Lydia's Song

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Chapter Six

When I woke up I was not in my bunk. I wasn't in my own PJ's either! Panic rose inside me as I frantically searched for my clothes.

"Don't worry Sami changed you. I slept on the floor as well." Colt said as he entered the room.

" Thanks."

"Here is a change of clothes and breakfast is downstairs when your ready. Shower is through that door."

Before I could ask more he was gone. I waited a couple minutes to make sure he wasn't going to return and then got up making my way for the shower. I turned the water on as hot as I could. I felt so dirty after last night that I just wanted to scrub myself clean of all that mans filth. The thought of last night made tears swell up in the eyes. Light crying turned to sobbing as I sunk to the shower floor hugging my knees tight to my chest. I can't believe that's how my first kiss went. How I was touched. Almost raped. Asher didn't even help me. My own brother! I was now hysterically crying. Above it all I shunned away from my own mate. This wasn't suppose to be how I found my mate. I didn't feel complete like mom said I would. I felt broken and miserable. I heard the door crack open followed by Colt's voice.

"Lydia.... Can I please come in."

I didn't answer him. I couldn't. I was sobbing so hard I started coughing and couldn't catch my breath. I heard the door close. He must of left. I started to hyperventilate and I felt my chest tighten. This was all wrong. My life was spiraling of course and I couldn't take it any more. A hand reached in the shower causing a scream to leave my mouth.

"Lydia it's just me." Colt said.

I couldn't object through my sobs as he opened the curtain. He had a towel in his hands as he tried to keep his eyes to mine. Wrapping me in the towel he pulled me into his lap on the bathroom floor as I continued to cry into his chest. I'm not sure how long we had laid there for, but I was starting to shiver and his clothes were soaked with water and my tear stains.

"Lydia please. Just let me help."

He kissed my forehead and slid me off his lap. I shuddered as I felt little tingles by his touch. It was slightly comforting. He filled the tub up and poured soap into it.

"Come, get in and when your in tell me." he instructed.

I didn't argue and when he turned around I dropped the towel and slipped into the tub. The bubbles were lavender scented and it felt so calming. My breathing steadied as I snuggled down deeper into the water. Colt was careful not to really look, nor did he talk. He was gentle and washed my hair massaging my scalp. My wolf was enjoying this just as much as I was. When he was all done he grabbed me a towel and I wrapped it around myself. I dried off and put on the clothes he grabbed me. They must be his because they were very big on me and had his scent on it. I went downstairs and sat at the table with him. We ate breakfast and he didn't speak so I didn't bother to either. He took our plates and then came back taking his seat again.

"I have to go back to my group for the day until they can find me a replacement. Then we will travel back to my pack if that's okay with you."

"Where is your pack?" I asked softly.

"My pack is the Moon Stone Pack. My father is current alpha and I am next in line for it. I promise to tell you more about me as I really want to get to know you, but I must go."

With that Colt was gone. I decided to go for a run. I was in Colt's private building outside the perimeter so I figured I'd have the privacy to run. His clothes weren't the best to run in, but I made due. I knotted the t-shirt and found more shorts I had worn to the beach and slipped those on. It was breezy outside, but I was thankful for it as it was quite muggy out. The sun was also hiding behind some dark clouds. It looked like it might rain so I wouldn't get to much run time in. I got going down the road to get as much time as possible.

I ran down the gravel road as I saw a path that cut through the woods. I decided to take it as my wolf loved the cover of the woods. Jumping over fallen trees and climbing over rocks I began to tucker out. I had come to a part of the river I had found before. I sat down by it and hummed a melody my mother use to sing to me.

POV Colt

My poor mate. She had been through so much and it pained me that she had to find out about us the way she did, but now that she knew I would show her how she is meant to be treated. I have to go deal with those scum bags today. The one who tried to lay his hands on my mate was being kicked out and sent to our version of jail. The others were being punished for being involved bystanders. I knew one was her brother and I can only imagine how he feels. It was hard not to snap the fucker's necks as my wolf was feeling enraged. I walked into the office and Asher was sitting in the chair with his head in his hands. He looked like shit. He smelt like whiskey and he could use a shower.

"Do you feel good about what you let happen last night?" I asked.

"No sir." he whispered.

"Luckily things didn't progress as far as your friend would have liked. How do you think your father would feel about this situation?"

"Sir, I have never drank before. I didn't know anybody and I was just trying to go along with what others were doing. I felt like I wasn't even in control of my own body last night. Lydia is my baby sister... I- I- I want to kill myself for letting what happened to her last night happen. I'm sure she can't even stand to look at me anymore and I don't blame her or my father for that matter."

Asher was choking on his words and trying not to cry. I could tell how bad he felt, but that wasn't an excuse for what happened last night. Apparently we needed to take away some of there freedom for these damn kids to take this seriously. Asher was sent home for the time being. We brought both sides of the camp together to address some new rules. My father set this camp up so I delivered all news and announcements.

"It seems we can't all act as adults here in this camp. No names will be mentioned, but it seems some of your fellow campers can't be responsible with their liquor. We understand most of you don't choose to be here and we don't not want to let you have any freedom, but clearly the slack we have given you has clearly been abused. Starting today no alcohol will be allowed on camp. Women and Men will stay on there separate sides of camp. You aren't even halfway done with camp so don't screw it up and make things worse for yourselves here. Is this all understood!?"


"Okay. Get back to work. Any rules broken will have ultimate consequences."

Everyone scattered off and I went back into the office to finish up my paperwork before going to find my group for training. Sitting in my chair I was finding it hard to focus. My wolf was nagging to me in my head about wanting to see his mate. I just found her and wanted to be with her too, but needed to get these things done first.

Couple hours have gone by and I hadn't even made a dent in it yet, but I needed to get to my group. Walking over to their building it started to rain. The rain felt good with how hot it has been here lately. I took the boys and we headed out for our run towards our course.

"Come on men pick up the pace!"

I sped up challenging the men to push harder. Arriving at the course I shouted the men through the course. The rain was coming down harder and we were disrupted by a bright flash of lighting followed by a crack of thunder.

"Okay men! Let's run back before we become crisp!" I shouted.

The clouds were thick and dark. The rain pelted of my skin as we ran and the wind was driving the rain right into my face making it hard to see. I ran to the nearest out building and we all piled in there with a couple other groups seeking out shelter. The wind was screaming outside causing the trees to bend and branches to snap. Another flash of lighting illuminated the room and the thunder roared followed by the room going dark. Great, power is out. Everyone sat down and settled in knowing we were going to have to wait out the storm.

A hour had gone by and I looked up from my game of cards from the sound of something pelting of the roof. It was now hailing. The thunder was angry as it roared out into the sky. I didn't think the clouds could any darker, but they did. Luckily I had my cellphone so I decided to call up to my cabin to ask staff to check on Lydia.

"Hey Bev, it's Colt. How is Lydia? I am currently stuck up at camp in an out building with the storm. Did you loose power as well?"

"Yes sir, we lost power. Um sir, Lydia isn't here. The grounds men said he saw her go out for a run, but hasn't seen her back yet"

"TORNADO TOUCH DOWN SPOTTED WEST OF CAMP!" a sarge yelled barging in the door.

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