Blame It On Me

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B O O M E R ' S P A R T Y


“I’m not going out like this!” I shouted to Marcy and Janessa through the bathroom.

“Aw why not?” Marcy shouted back.

“I look like a stripper!”

“Hey! Those are my clothes!” Janessa warned.

“Well you may want to reconsider your shopping choices.”

“Whatever! Hurry up or we’ll be late. The boys are probably done getting ready by now.”

“Ugh fine.” I looked at my outfit in the mirror: a short black dress that clung to my skin, black heels, my hair in a bun, and Cover Girl makeup. I opened the door and slipped out of the bathroom.

“You look fine.” They said in sequence.

“I can barley move. This dress is so short my ass hangs out and is super skin tight. It makes me feel naked.”

“Yeah well the boys will be all over you.” Marcy winked.

“Ugh. I don’t want them all over me.”

“I think she only wants one all over her.” Janessa smiled deviously at Marcy.

“Oh yeah I know who she wants.” Marcy bit her lip and giggled.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I scrunched up my face and put my earrings in.

“Should we tell her?” Marcy pouted her face.

“Oh, I don’t think we should.” Janessa laughed.

“Will you two just tell me!” I hissed at them in annoyance.

“Fine.” Marcy complained.

“WE KNOW YOU LIKE RILEY!!” They laughed.

Are these bitches serious? As if. He may be cute, but we are just roommates and acquaintances. We will never be anything more than that...right?

“Are you kidding me?” I rolled my eyes at them.

“Oh common. You tease each other and you two would so look cute together!” Janessa smirked.

“Whatever. Can we go now?” I put my hands on my hips and looked at them impatiently.

“Yeah let’s go party!” They giggled and we exited the room.


“Having fun yet?!” Riley shouted to me over the blaring music.

“Parties aren’t really my forte!” I said to him.

“Loosen up a bit doll face. Have fun with us. Dance and live life. Basically, YOLO!” He laughed and handed me a red solo cup filled with beer.

“Okay I will. Thanks sexy beast!” I booty bumped him once and walked away from him to go find
Marcy and Janessa.


I was wandering around the room, bumping into grinding, sweating bodies. I was trying so hard not to spill my beer, but people dancing made that difficult.

I spotted Boomer by a beer keg cheering some guy on. He noticed my stare and raised his eyebrows to signal me to come over to him.

I didn’t know him all that well, but I guess I could say we were mutual friends.

You’re forgetting that he’s hot! He looks exactly like Riley, but instead of a lip ring, he has snake bites. My heart fluttered.

Shut up! I hissed.

(I’m sorry for my heart’s random outbreaks).

Anyway, I finally reached him and he slipped his arm around my waist. “Hey babe!” He smiled.

“I’m not your babe!” I laughed.

“Yeah you are. You wouldn’t have come over here and stood by me if you weren’t.”

“Well...I don’t have an answer for that.”

“You make me laugh babe.” He kissed me on my cheek and it made me blush.

“Hey do you want to go somewhere quieter so we can talk?” Boomer asked me.

“Sure.” I smiled. He grabbed my hand and led me up stairs.

He led me into his bedroom and he shut the door. He took our drinks and set them on his nightstand that was next to his bed. I looked around the room and was surprised by how nice and clean it was.

The rest of house was just trashy and it looked like a trap house where drugs would be made. “So Brina, are you enjoying yourself?” He asked me. I was awkwardly standing in the middle of his room and he just a few feet away from me.

“Uh-yeah sure, I guess. I just don’t go to parties all that often or like ever.” I looked to the ground trying to hide my blushing cheeks.

“Aw you’re so cute.” He smiled.


“Anytime babe.”

“Why do you call me that?”

“Because you’re my babe, aren’t you?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“You know you want to be.” He came closer to me and put his hands on my waist. “What do you want to do?” He asked me. He had slid his hands on my ass and I was so intimidated that I couldn’t move.

“I-I don’t know.” I didn’t want to make eye contact with him. He smiled and squeezed my ass tightly causing me to squeal.

“Your ass is so big. How did this dress fit over it?” He slapped it and I squealed again.

“I don’t know. It just fit somehow.” I shrugged.

He picked me up at the waist and tossed me down on his bed. He got on top of me and started sucking on my collar bone.

Don’t moan! Don’t moan! Don’t moan!

I kept repeating in my mind. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. I was trying so hard not to moan out. Boomer worked his was around to the crest of my cleavage and snaked his tongue in between the tiny space where my breast separated.

I moaned in pleasure and moved my body around. I dug my fingernails into his back and he groaned in pleasure. He brought his face to mine and our mouths connected. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and I did the same to him.


We made out for a good while, then he put his hand on my inner right thigh and dug his fingers in tightly. He lifted my dress up a bit and touched my private area with his fingers.

“What are you doing?” I tried to sit up but he over powered me.

