Lydia's Song

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Chapter Seven

POV Lydia

I had fallen asleep by the river, but was woken by the pelting of rain drops on my skin. Damp and shivering I made my way back to Colt's cabin. He was probably freaking out wondering where I was. I couldn't mind link him either because we weren't mated and they took our phones when we got here. The wind was nasty and it was making it hard to see. I tried to walk behind bushes and trees to cover myself a bit as running was difficult. I needed to find shelter and fast. The wind was picking up and branches were flying around. I was trying to dodge them best I could, but a couple managed to get me in the face.


I turned to see where the noise came from, but before I could I was struck in the back. I face planted into the dirt and was covered by leaves. A tree had fallen and I had managed to be trapped underneath. My lower half was stuck and no matter how hard I tried to get out I couldn't. Then I saw it... Out in the distance was the formation of a twister. Panic set in and I screamed for help. I screamed and screamed, nobody was going to hear me. I wiggled, squirmed, and pushed against the tree, but it was no use. I covered my head and prayed for the best as the twister was coming my way.


I lifted my head up from my arms as I could faintly hear my name. At least I think I heard it. I screamed out again and again and agian.

"I'm hereeee! Hellppppp!"

Suddenly Colt came into view.

"Colt! Colt! I am over here!"

"Lydia! Oh my god are you okay? Can you move everything?"

"I think so. My lower half is stuck."

Colt braced himself and crouched down into position and lifted up as hard as he could on the tree. I pulled against the tree and as I felt the tree give way I drug myself out. Before I could figure out if my leg worked or not Colt had scooped me up and took of running.

"Shift Lydia."

He set me down and quickly shifted shredding his clothes. I followed in suit and took off running behind him. I followed him down the river as I fought against the wind. The twister was hot on our tails and I could hear its angry rampage going on behind us. Colt led us towards the hills and quickly dived into a hole in the ground. It was an old old bunker they used to practice fighting tactics. We crouched low to the very back and he laid down in front of my leaning up against me. After a few minutes had pasted Colt peaked his head out. His body relaxed a bit so I assumed the twister had passed, though the storm still raged on. He settled next to me and licked my face. He nestled his giant head on my paws and let out a big huff. He was really beautiful in his wolf form. I didn't notice how pretty his green eyes really were until now.

My wolf was happy and calm being with her mate. Although she thought we could use this time alone for other things I made her forget that idea the second she had it. Instead I howled my song and let it go out the hole through the wind. Colt looked up at me and gave me a wolfish grin. He sat and listened to my song, but what really caught me by surprise was he joined in. His voice was beautiful and his song was filled with joy. I just hoped I could be the mate Colt deserved. I laid my head down on top of his and decided I was tired and resting my eyes sounded nice.

My ears perked up at the sound of birds chirping. When I opened my eyes a bright light shined down through the hole. Colt was still asleep and I could hear snoring softly. I got up careful not to wake him and stretched. I peaked up through the hole and the sky was crystal blue, but there was trees and branches everywhere. Colt crawled out from the hole walking to me and nuzzled in my neck. He nodded for me to follow so I did. He got the the edge of a hill and crouched down cocking his head at something for me to look at. There was three deer down the hill. He wanted to hunt. My wolf got excited as we haven't done this in awhile. I wagged my tail and crouched down next to him letting him know I was ready. I followed him in, but as he took of for his kill I went in on my own. I chased the deer into the woods, but lost it. I came back out emptied handed. I felt embarrassed not catching it, but like I said it had been awhile since I've hunted. I laid down feeling a bit defeated. Colt came prancing up to me nipping at my ears playfully. He drug the deer over to me, backed away from it and laid down. He was letting me eat from his kill first. I got up and drug the deer back his way and then started to tear a chuck off. He then proceed to join me.

We ate until our bellies were full and hit up the river on our way back to get a drink and wash up. When we got back to Colt's cabin he shifted behind the cabin and went inside to get himself and I clothes.

"I am going to go check on everyone. Can you please stay put this time?"


Colt left and I went lurking around the cabin. There wasn't a whole lot to do as TV wasn't available here. I couldn't contact Aspen after she mated with her mate. I went up to Colt's room and decided to take a shower. The water felt amazing going down my chilled skin. Although it be better if mate was here, my wolf thought. She had such a dirty mind. I didn't have any clean clothes of my own here so I took Colt's T-shirt and a pair of his boxers and curled up in his bed. A nap sounded just fine to me.

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