Lydia's Song

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Chapter Nineteen

Stretching my arms out I felt the silk sheets against my skin. I felt so rested and fresh. I turned to see Colt laying beside me. I had slept through to the next day. I also didn't feel sick. I rolled the rest of the way over and snuggled against Colt.

"Mhmm. Good Morning beautiful. How are you feeling?"

"So much better." I smiled.

"Oh? Well that's great. I feel the need to take advantage of that."

He pushed me down and pressed his lips to mine. I knew where this lead and I was excited for it. I was already wet before his hands reached down to my sex. I sighed a sigh of pleasure and was eagerly awaiting for more.

After having sex three times before leaving the house we went up to the pack house to both get some work done. Colt let me help as long as I didn't do to much. He didn't want me to waste all my good energy. Aspen made sure I didn't over due it.

We went down to the school and I pulled kids out one by one for some tutoring. It made me think about my pups at this age. I couldn't help but smile and feel excited.

I was so busy day dreaming I didn't hear the sirens going off. I quickly sprung into action. We grouped kids together and brought them to the shelter below the school. Once we got everyone down Aspen and I did a sweep of the school to be sure we had everyone.

Colt all children are below the school. Aspen and I are going to the next shelter to make sure all other women and children got in safe.

NO! Stay in the school. Rouges are...

The mind link was cut and Colt was silent. I heard commotion going on above us. Glass breaking and things being thrown. Something was happening in the school. Aspen and I quickly went inside the shelter and rebolted the door shut.

Colt there in the school! Colt!


"Aspen can you reach Kodi? Colt isn't answering me."

"No" she frowns.

The children were frightened and we did our best to soothe them and keep them quiet. Then there was a single knock on the door. What rouge just knocks?

"Luna I Know your in there. If you know what's good for your alpha you will open the door."

My eyes widen and I looked at Aspen. She shook her head not to open the door, but they had my mate! What did they want with me though? I kept quiet as did the person on the other side of the door.

Colt please. There is someone at the door saying they have you.


"Aspen I heard him! He said not to open it. He won't say anything else though."

I walked over to her as she hugged me and stoked my hair trying to comfort me. I ripped from her brace as I huge bang came to the door. You could hear a scuffle going on behind it.

"Move the children back further into the corners. Stand in front of them. Be on your toes." I instructed.

Another bang went off shaking the shelter. They are trying to bust the door open! Whoever was in the scuffle on the other side of that door was there no longer.

The door bent enough to see a snout shove into the hole. It was a rouge.

"Back up you dimwit!" A voice yelled.

The snout disappeared and another bang went off causing some to lose their balance and fall. The rouge was now throwing his body against the door trying to break it down. I'm not sure what explosive they used, but this door was suppose to be indestructible.

Colt! They are breaking the door down. There almost inside.

Silence. I ran over to a cabinet and pulled out two guns with bullets wrapped in silver. I gave one to Aspen and we took our stance. The door finally gave way and dropped down. She wolves shifted and stood in front of the young. Aspen shifted giving the gun to another pregnant woman. I took fire at a rouge running in. He dropped before making it into the door. More rouges began to fill the room. I shot at another as another one flew over top of the rouge I just shot. Knocking the gun out of my hand he snarled at me baring his teeth in his face. My heart raced as I knew I was done for. Luckily for me Aspen came to my rescue and struck the rouge from the side toppling him over. He was now dead too.

I reached for the gun and began firing again. More ran in, but it was guards from our pack. A rouge surprised me, ripping the gun out of my hands and broke it with his teeth. A huge paw hit me on my side knocking me over. He looked at me hungrily. I swung my leg kicking him in the jaw causing a yelp to leave his mouth as he shook it off. He let out a loud snarl and jumped back to me, but failed as a guard pulled him backwards bringing the fight to him. My wolf howled at the scent of this guard. It was Asher. The rouge ran at Asher, but he was to quick. As Asher moved to the side the rouge past him and Asher took a chunk out of his shoulder. Asher whipped around and grabbed one of his hind legs and bit down hard. You could hear his bone breaking. Yelping with pain the rouge left his neck open and Asher killed it. The shelter got quiet as the fighting came to a cease. I looked around and saw the other pregnant women was lying on the ground barley breathing. I ran to her side to see if I could stop the bleeding, but it was to bad.

"L-l-l-una. P-please s-a-ave my son." she mumbled.

She looked at me with the most pleading look. I nodded my head at her as I wiped her tears with my hand. Aspen helped me and we did a very sloppy c-section. She was due to have her baby any day, so delivering him alive was possible. I held her hand as the life from her faded. She lost so much blood so fast. I looked over to Aspen as the screams from a baby filled the room.

Colt and Kodi came down to the shelter. Colt was covered in blood and had a good gash on his side. We lost two she wolves and one child. We also lost three guards. I held the baby in my arms. We got everyone to the pack doctors. Colt got stitched up and would be healed in a few hours.

"We need to find his dad." I said.

"His dad was one of the guards." Colt sighed.

This poor pup was an orphan before it even had the chance to live an hour.

"We will take it in then."

"Absolutely not!"

Colt's outburst scared me and I brought the baby to my chest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. We are expecting two of our own and you want to take in someone else baby?"

"This baby has nobody. I couldn't save his mom. Please..."

"Why don't we see if someone else in the pack wants to take in a pup first?"

"No. Colt please."

He rubbed his face and stared at the child. He let out a sigh before giving me a small smile.

"What's the name?" He asked.

"I'm not sure. What was his father's name?"

"Erick John Kremer."

"Erick Thorn it is."

Thorn was our last name and I wanted the baby to have a name that fits both sides.

"Lydia. We will tell this baby we aren't it's real parents when it is of age. The heir to the pack will be of our blood."

"I know that."

We went home and I fixed up one of the cribs for the baby. I had Colt place it in our room with us. I laid in bed staring over at him sleeping peacefully. I'm not sure I was ready to do this, but I can't help but feel I was meant to. I still felt so sad watching his mother die. Colt said the rouge attack had no motive, but I don't get why they wanted into the shelter so bad. They didn't attempt to get into the other one like they did ours.

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