“Just getting a feel. You’re getting a little wet. I like that.” He smiled creepily.

“Get off me!”

“Sorry babe but no can do. I intend on having sex with someone, and tonight, it’s you. Congratulations.”

“I don’t want to have sex with you, ass head! Get off me Boomer!!”

What the hell did you get yourself into now Naomi?

My mind was freaking out and my heart was beating rapidly. I started trying to fight him off, but I was no match for his strong muscles.

He kissed my lips and kept injecting his finger into my baby maker, causing me to grunt in displeasure.

I could feel my body caving in and getting wetter and wetter. I had to act fast, so I brought my right knee up, and nailed him right in his junk.

“Damn it. You fucking bitch!” He rolled off me and groaned in pain. I quickly got off the bed, fixed my dress and bolted down the stairs.

“RILEY! RILEY! RILEY!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Whoa! What’s wrong?” Riley caught me before I fell on the last step. I cried into his shoulder.

“Please can we just go!”

“What happened?”

“I want to leave!”

“What did Boomer do to you?”

“He-he tou-touched me.” Once I said this, the music stopped and the room fell silent.

“HE WHAT?!?”

“Can we please go!”

“Where the fuck did he touch you?!”


“I’m gonna fucking kill that cunt!”

“Riley please-”

“BOOMER! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!” Riley’s entire body tensed up and he clenched his jaw when he saw a drunk, and stumbling Boomer come limping down the stairs.

“Marcy, Janessa, take her.” Riley told the girls.

“But Riley-”

“Just let me handle this.” He said and let Marcy take me away.

“Come here sweetheart.” She spoke nicely as she wrapped her arms around me and took me away from Riley. We stood off to the side and watched breathlessly.

“Oh come on Riles. You want to cause such a commotion?” Boomer came down with a stupid smirk printed in his face.

“Yeah, I do. What the hell were you thinking? What gives you the right to touch girls like that?”
Riley and Boomer went into the center of the party and circled each other like wild pack animals.

“She let me touch her.” Boom scoffed.

“If that were the case, we wouldn’t be talking right now. You fucked up this time Boom. Now, you have to pay the consequences of your actions.”

“What are you gonna do ’bout it? Huh? You ain’t no punk! You try to act cool, but you just a pussy with a big ass mouth.”

“Really. If you want to test my abilities, I can tell you right now that you’ll be the one on the floor and I’ll be the one walking out a champion.”

“Then let’s see what you’re made of twinkle toes!” At that second, Boomer lunged at Riley, but Riley easily dodged him.

Boomer threw a few punches at Riley, but they all missed. Riley kicked Boom in the ribs and got him down on the floor with ease. He climbed on top of him and started nailing him in the face.

“You. Little. Piece. Of. Shit!” Riley yelled between punches. Boom threw a punch and hit Riley in his right eye. Boom head butted him and busted Riley’s lip.

Riley’s body tensed up even more and he just went into beast mode. He threw punches one after the the other, after the other. I could literally hear Boomer’s bones start to crack in his face. It made my stomach churn, but that didn’t stop Riley from attacking him. He didn’t stop hitting him for almost five minutes.

“Riley stop! You’ll kill him!” I screamed and Riley stopped punching him.

He sat over Boomers moaning body and looked at his hands. He breathed heavily and slowly rose up and wiped the blood off his face. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. He walked over to me, grabbed my hand and headed for the exit.

But before he had us leave, he turned back and said; “you know what’s better than your lame parties Boomer? NETFLIX AND CHILLING! Let’s go do that Naomi right now!” His voice boomed and it frightened me a bit. He let out a little laugh of pure satisfaction and stormed out of Boomers house while dragging me along.

We got outside with Ryan, Justin, Marcy, and Janessa behind us. I got into Riley’s Porsche and sat in the passenger seat. Riley got in aggressively and looked at me. He had a busted lip, his right hand that he used to punch Boomer was all swollen and bleeding, and he had a black eye.

“Do you want me to drive? Can you even see?” I asked him carefully.

“Could you please. I can’t see a damn thing out of this eye.” He pointed to his right eye. I smiled and we got out of the car and switched seats.


We got back to the dorm room and I flopped face down on my bed. I heard Riley pop a squat in his bed and moan. “We should change.” He said and I nodded. He grabbed a t-shirt and some shorts and went to the bathroom.

I grabbed a tank top and sweatpants and peeled my dress off.

Oh god finally I can move. I hated that thing!

I sighed with relief once I put my clothes on.

Hello my Stygian readers.

Just a quick little note, I hate this part of this story because the dialogue is horrendous and it’s just cringey.

So if you still want to read more, thanks because I was dying re-reading that.

Also, I am not making fun or light of sexual assault in this chapter at all and I heavily apologize if it seems that way, which is why I am re-writing the whole thing so it doesn’t offend anyone in that matter.

Anyways don’t forget to rock on and kiss Satan’s handsome face.

Okay byeeeee


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