Lydia's Song

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Chapter Eighteen

POV Lydia

Mom and I started to prep things for dinner. I seasoned the steaks while she was peeling potatoes. I was so excited for steak. Colt, Asher, and my dad all got back and Colt started to prep the grill. My dad brought Colt a beer as they continued their conversation. I started to then chop up some veggies and cook some corn.

After dinner we sat outside around a bonfire and roasted some marshmallows. I'm so glad the babies agreed with me that these are delicious. I ate four smores and then decided my bed sounded nice. I said good night to everyone and went inside to my bed. I fell asleep fast and not even Colt coming in the room woke me up.


The next morning after breakfast my parents headed for home. Apparently after I had went to bed Colt offered Asher to come live here and learn from him and Kodi. Asher accepted, but had to finalize things back home first. He was going to come back next week sometime. I was excited to get to have some family here with me and bridge the gap between Asher and I.

Aspen stopped by after they left and we decided to go for a run.

"I'll race you the the pond!"

"Your on!"

We ended up having to stop a few times a long the way as my morning sickness was getting the best of me today. We cut the run short and headed back. Aspen headed for home as I went upstairs to brush my teeth. Colt was on the couch playing a video game. I went to the freezer and grabbed some ice cream and interrupted his game by snuggling myself into his lap. He wrapped his arms around me while still holding his game console.

"Ice cream in the morning?" He teased.

"My breakfast is in the woods somewhere and this sounded good" I said shrugging my shoulders.

Colt frowned at me and set his game down.

"I'm sorry. I could of came and got you."

"That's okay. I wanted to still try to run. I feel better now."

After my ice cream I laid my head in Colt's lap as he went back to his game. I drifted off to sleep.

"Lydia, Lydia, you probably should wake up or you'll never go to sleep."

I rubbed my eyes and Colt was rubbing my back. I stretched and gave a big yawn. I went to the kitchen and made a sand which and shoved some pickles on it. I then placed some Doritos on the side.

"Haha, your so cute when your pregnant." Colt teased.

I blushed and sat back down in his lap. He turned on the TV and we watched some sitcom. We were bums the entire day. It felt nice to just be lazy in our home. After I cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen we decided to go to bed early. Sleep was becoming my new favorite thing.

POV Colt

A crash came and my eyes flew open to a rouge flying through our bedroom window landing on top of Lydia. Before I could react the rouge drug her out of the room to the ground. I shifted and flew out the window after them. Before I could reach her another rouge was standing over her. Her blood everywhere. I dropped to the ground at the sight of my dead mate. The other rouges came running at me and I couldn't move.

I shot strait up out of my dead sleep trying to shake the nightmare that just occurred. I turned over to cuddle my mate, but she was gone! My wolf went frantic and began sniffing for her scent. I followed it to the bathroom where I found her on the floor. She had a pillow and a blanket has she was wrapped around the toilet. My poor mate. I went downstairs and grabbed a water, a sprite, and some crackers. I got another blanket and pillow and laid down next to her. The clock said 4:00am. We were up every half hour as she vomited. I know this is part of the whole pregnant thing, but I wish I could take her place.

Around 10:00am she stopped puking. She was in a dead sleep on the floor, so I carried her to our bed and placed a bucket near it. I pulled the curtains shut tight and added another blanket over them to keep the room completely dark. I crept downstairs and pulled out my lap top. I attempted to do all the work I could from home, but I needed things from my office and really needed to check patrols. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kodi's number.


"Kodi will you meet me at my house and we are going to go check patrols and I want to go to the training center."

"Sure thing boss."

"Can you also bring Aspen here."

"We will be there."

Once they arrived I filled Aspen in on our night. She walked over to the couch and opened her book. She agreed to stay with her while I was gone.

Kodi and I shifted and ran to the boarder. I checked in with each patrol guard. No rouge sightings today. I sighed a breath of relief. We went to the training center next. I ran through a couple sessions with the young trainees. It felt good to get the workout in. I made a few phone calls and then Kodi and I headed for home.

"Hey Aspen. How is Lydia?"

"Fine I think. I've been checking on her every hour, but she is still asleep."

"Okay, well it's a bit after three. I should wake her. Thank you for coming anyways."

"No problem! Tell her I say hi."

Kodi and Aspen left as I made my way upstairs. She looked so peaceful I hated to wake her.

"Lydia. You should get up and try to eat something."

"Mhmm" She groaned.

She sat up rubbing her eyes. She walked over to the bathroom and I followed thinking she was going to throw up. She turned and held her hand up stopping me.

"I'm going to pee and brush my teeth and I'll be down."

She then shut the door. She seemed on the cranky side so I decided to wait for her downstairs. After about twenty minutes she came down. She had color in her cheeks and seemed a bit happier.

"Can we order pizza?"

"Sure love, what do you want?"

"I want sausage and green peppers. Couple Sides of ranch too."

I gave her an odd look, but called the order in. As I was on the phone ordering she grabbed a bag of chips and began munching. What a turn of events compared to last night. Pizza arrived within the hour. I turned on a movie as we sat on the couch and ate it.

POV Lydia

The pizza tasted amazing. I licked my fingers clean of the grease. Feeling tired still I made my way up to bed. Hours later I woke up rushing to the bathroom. Once I threw up my dinner I walked back to the bed. The clock said 3:30am. Ugh. I grabbed my pillow and blanket and headed back to the bathroom for what I fear is becoming my nightly routine.

I wiped my mouth off and drank a swish of water. My stomach began to settle and I think I was done. Colt came back with some orange juice and toast on a plate. I nibbled on the toast, but decided it wasn't appetizing. I stood up and looked myself in the mirror. My greasy hair was in a messy bun. My eyes had bags under them and my skin looked lighter then usual. My eyes made their way down my body and stopped at my belly. Just overnight a small baby bump had pomped out. Colt came and placed his arms around me, placing his hands on my new bump. Tears trickled down my pale cheeks.

"Baby what's wrong?"

"I just can't believe their are two pups inside of me. Our pups."

"Awe Lydia. I love you so much! Your going to be an amazing mother."

Colt spun me around and gave me a deep kiss. I blushed. He didn't seem to mind I haven't brushed my teeth yet today.

"I think I need a shower." I said blushing some more.

"How about a bath?" He suggested.

Colt sat me on the bed and disappeared back through the bathroom. Moments later he returned and lifted me into his muscular arms. The lights were dimmed and tea light candles were placed around the bathroom. The bathwater was filled with lavender bubbles, my favorite. He placed me into the water and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Try to relax a little bit."

He turned to walk away, but I gave him a pouty lip.


"Will you sit with me?" I pleased.

"Of course love."

He stripped his clothes and climbed in behind me. My little baby bump stuck up high enough I could see a little of it. I felt so blessed. Colt's giant hands made my bump look tiny has he placed them on it.

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