Lydia's Song

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Chapter Twenty-Three

"Lydia wake up."

I opened my eyes to Colt's voice. He sounded panicked. I looked up at him as he smiled.

"You've got to come see this."

I shifted back and followed Colt out of the thicket. Running around in front of me was four tiny wolves. My mouth dropped open and stayed that way ready to invite any bug in that wanted it. I have never seen a wolf so small. We don't turn into our wolves until we are sixteen. Yet here in front of me was four little wolves.

"B-bu-t how!" I yelled.

"I have no idea. The only thing we can think of is the immediate danger we were in brought their wolves forward. My thought is the need for survival. We have no more human food for them or a way to keep that as warm as they should be. We need to get back to the pack now. I don't like being away after all this. I warned Kodi and told him to be on high alert.

"Mommy look at me! I look just like you!" Lizzy yelled excitedly.

Her voice in my head startled me. She could mind link us.

"Yes you do sweetheart. You look beautiful." I smiled.

"We need to head out before we get caught." Colt instructed.

I nodded as we all shifted back into our wolves. The pups didn't understand how to act as wolf so getting any ground was beginning to be a challenge. Since they were technically puppies my wolf got the idea we could carry them as so. I walked up to Noah and softly grabbed his scruff picking him up in my jaws. His body went limp and didn't seem to whine or mind being carried. The rest each grabbed a pup doing them same. We covered much more ground this way.

"Let's hunt." Colt said.

"Right. We need strength before getting to close." Asher agreed.

Colt and Asher went off to hunt as Kayla and I kept the pups moving in the right direction. They ran ahead to find something along the way. I was nervous how the pups would react to something like this, but hoped their wolf would help guide them.

Lydia, we got a deer. We are just past the pond you'll pass by.

Okay Colt, see you soon.

I picked up speed into a trot. The pups ran along side me. It made my wolf happy to see her pups abide by pack rules. There was less interruptions of play the more they learned the wolf ways.

I ran up to Colt licking his snout. I walked up to the kill taking my share and enough for the pups. Then Colt took his. Then Kayla and her pup. Then Asher. I tore of small pieces of my portion giving each pup some and then settled down to eat mine. They watched me for a moment, but then began nibbling on the meat. Their small puppy teeth struggled a bit, but they eventually got it. After each finished their portion I licked them clean. We back tracked a bit to the pond to get water. Once our bellies were full and refreshed we each picked a pup up and continued on our way home.

Colt check in with Kodi from time to time. He reassured us everything was fine. None of this made sense. Why were we attacked like that? Were we even being hunted still?

Colt stopped ahead of us and whimpered. I walked up to him rubbing up against his fur. His eyes were full of hurt and sorrow.

"Lydia your father's pack is being attacked. I think the target was them. You and Asher must of been acquainted with them. They must of thought you were still apart of that pack." Colt said

My wolf whimpered at the thought of my family being hurt. But my parents should of been at the campsite by now. Maybe they were safe.

"Lydia we have to go help them!" Asher yelled.

"I know, but what about the pups. Will never get their fast enough. We can't endanger them Asher." I said.

"I think Asher and I should go to your parents pack. I don't think we are at risk anymore. We are almost back to pack territory. I will have guards come meet you. You and Kayla go back home." Colt said.

"I can't not help Colt." I growled.

"We don't have time to argue. It's final." He huffed.

Colt and Asher took off with nothing else said. I was mad he bossed me around like that. How dare he. Those are my parents. I looked down at my pups who were whimpering. I picked up Lizzy and budged the boys forward as Kayla picked up Kyle. I could smell our guards not far from us, but my wolf sensed another presence. I began to feel uneasy. I smelt another rouge, but I felt like they were all over. Kayla and I tried to get the pups to run faster.

I was coming to the open field before our lands when I was shoved to the side. Lizzy flew out of my mouth. I saw the rouge run past me strait to her. I recovered quickly grabbing his tail yanking him away from my daughter. I heard a pop as his tail came off from me being pulled back by another rouge. I howled out in pain as he yanked on the fur of my shoulder. Before I could grab onto the other rouge again he had my daughter in his jaws.

I stood breathless as my little Lizzy hung from his mouth dead. My wolf took over completely. A firing range so big. I charged the rouge digging my claws into the side of his head. Scratching his eyes and then with one swift motion I tore out his throat. I turned around to see Kayla defending the boys against two others. I ran towards her leaping over one rouge to latch onto the the throat of the other, killing it instantly. I heard Kayla cry out as the other rouge was shaking her by the side of her neck. A guard flew over the pushes knocking the rouge off of Kayla. Another appeared behind him assisting in his kill.

I ran over to the boys looking them over. I sighed as they were luckily unharmed. Guards shifted carrying Kayla to the pack doctor. Another walked to my daughter, but before he could reach her I knocked him over nipping his side. Laying down he showed me his neck

I'm sorry Luna.

I picked up my daughter in my mouth and carried her back. I cried the entire way. I had failed to protect her. I was a terrible mother. The nanny met us at the house and took the boys inside as I went to the worst place any person could go. The pack morgue house. I shifted back taking the clothes the lady offered me. I washed the blood from her tiny body and laid it into a small coffin. As the lady closed the lid I slid down the wall breaking into screaming sobs.

POV Colt

Asher and I ran as fast as we could towards Lydia's old pack. When we arrived there wasn't much left to find. Houses were burning and bodies laid lifeless. We went to Asher's old house, but nobody was their. We couldn't find his sister or parents anywhere. Asher shifted back finding a phone and dialed his dad's number.

"Dad where are you!"

"Asher where are you!"

"I'm at your house. Are you and mom okay? Where is Kali?"

"We are fine we didn't get word of any attack until it was over. We set the fire to destroy the evidence. Nobody was left son. We headed towards Colt's pack lands once you guys didn't show up for the trip."

"Okay we are on our way back there"

As Asher hung up on his dad I felt apart of me break. My wolf whimpered and felt like he was being ripped apart. I laid down and cried.

"Colt what's wrong?"

We need to get back now.

We began running back as I tried to mind link Lydia. She wasn't answering. I know she is alive because I didn't feel our bond break. My muscles began to ache as I ran faster then I ever had before. I didn't stop as the night drug on. I didn't stop for anything.

I ran past our guards, past my beta and strait to my nanny who had my boys and Kyle with her. I shifted back taking the shorts handed to me.

"Where our the girls?"

"Kayla is in the pack doctors house. Lydia i-i-s-s i-in t-the..."

"Spit it out women!" I growled

"Morgue house." She cried out.

She sobbed into her knees. I ran down to the house as fast as my aching muscles would take me. I threw the door open as the handle broke the cabinet behind it. Lydia was laying on the floor next to a small casket screaming and crying.

"Oh my god. Lydia!" I muffled out.

I fell to her side letting out sobs of my own. She didn't need to tell me. I knew. My little girl was gone. I wasn't there for my family. I pulled her into my chest as her tears slid down my bare chest.

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