Lydia's Song

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Chapter Twenty

Funerals were held and the school was in the process of being rebuilt. After two months everything began to calm down. Asher arrived just in time to help with the attack. He was now helping in the training center and being Kodi's right hand man. No rouges have been sighted since the attack either. Aspen and Kodi found out they were pregnant the night of the attack when Aspen was getting her injuries looked over by a doctor. She is due two months after me. I am due any day here. Little Erick is growing fast and is such a sweet baby.

I buckled Erick into the stroller and began walking up the road. I was trying to walk as much as possible to start labor, but my feet would be swelled up in no time. I'm lucky if I get a mile. Aspen held her small round belly as we talked about the baby names we had thought about. Aspen was also pregnant with twins. She is having two girls. Colt gave Kodi a lot of shit for it. He was going to be wrapped around three women's fingers.

Colt and I decided we wanted to be surprised by our genders. Colt wasn't all for taking Erick in as his own, but quickly grew to love him. He was always wanting us to come visit him at the office and was eager to get up with him at night. Aspen and I manged to walk the entire two miles up to the pack house. However, I couldn't feel my feet no longer.

"Hey you shouldn't push yourself to hard" Colt whined.

"I'm okay. I just can't believe I can't get these pups to come out already." I groaned.

Colt carried me up to his office while Aspen followed with Erick in her arms. I bought a yoga ball and sat on it while holding Erick.

"Okay so Kodi and I have been talking and we think it is a great idea."

"Oh boy. What have you men come up with this time?" Aspen asked.

"Being you girls spend a ton of time together and a beta and alpha are always needing each other, we feel it's best if we build a house near ours. It will be the beta's house. So instead of two miles away it's more like half a mile. This way you can be together. I am also having each house with two guards at all times. I am also hiring a nanny to help in between the two houses. She can help as much or as little as you want her to."

"I like the house idea!" Aspen and I yelled

"But we get to pick the nanny." I said.

"Deal" Colt said.

Colt sent out word that we were holding nanny interviews later afternoon in the alpha office. Aspen and I prepped lunch and while we ate Colt fed Erick.

We sat through one hour of interviews so far. Aspen and I think we have our mind made up, but wanted to see the last few before deciding. The next person who walked through the door left me speechless. In walked Cami.

"Cami what are you doing here?" Colt asked.

"I'm here to interview for the nanny position of course!"

Colt looked over at me like I should give her a chance.

"I'm sorry Cami, but we filled the spot." I blurted out.

An expression of anger formed on her face.

"Look Colt I figured since you won't accept me as your true mate, you would at least let me play a role in your life. These should of been my pups and I would like to help with them."

Anger, no more then anger engulfed my body. How could this dumb she-wolf even for a second think these pups were hers. Colt went to walk towards her until I swung my arm out to stop him. My wolf was surfacing and she was just as pissed as I was.

"Listen here you whore! My mate is mine and mine only. If he was meant for you the moon goddess would of made you two mates, but she didn't. She made us. Clearly I am pregnant with his pups, so they are MY pups and not yours. You will never lay a hand on my pups EVER! I suggest you leave this pack before I don't give you the chance."

I was huffing and puffing with fumes. Everyone around us stood quiet. Cami had an expression of speechlessness.

"Cami you need to leave NOW! Guards escort her off the lands." Colt said using his alpha voice.

"I'll call the pack doctor and let him know your coming!" Aspen said running off.

I was still huffing and puffing as I looked at Aspen with a confused look. Why do we need a doctor? Colt came and stood in front of me. He looked panicked, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. As I started to hear his words I felt a warmth on my clothes. I looked down realizing my water had broke.

Colt scooped me up and set me in the car. Speeding down the road towards the pack doctors. Once we arrived inside I was emitted to a room. Colt was pacing the room and it was causing my nerves to rise.

"Can you please stop pacing. Your making me nervous."


He quickly sat down and then his knee started bouncing. I just rolled my eyes and let out a giggle. To bad that giggle didn't last long. A horrible pain washed over me as I experienced my first contraction of many. I was having one every 13 minutes. I couldn't help, but stare at the clock anticipating the next one coming.

13 minutes turned to 9 which then went to 6 and then 4. It had almost been 30 hours and I was finally ready to push. Colt sat behind me propping my body up a bit as my feet were propped up in the stirrups. I took my hands on his as I grunted through my first push.

"Lydia you need to push harder. Breathe in and breathe out when you push."

I moaned and cried with frustration as I put all my energy into it. The pup crowned after 15 minutes of pushing. I gave another big push as the doctor informed us the head was out. After a few more pushes I heard the cry of a pup. Before I could see it the pup was taken away and my wolf cried.

"Lydia we need to deliver the second pup and then you can have them both."

I was so focused on the one I forgot I had to do this again. I nodded my head and squeezed Colt's hands again as I bared down to push again. The second pup came easier then the first. After only three pushes I heard more cries.

The nurse helped clean me up as two bundles were brought to Colt and I. One in a pink blanket and the other in a blue blanket. I held them both in my arms and tears flowed down my face. I was so over joyed to have my babies in my arms.

"So Luna, what names are we putting on the birth certificates?" The doctor asked?

"Noah Colt Thorn for our future alpha. Then Elizabeth Adeline Thorn" I said smiling at my new bundles of joy.

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