Lydia's Song

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Chapter Thirteen

POV Lydia

A couple days later I woke up and felt better then I have in the last two weeks. I walked to the shower and stood in it for at least a half hour. I got out and blow dried my long blonde hair. I brushed it out and decided to curl it. Aspen bought me all new make-up so I decided to open it up and use it. I added a little foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. I also added a fairly light glitter eye-shadow to my lid. I walked out of the bathroom and over to my closet. I got on some ripped skinny jeans and an aqua flowy tank top. I went downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee and took it out on the porch. The sun was out and the weather was beautiful. It was the first day in a long time I had felt so good in the morning.

"Lydia, good morning love." Colt said.

"Good morning. Do you want coffee?"

"Sure. I'll get it though."

He walked back in the house taking my cup with him to refill. He appeared minutes later with two freshly filled cups.

"You look beautiful love. Never seen you with your hair like that."

"Well when you aren't in boot camp, running from a twister, or dying from the flu it's possible to look like this, haha." I teased.

He pulled me into his lap playfully nipping at my neck. Then pulled me in for a long kiss. My god his kiss... I forgotten what it had even felt like. It had been so long since the first time he kissed me.

"Lydia go on a date with me."

"A date?"

"Yes. Take the day to do whatever you like, but at seven o'clock meet me back here and I will take you out."

I smiled a big grin at him and gave him another deep kiss. I decided getting ready for a date night would be fun. I called Aspen up and she agreed to come hangout. Anthony would go pick her up and come get me.

"Here, I had you added to my account so you can keep this card" he said.

I rolled my eyes at him, but willingly took the card. I got in the car with Aspen as I gave Colt a kiss on the cheek. We went and did all the girly things. I got my nails done, touched up my highlights, and went shopping for the perfect outfit. I settled for a nice sundress. It was a lilac purple with spaghetti straps that fell just above my knees. Anthony dropped me back off at my house and Colt was waiting outside flowers in hand.

"Your adorable, thank you!" I smiled.

"Your welcome, you look s-stunning Lydia!"

"Thank you." I blushed.

He took my hand as we strolled down a path behind our house. We talked about our lives before boot camp. I told him how my brother was never the type to act like that and how I was hurt he hasn't reached out to me yet. Colt told me about how he looked like an irresponsible kid to his father and how he was trying to grow up, but his passing and meeting me as given him motivation to do even better.

When we got the end of the path there was a picnic blanket and a blown up kiddie pool. I was a little confused by the pool.

"What's up with the pool?" I asked.

"You'll see."

We ate salad, crackers, cheese, and drank wine. Colt told me about his plans for alpha and how he was excited to have me by his side. We even talked about how many pups we wanted. I thought two to four was good for me, but Colt laughed and said like six. I'm glad he wanted a big family and not just one.

"Now that we are full how about a swim?"

"In the kid pool?" I laughed.

"No haha, follow me."

We walked behind some trees and there was a little pond. I smiled at him. We stripped and jumped in. The water was a little chilly, but I adjusted to it as we swam. We splashed and chased each other around the pond.

"O-o-k-kay, I'm f-f-freezing no-w-w."

"Haha, okay let's go."

He ran up to shore and grabbed towels and then helped pull me out of the water. He wrapped the towel around me and led me back to where we had our picnic. He walked back to the car and pulled out a bunch of blankets and went back to grab more. He had a bunch of blankets and pillows in the blow up kid pool.

"I thought we could lay under the stars, but in comfort." He smiled.

"It's amazing."

We got under the covers and snuggled close.

"Okay top favorites and go." He asked.

"Color purple. Food steak. Favorite thing to do, sing and listen to music. I enjoy running and I love coffee. Your turn!"

"Okay. Color Red. Food Steak. Things to do would be listen to music or working out. I enjoy swimming a lot too. I also enjoy coffee."

It felt really good to get to really know Colt. I snuggled my face into his chest holding him tight. He tickled my sides making me squirm and giggle.

"I love your laugh. It's so cute." He laughed.

He took my face into my hands and brushed my hair out of my face. He brought his lips to mine massaging them together. His tongue brushed against my lips and I let it in immediately. He rolled himself on top of me continuing to kiss me. He trailed down my neck and a moan slipped out of my lips as he hit the spot.

"Lydia are you okay if I.."

"Yes Colt. Make me all yours" I whispered cutting him off.

He didn't need to ask again he went right back to my neck, kissing around it softly finding that spot again. He brought his canines out and bit into the spot. I gasped out at the pain, but then followed a soft moan at the pleasure of it. He licked the mark gently and brought his lips back to mine. I then kissed his cheek and trailed down to his neck looking for the perfect spot. As he moaned out I brought my canines out and bit into the spot that made him moan. He groaned at the discomfort, but groaned again as pleasure overtook him. I licked the wound clean and then nipped at his neck and ear playfully as I went back up to his lips. I could feel the erection he was getting as we went back to kissing. I moved my hips closer to him and he groaned with approval.

"Lydia if we start this I don't know if I can stop."

"Then don't." I panted.

He sucked on my new mark making me squirm beneath him. He moved his hand and let his fingers rub my sex making me moan out more. He then moved himself into place and slowly pushed himself inside me. I gasped at his entrance. He was decently sized and it being my first time was trying to adjust to the feeling. He began slowly thrusting. He ran his hands slowly up my sides holding my hips in place as he thrusted faster. My arms hung around his neck as I grabbed a fist full of his hair. I rocked my hips to the rhythm of his. He took one of my breasts into his hand and sucked on my nipple ending with a nip to it as he brought his mouth back up to kiss me. He moved his hips even faster and I got this overwhelmingly sensation as my legs quivered and I released all around him and then he followed in suit coming. He pulled out and bent down giving me another kiss.

My god everything about that was amazing. The pleasure over ruled any pain that was there. I'm so glad I waited for my first time to be with my mate.

"I love you Lydia"

"I love you too" I whispered.

He pulled me close into his hug and tucked the blankets around us. My body was tingling as the sparks I was feeling were amazing. I snuggled my face into his chest and let sleep overtake me.

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