Lydia's Song

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Chapter five

I ran until sun up. I had to of run at least 15 miles if not more. I was just getting back to camp when the horn was blaring for everyone to get up. I decided to shower and at least change so people could tolerate me at breakfast. The water was luke warm and went cold after five minutes so I took that as a sign to get out.

Breakfast was bland and quiet without Aspen. I just pushed my food around on my plate and decided I wasn't hungry. The one person who didn't really believe in mates found hers. I was in a boot camp I really didn't want to be in. I was angry and frustrated. I left my breakfast and went out on the run ahead of everyone. When I got to the course I took a rest and then did it a couple time before waiting on the bench for the rest of the group to arrive.

"Lydia why didn't you wait?" Sami asked.

"Sorry Sarge I just wanted to get at it I guess. I got a couple extra laps in on the course. I'm sorry is it wrong I went ahead?"

"I'd prefer we stay as a group next time."

She walked off before I could say any more to her. Maybe she thinks I didn't run here? Oh well, I just brushed it off and lined up to run the course another 5 to 8 times. It always depended on how much Sami felt like making us do. After the course we breaked for lunch and free time before sparing later on. I grabbed an apple and decided to take a walk down the road. Maybe I could spot Asher. I just really craved being with family.

There was a slight breeze with clear sunny skies. It was about 104 degrees here. If the breeze wasn't there it would feel much worse. This is officially the hottest day of the year here and being the middle of July it's expected to have hot dry days here. I hummed to myself as I ate my apple watching other groups work along the way. It was almost two and I never spotted Asher, so I headed back to make sure I was on time for sparing. Today we were sparing with the boys side today to take on different opponents. Approaching the groups I got an odd scent. I was hoping I would see Asher. Scanning around I did not. Ignoring the scent I went and got my assigned partner and began stretching. I studied him carefully as he stretched. This man like any other was taller then me. He must not workout consistently because he had muscle, but wasn't that big of a dude overall.

I was going to make this quick. We circled each other. Studied one another. I felt another set of eyes on us though. Sami and the man she stood next to were watching us intensely as we circled. I ran at the man dodging his right hook at me. I used my hands and threw my body up over his shoulders hooking his neck as I landed behind him. I tired to shove him down, but he stood sturdy. He swung a couple good punches to my rib cage. I tried again to get him down to the ground but this time I jumped up in front of him wrapping his neck with my legs and throwing my weight back. Down he went. I quickly straitened my legs and held his neck down tight. He squirmed and lashed out trying to break free. The more he struggled the tighter I clenched my legs. A smirk appeared on my face watching him struggle. The guy next to Sami caught it and smiled. The man finally tapped out and slugged away feeling his ego bruised being beat by a girl I'm sure.

I decided I hadn't eaten much today and joined the rest of the girls for dinner. Mac&cheese and chicken. It tasted absolutely amazing. I didn't realize how hungry I really was until I went up for thirds. I felt like my tummy might burst at how much I ate. I went back to my building and decided to lay down and rest. When I woke up it was 9 at night. I slept for a couple hours, but felt wide awake. Grabbing my suit I jogged down to the lake. Nobody was here which was what I was hoping for. I washed my hair in the lake and just floated around letting the cool water refresh my skin. I got out and laid on my towel which I had spread on the dock. The sky was clear and I laid there playing connect the dots with the stars.

"Nice night out."

Startled by a mans voice, I sat up to see the man who was standing next to Sami at sparing practice.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Can't sleep?"

I shook my head at the man and looked back out at the lake. He came and sat on the other side of the dock keeping his distance from me. I smelt that odd scent again. It was coming from this man. My wolf was trying to surface, but I told her to cool it and pushed her to the back of my mind.

"My name is Colt by the way."

"Lydia" I replied.

"Well Lydia, what keeps you up?" he asked.

"Just felt like a good swim."

"Oh gotcha."

Colt was looking for a conversation that I wasn't interested in having. Colt wasn't bad looking. He had black hair that was cut shorter on the side, but had a little length on top. He had emerald like green eyes. He was tan and stood pretty tall. Okay so I admit he is attractive and his scent is appealing to my wolf.

"I should really get back. It's past curfew. I don't want Sami to catch me."

"Sure, I'll see you around miss Lydia." he smirked.

I grabbed my things and headed back towards my building. About halfway back I got the creepy feeling I was being watched. I heard voices and bushes rustling. Out stumbled five drunk men. One being Asher.


I ran to hug him knocking him over as he was completely wasted.

"Hey W-little sis! W-where yer been!" he mumbled loudly.

"Bro that's your sister. Damn. How's a little thing like you got no mate yet?" his friend teased.

"Careful, she hates being called little" Asher stated.

"Yes, I do. Asher I'll catch up with you later." I grumped.

"Woah, hold on now. I'm sorry miss. I was just trying to compliment you on your beauty. I mean just look at you!"

His friend grabbed my arm and swung me into him hard. He embraced me in a tight squeeze and before I could push away he shoved his lips into mine. My first kiss and it was going down like this. I tried once more to shove him away but he held on tighter and I could hear his friends laughing encouraging him, including Asher.

"Come on Little miss. I got just what you need." he teased.

"Asher! Asher please make him stop." I cried.

Asher was useless. He was on the ground drinking a beer laughing at something the other guy did. His friend drug me around through some trees by a picnic table. He held my hands down on it with one hand. Pinning my body against it with his while letting his other hand wander over my body. I felt his hand brush up inside my shirt making his way for my breasts. I squirmed at his touch, but was locked into place.

"Please. Don't. I swear when you let go of me I will kill you." I sobbed.

Feeling pleased with my boobs he made his way down to the front of my shorts. His hand went to move the strings away, but he jerked back pulling me with him. I rolled off of him and sprung around to Colt holding the man up by his neck.

"MINE!" he growled.

Colt shoved the mans head down into the dirt and socked him a good one knocking him out cold. I heard bushes rustling and out came two men. They picked up Asher's buddy and drug him out. I hadn't realized how hard I was sobbing until Colt approached and tried to soothe me. He reached out to help me up, but I jumped back at the sight of his hand. I hurt him. He looked pained at my reaction to him and my wolf cried out. Mate! I want mate! That was it. I couldn't take it. I sobbed harder and next thing I know my world went black.

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