Lydia's Song

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Chapter Two

You see I am not a morning person. I need sleep till 8:00am at the earliest and a strong cup of coffee to go with it. So when sirens are going off at 6:00am I am not easily woken by it. Instead I awoke to my mother shaking me and Aspen awake.

"Lydia wake up. Alpha order all 18 and above to the pack building for a meet. You and Aspen get dressed and meet us downstairs in five."

Grumbling to myself I rolled out of bed and quickly threw on yoga pants and a hoodie. Aspen was waiting on me nervously as I took my time, which I could tell was annoying her. I can't help it I'm annoyed. What has to be said right at 6:00am. I don't think there is anything wrong with 9 or even 10:00am. I quick gave my hair a brush and didn't care about the rest.

The pack house is in the center of the land and is about a 20 minute walk. Most walk because it's not like there is a parking lot. People poured into the building taking seats or standing along the walls. We took our seats and waited for things to settle. Alpha John took the stage. He looked tired like he had just got shook out of bed too.

"My shadow pack members. I called this abrupt meeting because things in the south have gotten worse. We feel we need to recruit more possible candidates for guard as the south's numbers have risen. Us and our combined allied packs are just scraping by. We need to be prepared if things take a turn."

I didn't know much about the war or the allied packs we worked with. My dad has told me a couple of times, and now I am really wishing I would have listened to him more. Including us there are four allied packs. My pack, the Shadow Pack, then we have next to us Moon Stone Pack. Next to them is the Canterbury Pack, and then the Crimson Pack. We are considered the North. The South is made up of three bigger packs, but I can't recall their names. Nor can I recall what the war is all really about. The Alpha went on to talk about our low numbers and resources. I was scanning the crowd for Aspen who went to find her family. She was more toward the front and seemed upset.

"I am requiring any adult who is unmated to go to boot camp for the guards. This does not mean you will for sure be recruited. We just need to see where everyone is at and where we can get you to. If you pass requirements you will join and be placed where we see you deem fit. You may bring one bag with you. Trucks leave at noon for Kingster. That is all"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mom raced us back to the house. Asher went right to packing, but all I could do was vent my frustrations to my parents of this choice being made for me. My mom rubbed my back and tried to soothe me, but it wasn't working.

Lydia, it's Aspen. My parents and I are coming to your house so I can get on the truck with you.

Okay hurry up, it's almost noon.

Aspen arrived just as I had finished packing my bag. We all went outside saying our good-bye and our mothers sobbing all over us. Kali was to young to come. It was just Asher and I. Aspen didn't have any siblings. The truck arrived and we all filed on. The boot camp was only two hours away, but it still felt like I was going to a whole other country. The whole ride there everyone was silent. You could hear some muffled cries, but other then that it was quiet.

Arriving we all filed out. Men going to the left. Women the right. Asher gave me a good-bye pat and kept walking. They never said how long we would have to be here, but I assumed it would be awhile before I saw my brother again. At least I had Aspen. We had a lead drill Sargent that we would train with and report to for anything. Her name was Sami and she scared Aspen and I, but I think that was her main point from what I could tell. We shared a bunk room with 14 other girls. Aspen took top bunk thank goodness. I hate bunk beds and she knows it.

"Okay ladies, suit up! Training and rules in 10."

Everyone scrambled around as her words frightened us. I followed other girls out into a courtyard where we all stood in three lines. I felt like this was our version of the army. This is not what I intended to do with my life after school. Ugh.

"Okay daises. My job is to make you into a tough, strong, and fearless guards. I'm not asking anyone here to be a hero. I am asking that you give me your best and show your loyalty to your teams, your packs, your alphas, and your families. Few rules before we get started. We start when I say we start. Late to my sessions is not an option. You don't want to find out what happens when your late. We are also not done until I say we are done. Clear?"

"CLEAR!" We all shouted.

"Perfect. I don't want to see anyone in there cot after 7:00am. Everyone should be in there bunk buildings by 10:00pm. You don't want to suffer those consequences either. Clear?"


"And lastly, do not go outside our perimeter. Clear?"


Sami smirked, "Okay you daises! Let's see what you got!"

With that we started on a run. Sami led the run and we all followed behind her. You could tell what wolves trained or would at least run regularly and who didn't. Aspen ran thank goodness, so she kept up with me nicely. After three miles we lost a couple girls and by time we hit seven there were 10 of us. At the end of our run was nice course. We each ran it five times before Sami let us go for dinner.

"My god I think I am going to crumble or puke. Maybe both.." Aspen grunted.

"Come on you barbie. Let's go get dinner. I am just as sore, but I don't think you can eat whenever here, so if you don't eat now you will miss out."

After dinner we went strait back to our tents. I showered, changed into my PJ's and then was out like a light.

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