Lydia's Song

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Chapter Ten

Throughout the night you could hear the crying and screams more clearly. It made me sick to my stomach. Kelly was asleep next to me and I counted guards as they walked up and down the rows of cells. There faces were covered so it was hard to tell the difference.

Then all the lights were turned on and you could hear a struggle breaking out.

"Everyone up! School is in session!" A man boomed out. "This pathetic of an Alpha thought he could escape. So we thought we'd show you what happens when you try it yourselves. "

They drug a man out and threw him to the floor. He had blood on his face and bruises all over his body. When he looked up from the ground I made eye contact with him. His eyes were emerald green just like...Colt! Anger rose inside me and I could feel my wolf surfacing. I shifted and flung myself against the bars. They creaked, but didn't break. I couldn't understand why Colt didn't shift.

"And this must be his mate. Well that was easier said then done."

They drug Colt closer to me and he smelt of wolfsbane. He was weak and tired and I could tell.

"Grab her and let's go."

"N--No!" Colt gritted through his teeth.

Colt yanked against the men's grip, but couldn't get anywhere. He threw his body weight around, but you could tell he was tired. The man came and unlocked the cell door. I ran to him busting it open, dodging his hand as I went. I leaped at the man holding my mate. I grabbed his neck and snapped it without even another thought. I now had the taste of blood in my mouth. Fuck this shit! I was livid. My wolf was livid. I ran to the next man and before he could shift he was down, neck snapped, and good as dead. I turned to the rest of them waiting to see who was going to move next. I'd be damned if I was going to have any part of this reproduction crap. I whipped around to the sound of a gunshot. Another man came in holding a gun aiming right for my head this time.

"Shift back now or I will shoot."

I shifted back and they shoved me to the ground. The man who seemed like he was in charge, the boss, came up to be yanking my head up by my hair.

"You killed some of my men. Full of attitude are we? Put her in a room. She's mine. Put her mate in there as well."

Colt was cuffed suspended from the ceiling and I was cuffed down on a table. The man was over whispering something to Colt. so quiet I couldn't hear. Colt attempted to kick the man, but he missed. Colt was seething with anger. If he wasn't shot up with wolfsbane his wolf would of been out for sure. The boss man walked over to me next and crept down next to my ear.

"I have decided that you are worthy of being my mate now. Your mate here didn't seem to disagree to much here. You will bare my children and my mark. So sad he waited so long to mark you. I'll be back in the morning. You have tired me out for the day with all your childish nonsense."

He left locking the door behind him. I let the tears release now that we were alone. Colt was quiet. His head was hung low. I let my eyes drift off to sleep as I knew tomorrow was going to be a long day.


The next morning I awoke to the sounds of screams and cells doors being banged on. I was really hoping this was some sort of nightmare. The boss man slammed the door to our room open walking in with a smirkish grin.

"Good morning my mate to be." He chuckled.

"Get your filthy hands off of her." Colt said sluggishly.

He must of passed out from the pain and was attempting to wake up. The boss man just laughed and walked over to me took my cuffs off from the table and put them behind my back instead. He gagged my mouth to stop my screams and he picked me up throwing me over his shoulder. I thrashed my body against his to try and throw our weight, but it didn't work. I screamed and kicked, but it didn't seem to even phase the man. As we walked out I gave Colt one final look and I'm glad I did. The look he gave me sent me hope. He threw me onto a bed and then left into another room coming back with a box.

"Now I have objects in this box. All of them contain wolfsbane in them. Some are worse then others. The more you misbehave the more I intend to use them. Okay?"

I didn't look at him or even respond. I was filled with so much disgust. He came up to me and sent a forceful slap to my cheek. I cried out in pain as he laughed.

"Next time give me an answer."

I hated that I was already naked. He moved his body over mine and pulled out a needle. This is so you wont try anything stupid. It was wolfsbane. I squirmed under him and did the lowest thing any women could do to a man. I kneed him so hard in the balls that he dropped the needle and whimpered on the floor. Before I could make a break for the door he caught my foot and literally straddled me. He put his big bear hands around my neck shaking my head yelling at me.

