Lydia's Song

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Chapter Nine

I woke up in a bed in what I think was my bedroom. I can't believe I was that tired that I slept till the next morning. I wasn't really sure where anything at this point was so I just threw my hair in a bun and walked downstairs.

"Good morning Sleepy head" he smirked.

"Hey... I don't remember even coming home last night"

"Yeah you were really tired. Aspen tried shaking you awake and when you slugged her in the jaw she came inside and got me. I carried you in and you didn't move at all. Luckily I got the bed set up before you got here. I just grabbed some blankets from my old room and made it do for now."

"I hit Aspen!"

"Yeah, you must of been pretty tired. How do you feel now?"


"Well here is some breakfast and when your done I assume we are painting?" he laughed holding paint cans.

"Well just a couple of the rooms. I can do it though if you have to um work" I spoke softly.

"I've gotten things handled. I just got my mate and I want to actually spend time together now."

Once I finished breakfast I walked into our bedroom and Colt was already painting. I picked up a brush and started to paint around all the trim and stuff. He had music playing softly and I could hear him humming along. It was quite cute. We had the room all done and painted by noon and decided while it dried we would break for lunch. While Colt cleaned up I went to the kitchen and made some sandwiches and threw some chips on each plate. I set the plates down on a work bench and we sat and ate.

After lunch we started on the living room. The earthy green really did look nice with couch I picked out and the curtains to match. Colt finished the rest of the painting while I went and put everything away in the kitchen. After that we lugged the dressers upstairs and put away all our clothes. Colt had to help me put some of mine as Aspen made me go a little overboard. I also gave Colt what I bought him and he was grateful as he needed some new clothes as it was. The sun was already beginning to set as we were just finishing putting sheets on our bed. Everything was painted, put in their place, and the house was finally set. We went out on the porch and had a glass of wine. Colt brought his speaker out and played music. Taking my hand in his he pulled me up from my seat and we danced slowly. I laid my head against his shoulder. Taking my chin he lifted it up so our eyes met. He softly planted a kiss on my lips and held it there for what seemed like minutes. Once the sun set and it got chilly we went inside.

"I'm going to go take a shower, okay?" I said.


The water felt nice. The water pressure here was ten times better then back at camp. I am really glad I got out of there. Aspen had me buy these cute flirty Pajamas which I had no intent of wearing. I went over to Colt's drawer and pulled out one of his t-shirts.

"I love it when you wear my clothes." he said walking in.

"Well good. I enjoy wearing them" I teased.

He scooped me up and threw me on the bed. He came over bringing his body on top of mine. Smashing his lips into mine turning a kiss into a hot make out session. His hands were above my head holding his muscular body above mine. I let my hands wander over his body feeling his tensed muscles. Then he stopped and pulled away.

"As much as I want to do this. I am going to go take a shower before my odor causes us to pass out." he laughed.

He went in and I could hear the shower running. I laid back and decided to play a game on my new phone. Then I heard a phone ringing, but it wasn't mine. Then I head Colt yell in the bathroom.


He rushed out of the bathroom and ran to his dresser throwing on clothes. He came over to me kissed my cheek.

"Something has come up. Stay in the house and I will be back in a few hours. Try to sleep." he said.

He ran out the door before I could get a question in. I was really worried and so I ended up staying up for a few hours before my body decided to let sleep win.

Colt said he would be back in a couple hours, but it was morning and he was nowhere to be found. He said not to leave the house but I was worried. I decided to call Aspen, but she didn't answer me and neither did colt. I didn't have anybody else's number yet so, I waited it out a bit longer.

It was now three in the afternoon and I couldn't take it anymore. I had no idea where I was going, but I started to walk and wander around. About two miles down the road I found the pack house. Walking in there was two girls sitting in the kitchen and a couple guards on the sofa.

"Um... hello. I'm..."

"Luna Lydia" a man said. "How can we help you?"

"Uh.. just Lydia is fine. I was wondering if anyone has seen Colt. He told me he would be back in a few hours and that was last night around eleven."

"Lydia... Colt, Alpha, and most of our guards are missing. Nobody can mind link them."


"You just got here and we weren't sure how to do so." he said.


