Lydia's Song

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They say a wolf howls in order to communicate. To let other pack members know where they are and to ward of rivaling packs from their territory. However it is also to share the sorrow, love, or affection it is they are feeling. I love to howl and sing. I feel it really let's me express myself and I feel so free doing it. Lydia is werewolf struggling to decide what her future entails. Is it what her father wants for her or something else? Her best friend doesn't believe in the mate bond, but Lydia is still holding on for it. It's been two years and still no luck. This story contains: - Explicit sex - abuse -fowl language Please leave comments along the way so I know how you are liking the story. Thanks! :)

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

They say a wolf howls in order to communicate. To let other pack members know where they are and to ward of rivaling packs from their territory. However it is also to share the sorrow, love, or affection it is they are feeling. I love to howl and sing. I feel it really let's me express myself and I feel so free doing it.

I had been howling for what felt like hours and decided the sun rising was probably a sign I have been out to late. I may be twenty years old, but I still live under my parents orders. I am a beta's daughter and expectations of me are held very highly. I have two siblings. A younger sister named Kali and an older brother, Asher. Out of the three of us my parents see me as the trouble maker, Asher the responsible and sensible one. Leaving Kali as being the innocent one.
I needed to make it home before everyone was awake otherwise I'd never here the end of it from my mother. I can hear her scolding me now. Lydia Lynn! Where on earth have you been! blah, blah, blah. God I hated when she used my middle name. I rolled my eyes at the thought of that and ran faster.
I had made it home by the skin of one's teeth. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge followed by Asher's face behind the door as I closed it, causing me to jump knocking my elbow into the counter behind me.
"Ouch! Was that really necessary to sneak up on me like that!"
"Well maybe if you were in bed all night where you were suppose to be it wouldn't of happened. Come on, training in 20 minutes."
Groaning I headed upstairs to change into a more work out comfortable outfit. Being a beta's daughter knowing how to spar is a must know kind of thing. My father hopes I will join the guards as my brother is to take beta next we assume. Fighting isn't really my passion or hobby, but not sure I can tell my father that. Plus in order to join guards you have to go through a boot camp training and that sounds like not my cup of tea.
I pulled out some black leggings and aqua sports bra. Aqua was my favorite color as it went with my long blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. I stood about 5'6 and was pretty small body size, but with all my fathers help and training don't let my size fool you. As my brother puts it, I can be feisty when I want to. I prefer my hair down, but when training I pull into back into a high loose pony.
My brother and I spar with each other and occasionally our friends will also join us. Today it was just us. We stood on the big square mat carefully studying one another to make the first move. I began inching closer remembering my techniques, but Asher knows them better. I moved in to get his right knee, but he expected that. He leaped to the side and then grabbed my arm to then swing me to the ground. I wasn't done yet though. I was more flexible then Asher and those years I was a gymnast paid off. I kicked my leg back hitting him in the head knocking him off of me. I took this as my chance. Leaping at him I punched his rib cage and slid under his arm as he tried to choke hold me. I kicked back, kicking out his knee causing it to give way and make him fall. I jumped on his back pushing him to the ground and pinned his arm back. He tapped out. I don't win all the time with him, so I make sure to make it a big deal when I do.
"Nice moves little sis. I'm impressed how you got out of that one so quickly."
Father patted me on the shoulder with a smile of approval.
"Small, but fast. Ain't that right peanut?"
"Small, but mighty dad." I smiled.
"Am I free to go now?" I pleaded.
"I suppose, but be in by dinner time."
With that I was off. I decided to take a run down to the creek. Most wolves preferred the lake, so the creek was usually quiet, which I preferred as well. I put my clothes in a bush, as I didn't want to shred them, and shifted into my wolf. She purred at her release. Shaking out her fur and stretching we began our run. My wolf is all white with one black paw, tips of my ears have a faded black color, and my snout looks like the as black ashes on it. My dad just called it unique. My wolf isn't all that big either, but I am very fast which is fine by me. Other than signing running was another hobby of mine, whether it be wolf or human form.
Reaching the creek I laid down and softly began to howl. Letting all my feelings out. The stress of my parents expectations, what my future held, and much more. I stopped my song when I heard foot steps approaching. My legs tensed up and I was ready to pounce on my intruder. Out popped a grey wolf with a smirk on it's face. Aspen. Her eyes glossed over as she mind-linked me.
Hi Lydia!
You sure know how to give a girl a scare Aspen.
Sorry Lydia! I was running by and caught your scent so thought I would drop in! I heard your howls as well. Everything okay?
Oh yes! Just the usual stress stuff.
Want to race back and talk about it over snacks? My mom left her wine coolers out, we could snatch a couple?
Sounds perfect to me, but there isn't much to discuss.
Aspen took of running and I followed right along side her. Aspen is my absolute best friend in the entire world. She isn't much of fighter, but that girl sure can be loud and party. When we were little believe it or not she was quiet and shy. She was being picked on and I pushed the bully down causing them to run crying. From that day we have been inseparable.
Getting back to my house we shifted back and got dressed.
"Hey why don't you go get stuff and come spend the night?"
"Sure! I'll go tell my parents and grab my things and be back after dinner"
She took of running as I went inside to track down my mother. She was in the kitchen cooking up what smelt like a delicious dinner. My mother was quite the cook. She has tried to teach me in the past, but it just wasn't for me. I tend to burn things rather then make it edible.
"Hey mom, do you care if Aspen stays the night after dinner?"
"Sure hun. That will be fine. Dinner is in five, will you tell your siblings and dad?"
Snatching a juice box from the fridge I went in search of my family members to deliver the message.
Aspen showed up just as we finished up dinner. We sprinted up to my room and got out the goodies. Strawberry wine coolers and stuffed oreos. We make due with what we find. I turned the TV on for background noise as we giggled and gossiped the night away. Aspen always knew how to make me feel confident with myself and the choices I made so having these conversations with her always made me feel more complete. My mom says you'll never really feel complete until you meet your mate and then that's a whole other feeling. I know I won't understand until it happens, but I've been waiting for it to happen now for two years. You can find your mate starting after your 18th birthday. Aspen and I have yet to find ours and we our both 20. Aspen says hers doesn't exist, but I am still hopeful. Now I can't stop trying to think of what my mate will be like. I had lot's of ideas running through my head, but sleep caught up to me and I drifted off to sleep.
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