"You dumb bitch! Can't have kids if you pull that bullshit! What the fuck is the matter with you! I suggest you submit before I do worse." he growled.

He got all in my face growling at me. He wanted me to submit, but I would never.

"Fine have it your way."

He shoved my face to the side and showed his canines. I screamed and kicked and tried to knee him, but the way he was sitting on me wasn't working. I could feel his hot breath just inches from my neck. He slowly licked up and down my neck looking for the perfect spot. His saliva was like poison to me. I closed my eyes and just listened to the horrifying screams coming from the hallway. A knock came to the door.

"I'm fucking busy!" he yelled.

Then the door came smashing down. Followed by a dead guard hanging from Colt's jaws. His wolfsbane must of worn off. Before the boss man could react to his presence Colt grabbed him by his head and killed him instantly.

"MINE" he growled.

Colt came and licked the side of my face. I ran out quickly grabbing the guards keys as I went. While Colt had my back I ran around to let others out of their cells to join the fight. When I got to my old cell Kelly was laying there. I ran up to grab her, but as I got closer I noticed she was dead.

"I'm so sorry Kelly. I tried." I whispered to her.

I closed her eyes and then took off. I didn't have time to mourn her now. Once we got all who we could I shifted and joined the fight. We might be bruised and broken, but we have anger and revenge running through our bodies. Everyone here had a reason to be pissed. Rouges don't do well in packs. So without their leader they fell quickly. We chased the guards out of the building as they screamed in horror. They surrendered. Other wolves took off to track them down. They wouldn't live another day.

Everyone here was from different packs, but some here were from ours. There were very pregnant women and some babies that were here. It was a god awful mess.


I was embraced in a big hug and a scent so sweet. Aspen.

"Aspen! Oh my god. Look at you! Are you alright!"

"I'm okay now. Have you seen Kodi?"

"No I haven't.... Come on let's go find Colt."

We walked around helping to carry the injured out, but there was no sight of Kodi. Aspen can still feel he is alive, but we cannot find him. Colt was also nowhere to be found. Bodies were being burned of those who were dead. We kept ours separate from the rouges of course because they were burning in hell. I wasn't even sure what day it was or time because we had spent so much of it fighting and cleaning up the mess. We couldn't risk this place being found.

Aspen and I sat outside as the sun was setting. Waiting for Colt or Kodi to come walking out. Mostly everyone else was gone just a few injured waiting for pack members to come get them home. I was trying to comfort Aspen best I could, but the worry never left her face.

Aspen perked her head up and ran through the doors. I got up quickly to follow her. As I ran through the door Aspen was at Kodi's side. He was extremely beat down. His face was bruised and swollen, almost unrecognizable. She cried holding his face. Colt was holding him up, so he set him down carefully so Aspen could tend to him. When he set him down Colt's knees hit the ground. He punched the ground and a sob broke free. I rushed to his side to comfort him, but he turned away from me. He hugged his knees and rocked back and forth as the tears fell. I sat away from him and let my own tears fall. Why wouldn't he let me near him? A van pulled in taking Kodi and our wounded back. The rest who could shifted and ran back following Colt.

When we got back Colt went strait to his office with a few others. Aspen was busy with Kodi and I was once again alone. I was starting to get really upset. Why wouldn't he talk to me? He didn't even ask if I was okay? I'm suppose to be his mate and help him, but yet he won't let me. He just shuts me out! Annoyed and angry I went back to our house. I showered and made myself breakfast food for dinner. We never went grocery shopping so there wasn't much else here. I sat on the sofa in the dark letting tears roll down my cheek. Why must things be so difficult. Colt didn't come home that night. It was three in the morning and I was pissed. I went to the pack house and marched strait into that office. He was sleeping on the desk with his drool covering papers. It was a sad sight. I decided to just let him be. I curled up in the sofa chair in his office and let sleep over take me as well.

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