Lydia's Song

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Chapter Twelve

POV Colt

I laid with Lydia all that night. I fell asleep around midnight, but woke up around 3 in the morning sweating my ass off. She was really burning up. I clicked the nurses button.

"I think we need to give her a cold wipe down alpha. I'll be back in a minute with more medicine and supplies." The nurse said.

Couple minutes went by and she returned. The doctor came and checked her vitals and talked with the nurse for another minute or two.

"Can I do it? The bathing part?"

"Sure, I'll show you."

We took her gown off and laid cloths across her body parts. The nurse left and I got started. I put a cold cloth on her forehead and then took another cloth and washed over her arms and chest. I went over the top again and worked my way down to the bottom getting her legs. Once I was done the nurse came back in and we put the gown back on and changed the sheets. I set her back on the bed and grabbed a new cloth. She had goosebumps like she was cold so I grabbed her blankets and then crawled in next to her again. My eyelids grew heavy as I relaxed in next to her.


I woke up the next morning and I lifted my hand up to Lydia's forehead. She felt cooler and I was hoping that meant she was on the mend. I called the nurse in and she checked her temp.

"Okay her fever broke. I will get the doctor and if her breathing is better I don't see why you couldn't go home today."

I was happy to hear that. I am ready to bring my mate home.

"Good morning Alpha. Let's have a look here. Lydia darling?"

The doctor woke Lydia up. She looked really tired. I went to her side and helped her lean forward as the doctor listened to her breathing.

"Okay I am going to take the oxygen away. If you are able to keep steady breathing on your own for the next couple hours I will send you home."

"Okay thanks doc" I said.

I laid Lydia back down and she wiggled around, but quickly got back to sleep. I called Kodi and asked him down here. He arrived within five minutes of my text.

"How is Lydia doing?"

"Better, we might get to go home later. Can you bring my car here and then obviously we will have the proper ceremonies, but you are my beta now and I need to know your 100%." I said.

"Alpha I am 100% and ready to step up. What can I do for you?"

"I need you to arrange a week from now the ceremonies. Have Aspen help you. Then I need you to figure out who we have all lost from this tragedy so we can have funerals over the week. My parents being first, two days from now. I need you to try to run things best you can for me. I have to spend some time home with Lydia."

"Done deal bud. I got your back. Let me know if you guys need anything else."

I sat on the couch in Lydia's room and did some texting to other pack members letting everyone know whats going on. After a couple hours the doctor came back in. I woke Lydia up again while he checked her breathing.

"Sounds much better. Here is some medicine you can have her take every four hours and a list of things to do at home to keep the fever away. Bed rest until the end of the week."

"Okay thank you!" "Lydia hun. Were going home okay?"

She faintly nodded her head as she swung her legs over.

"Woah. Just hold on okay."

I packed all our stuff up and brought it down to my car. I walked back up to the room and picked her up. I carried her down to the car letting her lay down in the back seat. When we got back to the house I carried her upstairs laying her on the bed. I walked to the bathroom and got a room temp bath going, filling it with lavender bubbles. I walked back to the room where Lydia was already asleep. She looked so peaceful, but I knew she probably wanted to feel more clean and I wanted to keep her body cool.

I helped her take her clothes off and then I took mine off. I set her down in the tub getting in behind her. I was scared she would fall asleep in the tub. Which I was right. She fell asleep laying against my chest. I brought the wash cloth around her body softly as she slept. After about a half hour tub I drained the water and dried us off. I put her in my t-shirt and laid her in the bed. I went downstairs and got started on soup and bread for dinner. I'm not much of a cook, but I think I can handle soup. I brought it up with some water.

"I'm really not hungry" she whimpered softly

"I know your not, but please eat half of each and I'll let you go to sleep."

"Mmmm... fine." She grumbled.

I helped her eat and she was able to eat almost all of it. I tucked her back into bed as I went downstairs to clean up from dinner. I then went back upstairs and crawled into bed with her. Tomorrow starts a new day is what I kept telling myself.

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