Lydia's Song

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Chapter Twenty-One

Three Years Later

POV Lydia

I had just laid the kid's down for their afternoon nap when I found Colt's arms wrapping around me nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. He licked over my mark and gave it a playful nip. My body shivered with excitement. No matter how many years go by he will always have this affect on me. Colt lifted me swiftly up to him and I straddled my legs around his waist. I pulled him into a kiss as he carried us down the hall to our room.

Falling against the bed I scooted down to undo his pants. I quickly stripped him as he slid my dress off. I moved my panties to the side and slid down on his hard cock. Gasping at how amazing it felt I started to move up and down rocking my hips. Hearing him groan with pleasure made me go faster.

Colt grabbed me throwing me under him as he started to pound into me. I couldn't wait anymore and released all around him as he did in me. He softly kissed me giving me a smile.

"If were quick we can take a shower together." I teased.

"Mommaaaa" Noah wailed.

"Or not" Colt grumbled.

I couldn't help but giggle at his disappointment. Colt went downstairs to start making lunch as I got the kids up. Noah and Erick played trucks in the living room, while Lizzy gave me a make over. Colt hollered lunch was ready after a few minutes.

After lunch Aspen came over with her twins. While they all played she helped me pack. Colt and I were going to meet my parents for a nice vacation. Things have been really good at the pack so we decided a trip was very long over due. Packing for three kids is a lot more then I thought it would be. I packed three play pens and a giant suitcase of clothes. Another suitcase of diapers, wipes, and other essentials. After a couple hours I finally packed my own suit case and I decided to just do Colt's as well. I then got a diaper bag packed just in case we needed to stop and it's easier to dig out then a big suitcase.

Marching downstairs I then started to make car snacks. The drive was 5 hours to the spot so better to be safe then sorry when it comes to kids.

Noah looks just like his dad. Same green eyes and a sense for trouble. Elizabeth who we call Lizzy for short has blonde hair like me, but also has her dad's green eyes. Then Erick looks like his dad Colt said. Brown hair and brown eyes. Erick knows we aren't his birth parents. We tell him a story whenever he asks about how his brave parents took on a mean wolf saving the pack and him. We tell him everyday we love him and he is apart of this family. I'm glad we told him young so there will be no trust issue in the future.

Once everything was packed we got everyone buckled into the car and drove to go get Asher and his family. Asher found his mate Kayla shortly after the twins were born. They had one pup, a boy, named Kyle. They were going to ride with us. We had three car seats in the back, two adults and a car seat in the middle. Colt and I sat upfront. Another SUV was behind us with four guards and all our crap. Finally on the road we turned on the headrest TVs for the kids and let their movie play.

Kayla and I talked about all the vacation moments we were ready to have. Grandpa and Grandma would want to spend time with their grandchildren and we were full on ready to take that opportunity. Kyle was almost two, so he was in his terrible two's stage.

After a couple hours we stopped at a rest stop to stretch and change diapers. Colt pumped gas and went inside to use the restroom. Kayla and I got all the kids buckled back in and gave them each a snack. Back on the road we went.

I settled into the middle row with Kayla and started reading my book. Asher was snoring upfront and Colt was jamming out to the radio.

"Oh Shit!" Colt yelled.

My eyes darted up from my book as Colt swerved the car causing everyone to yell out. Before I can notice anything else another car comes crashing into the side of our car sending it over a railing and rolling down a hill. The car stopped on it's side and I groaned as I tried to move. I had a car seat jammed against me making it hard to move.

"Lydia are you okay!" Colt asked

"I-I think so. I can't move."

Colt climbed out and tore off Kayla's door. First pulling her out and then Kyle, who was crying beside me. Once Colt got the car seat off of me I handed him each of the kids. Luckily we were all okay. Colt started to make his way up the hill to go scream at a reckless driver, but instead a guard appeared in his wolf form!

A human could see him! Colt ran to the guard who was dripping with blood.

"Alpha, it wasn't an accident. Run."

The guards life faded from him and he turned human. Colt could hear the battle taking place. He ran back down to us with fear all over his face.

"What the hell is-" I yelled.

"Grab the pups and run!" Colt demanded.

We each grabbed a kid and I swiped the diaper bags giving one to Kayla and taking one myself. As I looked back I saw wolves fighting up by the road.

"Lydia Move!" Colt demanded.

I shook away the scene and began to follow Asher into the woods. I could hear paw prints shaking the ground behind us.

"We need to shift quickly." Colt yelled up to us."

The kids have only ever had a gentle ride on our wolves. I set Lizzy down and quickly shifted. Kayla took Kyle. Asher took Erick and I took Lizzy and Noah so Colt could fight. We began running again and I carried a diaper bag in my mouth. Colt showed the kids how to hold on tight, but I could tell they were struggling. We couldn't go as fast as we normally would.

I could hear Colt fighting behind me. Three rouges had followed us and Colt was trying to take them all down at once keeping us at a safe distance. I gave Noah and Lizzy to Asher, turning to run back to help my mate. The rouge ran strait towards me so I tensed up my muscles like I was going to jump on him, but instead as he jumped to meet me I slid under him grabbing his hind leg crunching down hard. He howled out in pain as the bones snapped. I spun around latching onto the fur on his shoulder tearing the skin. Howling in more pain I lunged for his throat latching on until his body thrashed no more. Fighting the one rouge gave Colt the chance to take down the other two. His wolf came up nuzzling his face to mine. He licked my snout and ushered me to follow him. We ran quickly covering our scent as we went. We met back up with Kayla and Asher taking a kid from each. We crossed over a river back and forth trailing around to make sure we were untraceable. The sun was going down and the kids grew tired and restless. We were being hunted and had no idea why.

We finally settled down in a thicket. Colt checked the area again before settling down near the entrance to keep watch. We didn't want to start a fire, for we would be targeted easily. We shifted back changing diapers and feeding the kids what little snacks we had left.

"Kayla feel Noah's forehead." I said worriedly.

"He has a fever." She frowned.

"I have some Tylenol in the diaper bag, but not much."

I could hear Colt's wolf whine at the sight of his son.

"Lydia I think Kyle has one too!"

I crawled over to Lizzy and Erick who were also burning up. Mother mode kicked in and I put all worry to the side. I sent Asher to get water and I shredded part of the spare clothes in the diaper bag to use at cold cloths. Each kid got what was left of the Tylenol. Kayla and I shifted back into our wolves and laid against the children snuggling them close. Colt and Asher took watch and my eyes drifted off.

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