I was seething with anger. My wolf wanted to rip this idiot's head off for not telling me. He could tell he made the wrong choice as he cocked his head showing me his neck for submission. A lady who was in the kitchen approached me with a mug.

"Here Luna drink this" she said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose my temper. Please just tell me what happened."

"Colt's father, Alpha, was out on a patrol with other guards to take down a new forming rouge pack. He never came back. We informed Colt and he took more guards to go in search. He has yet to come back either." We don't want to send to many more in search and leave here unprotected."

"No thats understandable. Where is Kodi and Aspen?" I asked.

"Kodi went with the Alpha. Aspen went with Colt" he explained.

We sat in silence as I tried to figure out what we should do next. The man showed me a map of where they went looking. I took five guards with me and decided to check the place out myself. I can't sit and do nothing. I may of not had much training, but I had enough. I shifted and followed the guards to the area they were talking about. When we arrived there was nothing. In looked just like a normal forest. This made no sense. I had one guard mind link right away that this was not the correct area. Colt was here though. His scent was faint, but he had been here. We followed the trail until we came to the river and it was gone. My wolf whimpered at the defeat we were feeling.

Then I smelt it. Rouge. We were not alone. I turned to the scent and took off towards it with guards right on my heels. Running up the river and swimming across we came to a prairie. I saw nothing. I scanned the field, but I didn't see anything at all. Although the scent was still there.

"Luna. Do you want me to go search the field?" A guard asked.

"No. Let's circle it.

We ran around the field circling it. Then a wolf from the other side came out into the field. We stopped and watched in closely. It didn't get to far into the field before it was grabbed by the back of it's neck and drug away. Before I could think strait I ran out running full speed towards where the wolf was drug out hoping to follow it. I could hear the guards running behind me. I was almost to the other side and I could hear the wolf's desperate howls. Then it got quiet. I looked behind me and saw no other guards were behind me anymore. I was alone. I started to run in the direction of that wolf again, but was grabbed by my hind leg and pulled to the ground. Before I could roll over and see my attacker, he had his jaws around the back of my neck and had me pinned. Other wolves appeared and they were huge... They were like alpha size.

"Get up." one said.


"Shut up. Do not speak." He growled.

I got up and followed. One was human while the rest were in wolf form. I assume it was so he could talk to me when needed. We walked for about a half hour before climbing between some boulders. What I saw next broke my heart. Wolves in cages and what looked like a prison. I could hear faint screams and people crying. As we walked by some of the cells I could see men were beaten. Women were huddled in corners wearing barley anything, but cloth for warmth.

"Shift." The man demanded

I growled showing my teeth. I'd be damned they see me naked.

"Shift now or your pack member dies."

They had one of my guards with a knife to his throat. Low blow. I shifted and wrapped my arms around my body. I wasn't going to show fear, but this brings back memories of when Asher's buddy tired to rape me. The man cuffed my hands and put me into a cell with another women. Her face was bruised and she was very skinny, but she had a small bump on her stomach. She was pregnant.

"Hi... I'm Lydia."

Here eyes went big as she looked at me. Her eyes filled with tears and she buried her head in her knees.

"What's wrong? I'm sorry..."

"Luna." she bowed her head. "My name is Kelly and I am from your pack."

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I can't mind link anyone and I haven't even gotten the chance to meet anyone before all this. What's going on here? Why are we here?"

"The rogues want to create the biggest and strongest pack. They have formed together. They are taking and keeping anyone who has beta blood and up to reproduce offspring. Once they can be taken from the mother we never see the mother again. I have beta blood from my mother, although my mate doesn't have high rank. I haven't seen him since we got here, but I can feel his presence still."

"Oh my god. This is awful."

I pulled her into a hug as I could tell she was already a victim of this. My wolf whimpered for Colt. I wish we were mated so I could sense if he was here or not.

"Kelly is Colt here?" I asked.

"I am not sure Luna. We can't mind link anyone. I came with his father."

"Okay. I'll get us out of here. Don't worry."

Kelly rubbed her bump and laid down. I laid next to her, but kept my guard up. What in the hell had we gotten ourselves in to.

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