Lydia's Song

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Chapter four

POV Lydia

Seven beers in and I was feeling good along with many others beside me. The sun went down, but the music went up. Aspen and I were having so much fun I almost forgot I didn't come here by choice and my life was a mess. It felt good to let loose a little. Aspen was dancing with some red headed guy while his buddy thought we had something going on. I let him dance near me and think so, but I had no interest.

Twelve beers later and Aspen and I are really drunk. We couldn't stop giggling and splashing around. Red over here was starting to get a little more frisky, but I just swayed to the music.

"Oh my god Aspen! Girl! This is our Jam!"

"EE-EEKK" she sqeauled.

We danced harder then we had all night. Grinding with one another and then with the guys we had been dancing with. I chugged the rest of the beer as red kept dancing. I felt my arm then being jerked and pulled. When I whipped around there stood one of the Sargents and he looked livid. He shoved the other guy telling him to get lost.

"Hey buddy! What's your deal?" Aspen yelled.

My wolf was going crazy inside making me feel dizzy. I needed this guy to get away from me. He didn't expect me to break free so I ripped my arm from his and waded through the water. The shallow end dropped of suddenly and I was engulfed with water. Luckily I was instantly pulled up to the surface. I was carried up to shore and felt myself being wrapped in towels.

"Lydia! Lydia! Lydia! Talk to me hun are you okay?" Aspen pleaded.

"I-I-I'm f-f-fine." I coughed.

Once I caught my breath I looked back at the person who I was laying against and before I could say anything I passed out.

Ugh. I tried to open my eyes but letting the light in was to painful. My head ached. Keeping my eyes closed I replayed last night events in my head. I just remember dancing and running away and the rest is foggy. Oh my gosh! Training! I stood strait up, but to fast as I fell to the floor. Oh.. I was going to lose it. I crawled my way to the bathroom and let it all come out. My watch said 9:00am. I was screwed. After I let it all out I got dressed, chugged a water, and began running down the path to catch up. When i caught sight of Sami she gave me a smile. My stomach got queasy again as I walked up to her.

"Good morning miss Lydia. Are we feeling better today?" She asked.

"Yes mam. Last night isn't really who I am. I'm ready to put in the extra work."

"What do you mean? I was told you almost drowned and hit your head. It's okay if you need the day Lydia."

"Oh.. erm.. right. No mam I am good to join in if you don't mind"

"Not at all. Go ahead and jump in."

As much as my body hated me I worked hard because everyone here lied for me. I was very grateful for that.

"Lydia! I have so much to tell you!"

Aspen set her lunch down next to me bobbing up and down because she could barley contain her excitement.

"Okay so I have good and bad news and I'm not really sure how to put this... so I am not going to sugar coat it. Last night after you passed out I met this guy who was with the guy who saved you." Aspen explained.

"Wait what guy saved me?" I yelled.

"Oh for pete sake girl! Okay... let me tell my story and I will then replay your drunk shenanigans for you. Anywayyyyssss. I met his friend Kodi. Lydia... Kodi is my mate."

Tears welled up in my eyes. I was so happy for her, but I also knew what this meant. She gets to leave guard if she chooses and go live in her mate's pack. I know for a fact it isn't ours otherwise she would of found him when they turned 18.

"Awe... Aspen I am so happy for you! When do you leave?"

"Later today. Neither of us want to do this and want to live an actual life together. He is next in line to be beta at the Moon Stone Pack."

There was silence between us as my head rested on her shoulder. This would be my last time seeing her for awhile. My heart ached as she was my only true friend here.

"Oh! So the man saved you because for whatever reason he stopped you and red head from dancing you fled and almost drowned. Then you blacked out. So he helped me carry you back here and said if anyone asks you hit your head when you drowned and just needed a bit of extra rest in the morning. Then he left. I never did catch his name."

I found her story very odd, but familiar. After Aspen's story my wolf was whimpering the rest of the day. I needed a run, but wanted to spend any remainder time I had with Aspen. We finished lunch and then decided to take a run together. We went and shifted and ran through the forest chasing one another.

After we chased each other around we laid in the sun just enjoying each others company. Aspen got up shaking her coat. I did the same followed by a good stretch for our run back. It was time for her to go. I ran a bit slower back just so we wouldn't get there as fast. It didn't really help because we arrived in no time at all. We got dressed and said our goodbyes.

"I'll get in touch with you when I can. As soon as I am done here I'll visit. Kodi take care of my friend because if something happens to her I will come after your fur."

Kodi laughed and took Aspen in his arms.

"I promise" he smirked.

She was off. Driving away from me. I went to my bunk building telling sarge I didn't feel well. I think she understood because she let me skip sparing. I took a much needed nap, but slept a little late. When I woke I had missed dinner and everyone was passed out in there bunks. I got up and peaked up at Aspen's bunk. Empty. I tried to fall back asleep, but it wasn't working. I slipped my shoes on and headed outside. A run it was.

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