Blame It On Me

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“Riley, for the tenth time, I am not changing in front of you!” I heaved. It’s been five minutes, and Riley still hasn’t let me in the bathroom.

Okay he is super hot, but he needs to learn boundaries!

I was getting upset with him. It was late and I was tired and needed sleep.

“Please. I beg of you. I’m so fucking tired and I am not afraid to stab you if I don’t get my sleep.” I warned him and he gave me a scared looked and moved out of my way.


“Thank you.” I smiled sweetly.

“Yeah whatever. Just don’t stab me.” He backed away.

“I’ll try.” I winked and walked in the bathroom.


I walked out of the bathroom and Riley whistled at me.

Whoo- whoot. But you know, more in a whistle sound.

“Damn! Those shorts make your ass pop out nicely.” He had a perverted smiled printed on his face.

“Ugh. Do you have no boundaries?” I rolled my eyes.

“Nope!” He popped the p in the sexiest way possible.

I just rolled my eyes and threw my dirty clothes in my hamper next to my bed.

I flopped face down on my bed and sighed into my pillow.

“How did you fit your ass in those shorts. Like seriously, you’re killing me.” He groaned sexually.

I quickly sat up and faced him and hid my butt the best I could. “Okay, so we clearly need to set ground some rules.” I said trying to keep the bitchiness down.

“Like what?” He smiled.

“Like no comments about my ass or any other parts of my body. You can only say nice things about my eyes, smile, face, and hair.”

“Ugh fine. What else?”

“Do not bring a girl in here everyday and fool around with her. This is my room as well and I don’t want to come in and see you having sex with some random stranger.”

“Aw, want to keep me all to yourself do you? Well then you can’t bring any other guys.”

“As if and why would I? I have better things to do than get STD’s.”

“Mhm. Anything else?”

“Yes. We will not be sleeping together and we will not touch each other. We are just friends.”

Do we have to? My heart whined.

Yes. I said to it in spite of myself.

He looked at me with sarcasm in his eyes.

“Sure we are.” He chuckles. A devious smirk crept silently on his lips. His blue eyes looked up innocently at me, but behind the innocents were devilish thoughts.

“We are. We are roommates. We are just acquaintances. School is the main priority.”

“Sure it is.”

“Can you take this seriously for like five seconds?!”

“Okay. One, two, three, four, five! Okay, times up.”

“I hate you.”

“I like you too.” His smirk was so hot it could melt all the ice in the world.

“Can you just please follow these rules?” I begged him.

“Ugh. Finnnee! I’ll follow you’re stupid rules. I mean geez, what are you? A nun?”

“I’m not a nun and the rules are not stupid!” I hissed at him but all I got was an eye roll.

“Whatever. Goodnight doll face.” He shut off the lights and I heard him roll around in his bed.

“Night.” I plugged my phone in, put on my head phones in, put in my 90′s grunge playlist, and fell asleep to Nirvana.
“Doll face.” A voice spoke to me. I groaned in response. “Doll face!” It got louder. I could tell that it belonged to Riley.

“Go away dipshit! Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep?” I mumbled in morning grumpiness.

Then I felt something get on top of me. I was laying face down, so my screams were muffled by my pillow. “Get off!” I grunted.

“Nope.” He popped his p again.

“Riley, you're too big. Get off!”

“No. Not until you get up.”

“Hm let me just do that...Oh wait, I can’t if you’re fucking laying on me!”

“Will you get up if I get off?”

“Yes now please get off. Your breath is burning my ear.” He breathed heavily in my ear on purpose and kissed it before getting up.

I sat up and gasped for air. “Little dramatic aren’t we?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Yes. Always.” I replied with a smile. I sat cris-cross apple sauce on my bed and he stood in front of me.

“It’s hot in here.” He said randomly.

“Not really.” I was confused.

“Yeah it is. Maybe we should take our clothes off and get cool.”

“Absolutely not! What’s with you and trying to see me naked?”

“It’s my job. I made an oath that I must see you naked.” He looked to the sky and smiled.

I sighed and laid back down and smiled at his stupidity. He got on top of me slowly. “Noooo! Please don’t.” I tried to fight him off, but he was way to strong.

“Kiss me.” He spoke swiftly.

“Hell no!”

“Why. Don’t you love me?”

“Uh no. We just met and we are roommates and you’re my friend’s brother. I’m not kissing you!”

“You seriously need to lighten up and live a little. You know you like me doll face. Don’t deny it.” He got off me and flicked his tongue sexually at me.

“No I don’t. The only guy I like is Tyler Posey!” I laughed.

“Who the hell is that?” His face was scrunched up in the most adorable way.

"Teen Wolf? Scott McCall? Stiles Stilinski? Do you even watch it?”

“That show is gay.”

“You’re gay!” I shouted and started beating him with my pillow.

“What in the holy hell is going on in here?” A voice which belonged to Marcy came into the doorway.

I quickly sat my pillow back on my bed and smoothed my hair down. “He wanted me to kiss him and he wanted me to get naked.” I said like a 5 year old little girl and pointed at Riley.

“You will never change will you?” Marcy walked over to Riley and smacked him upside the head.

“Nope.” Riley just smiled and bit his lip.

“Ugh. Your such an idiot. You and me need to talk, now. Get your ass in my dorm now.” She ordered him in a scary manor.

“Yes ma’am.” He looked to the ground and walked out of the room.

Damn! He got whipped! (Cue bull whip sound).

“We’ll be right back.” She smiled nicely before exiting the room. She shut the door and I was left in silence. I had nothing else better to do, so I decided to take a nap.
“Doll face.” My eyes fluttered open and saw Riley standing over me.

“Hmm.” I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Did you know that you look adorable when you sleep?”

“No not really, but okay. How was your talk with your sister?”

“Ugh. Don’t even remind me. All she did was nag and nag.”

“Well who’s fault is that?”


“How is it mine?”

“She doesn’t need to know everything that happens in here.”

“Well if I feel the need to defend myself, I will.”

“Well, just know I would never hurt you, I just like messing with you.” He pulled me up out of bed and grabbed me by my waist. He pulled me into his rock hard chest. “Plus, I know you could beat my ass.” He whispered into my ear and I chuckled.

I got butterflies in my stomach and I didn’t know what to do. “Okay. I appreciate it. You’re a good guy, when you’re not making inappropriate comments.”

“That’s just who I am.” He chuckles in my ear which causes my cheeks to heat up. He pulled me away from him so that he could see me. He bites his lip and quietly groaned.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He whined.

“What’s your problem?”

“Nothing. Just, you look really good in that top.”

I looked down and noticed my ladies were popping out more than I was comfortable with.

I quickly fixed them and pushed him in the chest away from me . He just laughed and grabbed my hand. “Do you want to go to a party tonight?” He smiled and his crisp, blue eyes shined.

“I don’t really like parties.” I sighed.

“It’ll be fun. The girls are going and so are the boys and of course me. I’m the life of the party.”

“Sure you are. You sexy beast you.” I smirked sarcastically.

“Oh shit, keep calling me that and I may get more freaky on you.” He winks and I couldn’t do anything but laugh at him, before nodding yes to going to the party.

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