Lydia's Song

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Chapter Fourteen

The next morning we cleaned up from our date and brought it all back up the house. I went upstairs to shower, but I was interrupted by Colt sticking his head in the shower.

"Excuse me sir this is my shower!" I laughed.

"I know, but it looked lonely in here."

He got in the shower with me pulling my back into his body. One hand was holding my stomach and the other was cupping my sex. He kissed the side of my face and then suckled on my new mark. I moaned out as I leaned back into his erection. I was excited to do this again.

After my quick shower turned into an hour of playing with Colt I got out and began to fix my hair. As the mirror started to clear up from the steam of the shower I was able to see my new mark. It was huge, but it was beautiful. My wolf was happy at the sight of her mates mark. Once I was ready we went up to the pack house for breakfast today. I still have yet to really meet anyone or feel apart of this pack. When we walked in Aspen was sitting at the table with Kodi. I ran up to hug her as I haven't seen her since I went into the hospital.

"Girl, you look flawless and you smell different... You guys.. Oh my gosh yay! We can mind link again!"

I laughed as Aspen figured it out before I could even tell her. The only thing that sucks about this, is when your aroused or get mated everyone can freaking tell. I looked over at Colt who was laughing at Aspen. He shook his head and sent me a wink before going back talking to Kodi. I tried to hide the blush, but he just smiled at me more. I just couldn't get enough of him. I was sore from the two times we did it already, but I didn't care. I wanted to feel the ache, to feel him in me and to feel his body weight on top of me. I had to quickly change my thoughts before everyone else here caught on to me.

After breakfast we went for a walk around the area and Colt introduced me to other pack members as we went. I was really excited to get to know everyone. It was making things feel more like home. At the end of the day everyone was gathered for the ceremony. Colt led me on staged followed by Kodi and Aspen.

"My pack, my friends, my family, we are gathered here today as I give my oath to you. I promise to put the needs of this pack before my own. To give it the love and care it needs. To lead fearlessly and to protect all who live inside to the best of my ability. I will do all of this with these three at my side. Your luna, Lydia. Your beta, Kodi and his mate Aspen. I am Alpha Colt of the Moon Stone Pack!"

Cheers erupted throughout the crowd. As we walked down people were shaking hands and giving us all hugs. Colt then ran ahead and shifted shredding his clothes. He let out a bold loud howl and others including myself shifted shredding out clothes. Colt led the run as I ran alongside his left flank. We came to a field and we stopped. Colt let out a long howl and I joined in with him, singing my song. My song was full of love and hope for my new family. Singing with my new family made my wolf so happy as we shook out our fur. We ran back and grabbed clothes from our house before heading back to the pack house before dinner.

The pack house was having a huge barbecue to celebrate. There was hot dogs, burgers, steak, and more. We filled our plates up and sat at a picnic table by the bonfire. I got steak as I hadn't had it in awhile. It was really good and mouth watering. After we were done eating Colt took my hand as we joined others dancing by the bonfire. Aspen and I heard our favorite song come on and we danced as if nobody was watching. I didn't wan this night to ever end. We danced till almost two in the morning.

"Lydia let's go home. I'm done sharing you for the day."

Colt gave me a piggy back ride to our house jumping around and acting childish like the whole way home.

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