Lydia's Song

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Chapter Seventeen

After a week or so of nagging I finally let Aspen drag me shopping. I didn't want to buy much until I knew what the genders were, so we just got cribs and the basic big stuff. Aspen filled a cart full of gender neutral clothes. Her excuse was she had to be a good aunt from the start. I just rolled my eyes and laughed at her. Colt didn't want me leaving pack lands so instead he invited my family here. They were coming the weekend and I was so excited. They would arrive later tonight, so on the way home for the baby store we stopped at the grocery store. I wandered around filling the cart with random snacks and then got steaks to grill. I then wandered around searching for pickles because that was my main craving lately. Eggs repulsed me sadly.

Now that the back of the SUV was full we headed back. Aspen helped me carry everything in and then helped me clean the house and get the bedrooms ready. My parents would stay in the guest room, Asher on the couch, and Kali in the baby's room on an air mattress. I hadn't told my family the news yet, so I wanted to before Kali walked into that room.

Since I was exhausted from shopping and cleaning and my family was arriving some what late, we decided ordering pizza was perfect for tonight.

"Lydia!" Kali screamed as she ran out of the truck.

I embraced her in a big hug as I squeezed her tight.

"Oh Kali bear it's so good to see you! Look how big you have gotten!"

I set her down then embracing my parents in for a hug. Asher stood back with his head down. He must still think of that night. I can only imagine how disappointed my father must of been. I walked over to Asher smiling and grasped him into a hug.

"Lydia I'm so-"

"Old news." I interrupted.

I smiled at him reassuring him I wasn't mad at him. Colt even shook his hand and didn't even seem mad either. Pizza arrived shortly after they did so we all sat down and ate and caught up. Asher didn't go back to guards. He instead helped train the young warriors at the school. He said he was really enjoy it. Kali was almost going into middle school. She was really growing up. In just almost a year she had really changed. She was taller and spoke more like an adult then a kid.

"I'm so full. I think I'm going to go to bed. Where can I go Lydia?" Kali asked.

"Oh, right. Well your room is the coolest I teased. Let's show everyone the house quick shall we?"

I toured around showing my family our house and leaving the baby's room for last. I had Kali open the door and go in first.

"Lydia? You know I'm not a baby anymore right?" Kali asked confused.

"Ha-ha. Of course I do. You are staying in your future niece's of nephew's room"

"WHAT!" My family yelled.

"Oh my gosh hunny!" Mom squealed she she pulled me into a hug.

"Wait did you say plural?" Dad asked.

"I did. We are having twins. We find out the genders in a couple weeks." I said.

After all the excitement died down everyone turned in for the night. I finished cleaning up the kitchen and then made my way to bed as well. Colt was fast asleep when I walked up the stairs. He looked really tired. I know he was really busy and was trying to make me happy by having my family visit, but I could tell it was now just a little much for him. I fixed the blankets over him and then changed into his t-shirt and underwear for my PJ's tonight and crawled into bed.


The next morning I got up before Colt did. I went downstairs and made a huge spread for breakfast. Since Asher was on the couch he woke up to me cooking so he joined in with the cooking. We talked all morning about what we have been up to and I told him about the kidnappings.

"We don't have to talk about that night Lydia, but just know I did not find that funny. I beat that asshole to a pulp when I found him again. They let him out of jail after only a few months. I'm sorry I didn't do more to protect you. I haven't touched alcohol since."

"Asher, I know. It's okay. I forgive you. I want my kids to have their uncle, so please let's put this behind us."

"Okay." He smiled.

Everyone came down and we ate breakfast. Colt was talking to my dad about the rouge situation and my mother was going on and on about all things baby. Kali and my mom did clean up since I cooked. I was grateful for that because I really did hate cooking and doing the dishes.

"Lydia I have to go up to the pack house for a little while and your father is going to come and see if there is any advice he can give." Colt said.

"Can Asher go? I'm sure he would like to."

"Yeah, that's fine. I'll go ask him."

They men headed up to the pack house just as Asher came running in. Kali and my mom hugged her and asked her all about her new mate.

"Of course you two would end up the two highest ranking wolves here and get placed together." Mother teased.

"Hey the moon goddess knows a good pair of friends when she sees one." Aspen joked.

We laid out chairs in the yard and enjoyed the cool autumn breeze. After a couple hours of gossip we went on a walk up to the pack house goofing off as we went. It felt really nice to have all this girl time. I was going to miss it when my mother and sister left.

When we got to the pack house Aspen suggested we make lunch for everyone since the men were still upstairs. We made BLTs and had veggies. Everyone came downstairs and I could sense how stressed Colt was. I made him a plate of food and then crawled in his lap after I made my own. I might of ate three and got teased about it. I blushed and Colt just rubbed my belly smiling. It seemed to lighten his mood a bit.

Asher and Kodi helped clean up while Kali and mom did the dishes. Colt and my dad were standing outside. I was about to turn my look away when I noticed a female running at Colt full force and tackling him down in a hug. My wolf was steaming angry. We briskly walked outside to see what this was all about.

"Colt! Oh how I've missed you!" The girl cried.

"Cami, get off!" Colt yelled in his Alpha voice.

Colt's wolf was angry at this females touch. I was glad and so was my wolf.

"Colt I-" She stopped sniffing. "Oh, I-I didn't realize you had mated."

She looked at his neck seeing my mark. I walked up to Colt and caught her stare.

"Cami, this is my mate Lydia."

"Hello Luna Lydia." She said.

The tone she used you could tell she wasn't thrilled by my appearance. She had a snobbish look on her face. She had freckles green eyes and stood an inch or so taller then me. She had shoulder length sandy brown hair.

"Nice to meet you Cami. What brings you here?"

"I've just returned from guard."

"Cami, Kodi, and I all grew up together." Colt explained.

"Oh I see. Well welcome back Cami. I am going to go see if Aspen needs anymore help."

With that I sauntered off still feeling pang of jealousy. Great never thought I'd have to deal with that. Now add in the pregnancy hormones and this will be grand old time.

POV Colt

Cami took my hands in hers and spoke softly.

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents Colt."


"Colt, I thought we agreed when I got back that we would mate?"

"Well clearly things have changed." I gritted through my teeth.

"I still think you made a mistake. I'm so right for you."

She walked away without another word. I rubbed my face and in frustration. Just another problem to add to my plate. My feelings towards Cami have changed entirely since Lydia. I've never felt more annoyed with her then I do now.

I went back inside and kissed Lydia goodbye. I was going on a patrol run next and to follow up with guards. I could tell she was still bothered by Cami. Discussion for later I'm sure.

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