and I might have over exaggerated the actual damage.

"It's alright." The person faced me and it was a guy.

He had sunglasses on the top of his head, black hair that curled down the his forehead, he had a diamond earring in his right ear, a Fall Out Boy t-shirt, dark blue joggers, beat up converse, warmer pale skintone, and was much taller than I was.

His good looks caught me completely off guard and I couldn't do anything but stare and I'm pretty sure drool was spilling out of my mouth like a freaking water fall.

He raised his eyebrow and said; "you alright there?" I shook my head to snap myself back to reality.

"Uh- yeah, I'm fine-great actually."

Smooth. I said sarcastically in my mind.

I wiped my lips as my eyes danced around nervously about the room so I could avoid any eye contact with him.

There was a long awkward pause and it was kind of tense between us.

"Uh, so are you my roommate's brother or boyfriend?" I asked quietly.

Please be brother! Please be brother! My heart squealed.

Be quiet or he'll hear you! My mind barked to my heart.

That's impossible! It fought back.

How about both of you shut the fuck up and let the pretty boy talk?

I stepped into the argument with my Crime Stopper badge on and stopped the fighting.

"Oh, no. This is actually my dorm room." He held up his key and right at the top, the number 200 was printed there.

"Oh. I just thought that..." My voice trailed off.

"That I'd be a girl?"


"Oh. Nope sorry. All boy here."

"I can see that."

"Are you sure. I would be more than happy to show you more proof if you-"

"Let me stop you right there. There's no need for that. I believe you. So, what's your name?"

"Riley. How about you?"

"Naomi." He extended his hand to me and I was kind of scared to shake it.

Who knows where it's been? I mean, he just basically offered to take of his clothes to show that he was a guy.

I would have been okay with that. My girlish heart commented.

Bitch! I thought I told you to shut the fuck up? I snapped back.

Bitch please! You need me. I can stop beating right now and we'll just see how long you last.

Why you little-

"Are you just gonna leave me hanging?" His voice dragged me back to reality. I looked down at his hand and smiled nervously.

"Oh sorry." I said. Against my own will, I quickly shook it and let go and my heart leaped when our fingertips collided.

"You're a strange one..." He mumbled more to himself then to me.

"What was that?" I questioned.

"Nothing. I hope you don't mind the posters."

"No, it's okay. I actually like those bands so it's all good."

"You're kidding right?"


"Wow. I got a cool roommate." He smiled and his perfectly white, straightened teeth showed and my heart melted. We shared a few more weird eye glances and he said; "I've got to grab one more box of mine. I'll be right back." And he walked out of the room.

I shut the door once he left and smiled.

Holy shittttt!!! He's so fucking hot. I just can't even right now!

My heart was beating so loudly that I could hear it over the music.

Are you two morons done? My mind sarcastically asked my heart and I.

Yes, sorry brain. I apologized to my head.

I ain't! Holy shit! I mean did y'all see him? They don't make guys like him deep in the heart of Texas! My heart giggled.

I couldn't help but laugh at its girly desires, but my mind was a little more mature about it.

I fanned myself with my hand to try and calm down my thirstiness.

I grabbed my suitcases and put them on the bed closest to the bathroom door. There were two queen sized single beds on the both sides of the room.

I didn't want to pick a bed until Riley got back but I kind of lusted for the bed closets to the front door. I got bored so I hung up some of my parent's grey track covers on the wall and some posters of Bad Seed Rising and Dorothy.

I looked in the closet and saw that he had already hung his clothes on the left side of the closet. I hung mine on the right side as neatly as I could.

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