Lydia's Song

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Chapter Eight

I awoke a couple hours later to the sound of my stomach grumbling. I made my way to the kitchen and looked through the cabinets. I settled on some Doritos and sat on the couch looking out the window. It was really nice outside today after the storm had passed and my wolf wanted to go out and enjoy it, but I reminded her that we told our mate we would stay put. Not wanting to disappoint our mate she reluctantly agreed and settled back down.

Colt came home about an hour later. However, he went strait into what looked like an office. I wondered if this is how it was going to be all the time. He was next in line for alpha so would he always be this busy I wondered. I felt kind of torn on how I should get to know him when he's not here. Ugh! I'm being selfish now. It's been a crazy couple days and he needs time to fix things.

"Are you hungry?" Colt said coming out from the office.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Homemade pizza?"

"Sounds good to me" I smiled.

Colt walked to the kitchen and then came back. Apparently all he had to do was tell a cook and they are preparing our meal.

"I talked to my father and he has reorganized everything so we can return tomorrow. I'm sure Aspen will be excited to see you."

"Aspen? How did you know about my friend?"

"Kodi is Aspen's mate. Kodi is apart of my pack, my best friend, and future beta of the pack as well."

"Are you serious! Oh my Gosh! Does she know I'm coming?" I said excitedly.

"Ha-ha. No she does not. I assume you want to surprise her?"


"I love your smile Lydia. I have yet to see it until now."

I blushed at his compliment. He scooted closer to me and took my face in his hands, rubbing my cheeks with the sides of his thumb.

"Lydia, I will never let anyone lay there hands on you like that again. You will only know love and affection I promise."

I smiled at him and I felt my heart go into a flutter. We stared at each other studying one another's faces. He brought his face closer to mine and leaned in connecting our lips. His lips were warm and delivered me such a passion. My wolf was howling and my heart was beating so fast. This is what it was like to be kissed. My wolf and I loved it. I felt his tongue brush against my lips asking for entrance. A little nervous I hesitated, but granted him entrance. Our tongues twirled and danced around each other. He pulled away, smiled at me, and gave me another peck on the lips.

"Come on, dinner is done."

After we got cleaned up we went upstairs to bed. Colt laid down on the floor as I laid down in bed. For once I couldn't fall asleep though. I was restless and so was my wolf. I know what we both wanted, but I was nervous to ask. I laid there and contemplated with myself for about an hour if not more. Why do I overthink these things.

"Colt... are you awake?" I whispered.

He didn't respond. I got really sad and teary eyed over it. I felt lonely and a bit cold. I rolled over and closed my eyes trying to fall asleep. Then I felt someone next to me. Opening my eyes Colt had crawled in with me. He wiped my tears, pulled the blankets up over us more, and pulled me into his chest.

"I'm right here. Go to sleep."

It didn't take me long after that for sleep to come.

When morning came I got up and showered. Colt had breakfast made up for me and left a note saying to be ready by 10:00am to leave. Shit! it was 9:30am! I really slept in. I quickly ate and then took a wheeler they had there to go get my belongings at my building. Luckily none of the girls were there or I would get stuck explaining where I have been. I grabbed my things and headed back to the cabin. Colt got back a bit early as he was waiting for me outside when I got back. We loaded all our things into the truck and hit the road. Colt said it was a couple hour drive, so I laid my head back and watched the clouds as we drove on.

We had arrived and I only knew that because there was patrol out and about. The truck stopped in front of this huge house. It looked fairly new.

"Is this the pack house? Did you just build it?"

"It was built about a year ago, but has yet to be lived in. It was a gift from my father, but I decided I didn't want to live in it until I found my mate. Now I'm ready to share it with you, as long as you are okay with it?"

"I'm sure it will do" I smirked.

We brought our things inside. The place was empty. No furniture or nothing.

"Don't worry, I have a shopping trip on the next to do for our day. I just thought you would like to see the place first."

"It looks great Colt. I'm sorry if I'm not more excited, this is all just really fast and I'm a little shocked."

"I understand. That's why I had this delivered for you." he smiled.

A car pulled up in front of the house. Before it could come to a complete stop the passenger door swung open and out came...


