Lydia's Song

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Chapter Three

Just like Sami said. Horns were ringing by 6:00am. Anyone caught in bed or not ready for training was going to get it. This included breakfast ate, changed, and bed made. I hope this place believes in coffee. I really ached from yesterday. This is worse then what my dad made us do.

I shoved Aspen awake and went to change. I brushed my long hair and then braided it off to the side. Breakfast was hash browns, eggs, and juice. I was starting to freak when I didn't see coffee, but then Aspen elbowed me and pointed to another table. I sighed a breath of relief and she laughed at my reaction.

"I don't think I've ever seen you without coffee and I was scared too that I would have to deal with you without it." She laughed.

I rolled my eyes at her and ate my breakfast quickly. After yesterday I do not want to be on Sami's bad side. We walked with the rest of the girls out to the courtyard by our building.

"Good Morning daises! I hope you all got rest. We are going to start our day off with a run, followed by the course, and then take a lunch break. Then at around three O'Clock we will do some sparing so I can see where you stand. Clear?"


Off we went. Following Sami on another 10 mile run. When we got to the course she gave us twenty to cool down, hydrate, and stretch some more if we wanted.

We did the course 5 times over and she finally called it for lunch. Lunch was at noon. The we had free time until 3. Not like there was a ton to do, but a nap sounded good to me. Then again so did a howl...

"Sami. Are we allowed to run out in our wolf forms?" I asked.

"Of course. Just stay within the perimeter."

That's all I needed to hear. I ate my lunch and walked out to the wooded area a bit. Made sure nobody was looking and stripped to shift. Bones started cracking and my body took shape of my wolf. I shook my fur and yipped excitedly. My wolf was excited for a run in a new area. We ran around exploring the woods for a bit. No where really seemed private here. They had wolves stationed around the area. I circled around until I found my chance. I wanted just be a bit further... I waited till the wind shifted to mask my scent and then made my dash for it as swiftly and quietly as I could. Passing by and not being chased I felt I was good to continue on. I found a river just a way down. Made me feel like I was right at home, just a bigger body of water then I'm use to. I laid down and let my soft song howl through the wind as it carried on up river by the wind.

POV Colt

I was told by my father to oversee and help train in new guards. I would rather be back at the pack house learning more about alpha duties. I feel this is beta or lower kind of duties, but here I am. I come from the Moon Stone Pack. I am next in line to be alpha. My father wants to see more improvements from me before he hands it over though. We are on lunch now and decided to stretch out my legs. I jogged to the tree line and then let me wolf surface. My wolf is jet black with green eyes to match my own. I ran through the trees passed the guards and deeper into the woods. I came to a river and lapped up some of the cool water. It was so refreshing that I plunged in for a swim.

I swam for about a half hour before I was interrupted. I heard another wolf. I hear her sweet sorrow as she sang. I'm sure she wasn't here by choice so I could understand why. My main question was, who was she and why is she passed the perimeter. I got out of the river and shook the water off and began to follow the sound down the river. Coming through the trees I could see a small white wolf laying by the river howling. I gave a warning snarl to let her know she had been caught. I figured she would turn around, but instead she took of sprinting. The chase was on. I took off after her and she wasn't making this easy. She was a fast she-wolf. My wolf was actually enjoying the chase and I was mad this wolf broke the rules. I ran through the bushes and thistles, but came out to not even a whiff of her. How could she of gotten away from me like that? Down right confused I attempted to follow her trail, but she managed to circle back to the river and mask her scent. Feeling defeated I headed back for sparing training. Let's see where these fools are at.

POV Lydia

Panting out of breath I shifted back and put my clothes back on. That was way to close and a little reckless of me, but it made my wolf calm and feel at peace. I barley made it back in time having three minutes to spare.

"Lydia! Where in the hell did you go?" Whispered Aspen.

"Shush! I will tell you later"

We all partnered up with girls from another building and began sparing so are Sargents could see where we were at. My opponent was a few inches taller then me and definitely had more body mass than I. I thought back to my training with Asher and my dad. I slowed my breaths and relaxed. Look for weakness. I moved in getting in a couple punches as she did to me. I caught how she steps before she punches and puts most of her weight on the back left foot. I began dodging all her punches and getting in some of my own. I could tell she was tiring and getting frustrated. I grabbed her arm and flipped her over my side and pinned her to the ground as she tapped out. We spared three more times before we were dismissed.

"Hey! Some of the girls said there is a lake on the guys side that we are welcome to go to. We should go! It be fun and feel good on our sore bodies."

"Sounds like fun!" I smiled.

We got our swimsuits on under some light clothing and we all jogged over to the guys side a couple miles down the road. There was light music as people mingled. Aspen and I put our clothes by a tree and went join the others in the shallow water and danced to the music.

"Hey all! Look what we got!" a man shouted.

Him and his buddies were holding a keg of beer. Where on earth could they of gotten that! Aspen ran off and then came back with four beers. Well this might be the only time I get to experience this sort of party. We each slammed one and then enjoyed the other as we danced. It takes a lot to get a werewolf drunk, but seeing I don't weigh much it don't take me that long.

POV Colt

I decided the boys and I deserved a break so we headed to the lake to swim. A lot of them got excited when they heard there would be girls there. I may flirt here or there, but I will always wait for my mate. I joined the guys for a game of volleyball in the water. Someone had brought beer here, but as long as nobody was being stupid we didn't really care. If they got drunk and felt like shit the next day that is there own fault. Won't stop our training any. All of a sudden a sweet familiar scent hit my nose. That girl was here. My wolf got all excited and I could here him whimpering. MATE.

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