Lydia's Song

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Chapter Sixteen

Over the next couple weeks I stayed pretty busy. Colt was busy training and dealing with more rogue sightings. Aspen and I were helping out in the schools and the nursery for newborns and their mothers. I finally felt like I was starting to fulfill my duties as Luna. I still hadn't contacted my family and it had been months. Once we are done with these rouge issues I want to ask Colt if he would let me visit.

Fall was coming upon us. The leaves were changing and the air was getting cooler. I took my cup of coffee and sat on the porch snuggled with Colt.

"I'm going to go start breakfast okay?"

"Okay sounds good. I'll be in in a couple."

I decided eggs, toast, and bacon sounding good. I started frying the bacon. I usually only make half a package, but I decided to just make the whole thing because more bacon then eggs sounded good to me. While the bacon was frying I began to crack eggs into a bowl. I whisked them up and then added a little milk, salt, and pepper. I then oiled the pan and poured the eggs in. They began frying and the scent wafted through the air. I cringed at the smell and even gagged at it. I ran to the bathroom just barely making it on time. My head hung over the toilet. I heard Colt's voice in the door.

"Lydia? You okay in there?"

"Yeah, I think so"

Colt opened the door and rummaged through a drawer. He pulled out a thermometer and took my temperature. It was two degrees higher then normal.

"Lydia you might be getting sick again."

I groaned and laid my head back down on the toilet edge. I just couldn't catch a break. Colt went and turned all the breakfast stuff off and he then carried me to the car. We didn't get very far before he had to pull over and let me out to throw up again.

We arrived at the clinic and got into a room right away. I could tell Colt and his wolf were on edge. My wolf was whining because his wolf was upset.

"Alpha. Luna. I didn't expect to see you back so soon. What seems to be the problem?"

"She threw up this morning and her temp was two degrees higher then normal. I thought she might be getting sick again and was hoping we could get ahead of it this time."

"Okay well we will take a few tests and see."

The doctor left and then returned with a nurse. They drew blood and then left. We waited around for about a half hour and then the doctor came back.

"Luna just a few questions. How long have you and alpha been mated for?"

"Just a couple months. It was about a week or so after the first time I got sick."

"Okay. Have you had your first heat cycle?"

"Yeah, It ended a couple weeks ago. Whatever day it was Colt got back from his trip."

Colt's face looked pale.

"Colt? Colt? Hello?"

The doctor just kind of laughed a little bit and turned back to me.

"Luna it seems you are pregnant."

I now understood why Colt was pale because I think I was too. Neither time we were careful. Now seemed like a terrible time to raise a pup. I was just getting into my role as Luna and Colt was dealing with the rouge issue. While I think I was going to throw up again my wolf was dancing around in my head.

"Do you want to see?"

"Um sure."

We walked to another room and I laid down on the table. The doctor squirted a gel on my stomach and started to twirl it around.

"Okay Luna look right here."

I looked on the screen and saw a little speckle on the screen.

"And look right here."

He pointed to another speckle. Twins! I was pregnant with twins! The doctor printed out pictures and gave me a list of to dos and not to dos. Colt stay silent the whole time. I was scared to say anything because I didn't know how he was going to react. When we got home he went strait to the kitchen and made toast and warmed the bacon up. He threw the eggs away. I sorta laughed at that. He brought me a plate over with some orange juice and then fixed himself a plate. I couldn't really stand the silence anymore.

"Colt are you okay?"

"I'm sorry. I'm sure you wanted a better reaction then that. I really am excited about these pups. I'm just scared to do all this while our rogue situation increases. Instead about worrying about one pup I am worrying about two. I only have 5 months to straiten this shit out."

"Hey, It will be okay. We will figure this out together."

"Can I see the photos again?"

I smiled at his question and went to my purse to grab them. When I walked back over I gave the photos to Colt. A grin grew so big on his face it was adorable. He took the photos and put them in a picture frame and then set it on the stand next to the couch.

A were wolf pregnancy is five months versus the normal human one is nine months. So we had less then five months really. More like four and half. We get to find the genders out in one. We sat on the couch the rest of the morning talking about names and all things baby. I couldn't wait to tell Aspen the news. We decided to go up to the pack house for lunch and then we could tell everyone.

When I walked into the house Aspen was chopping tomatoes and Kodi was grilling chicken.

"Hey what's for lunch?"

"Lydia! Hello! We are having chicken salad. You guys want some?"

"Yes please!"

"I will go see if Kodi needs any help." Colt said.

"Soooo Aspen."


"Do you like when we come up here to eat?"

"Yes! Of course I do! Why would you ask that? Do you not feel welcome?"

"Oh my gosh girl of course we do! I'm only asking because your going to have make extra for two more."

"Why who else is coming?"

She clearly didn't get my hint so I stuck out my belly and rubbed it.

"Well the twins of course!"


She brought me into a tight hug almost crushing me. I could hear Colt and Kodi laughing behind us.

"Careful Aspen you don't wanna pop her." Colt teased.

"Opps your right. Sorry. I am just so excited!" She squealed.

We sat down for lunch and Aspen went on and on about all the shopping trips we are going to have to make now. I just rolled my eyes at her and devoured my salad. It was really good. After lunch we sat outside and enjoyed some tea. I tried to soak up what sun I could before the snow came. I was kind of sad I would miss out on this winter with my wolf. It's just not safe to shift when pregnant. She didn't seem to mind though because we already really loved our babies.

We ended up staying for dinner too. Aspen made Alfredo and bread sticks. I then helped her clean up and then Colt and I finally went home. I showered and changed into PJ's. I laid in bed and Colt sat and rubbed my tummy as I slowly started to fall asleep.

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