I ran halfway to meet her as she tackled me to the ground in a huge bear hug.


Laughing and crying hysterically we managed to stand on our feet again.

"I was suppose to come surprise you! I guess Colt beat me to it."

"He thought you could use some help shopping. So, show me your new living quarters!"

"You're not coming with me?" I turned to ask Colt.

"I will if you really want me to, but I figured I wasn't much of a decorator and you would want time with your best friend. I also need to catch my father up on everything that has happened the last few days."

"Oh that's okay! I'm sure we will manage."

"Well take this and I told Aspen to make sure you get yourself things you need as well. Since you only have so much in one bag you brought with to the guards. I'll bring all my clothes and such down later. This is Anthony, he will drive you around. If you need anything here is my cellphone number. First stop you will be making is to get yourself a phone."

"Colt isn't this a little much... Once I work I can pay for things myself."

"Don't even worry about the money. I've been saving up for awhile for things for this house. Plus your're future luna, you won't need a job. So go have fun and get whatever."

He kissed me on the cheek and then got in the car with Aspen's mate, Kodi. Aspen and I got in the car with Anthony and headed for town that was a bit over an hour away. Like Colt said our first stop was the cellphone store. Aspen showed me what she got and I just took her word for it and went with the Iphone 8 plus. It's not the newest model, but I didn't want anything fancy.

"Um... Anthony do you think we could go to the paint store?"

"Yes mam."

"I want to repaint a couple of the rooms." I said to Aspen.

Most of the house was a neutral tan color, but I wanted to re do our bedroom and bathroom with a grey to go with the white trim. The living room I want to do like and earthy green. We got the paint and supplies and decided to go to the mall next. We went to the furniture store first and Aspen drug me around showing me the things she got. I picked out a big king sized bed for the master and one queen for a guest room. Then I got a brown sectional that I knew would go nice with the earth green walls. Got some dressers, night stands, table stands. Picked out a kitchen table, bar stools, and few other items. We spent almost 3 hours in that store alone. Everything was to be delivered at some point today.

"Hey you need dishes to fill the kitchen! Appliance store next!" Aspen yelled.

"Aspen I just spent like 10,000 dollars in this store alone. I am calling Colt first."

She rolled her eyes at me like 10,000 dollars was like 5.00 dollars. Either way I felt so awkward when this wasn't even my money.

Hey Colt this is Lydia.

I assumed so, haha. What's up are you having fun?

Oh yes! I just wanted to let you know the furniture was about 10,000 dollars.

That's it?

What do you mean that's it?!

I assumed it be more. Kodi said Aspen spent like twice that, haha.

Oh, well she said we should do the appliance store next to get kitchen items. Is that okay then?

Lydia, you don't need to ask. Of course it is. Get furniture, appliances, house decorations, and on your way back hit up the grocery store maybe if you have time. The house is empty and you may fill it with whatever you like. What's mine is yours. Okay?

Okay, I'll see you later.

Alright, Love you.

Love!?!? He hung up before I could even respond!

"Lydia you okay? You looked like a truck almost ran you over?" Aspen asked.

"Colt just told me he loved me!" I yelled.

"Well yeah? Why wouldn't he?"

"I don't know. I guess it just caught me off guard is all. Never mind let's go shop!"

Pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, silverware, mixing bowls, a coffee maker of course, and other kitchen items all put into a cart we finally headed to the checkout. Anthony took those bags out while we got a smoothie at the juice bar. I was exhausted.

"Hey Aspen it's getting late shouldn't we head back?"

"Mall doesn't close till 9:00pm. We have a couple more stores. You need linens and clothes for yourself."

"Aspen, I am soooooo tired" I whined.

"Come on! Let's go!"

She dragged me into Macy's next to get sheets, curtains, and towels. I made those choices quickly as I knew we would be here till close doing the most dreadful thing ever. Clothes shopping. We had two hours to get the rest of the things I supposedly needed as Aspen put's it. My arms began to hurt so we carried the rest of the shopping bags to the car. I spent all day getting things I liked I made Aspen let me spend the last half hour getting a couple things for Colt I thought he may like. We headed for home which mind you is an hour drive back. The second my seat belt clicked my head hit the window and I was fast asleep.

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