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She didn't care that he's a 'nerd' He didn't care that she was a little 'ghetto' She didn't care that he wasn't popular He didn't care the she was a little violent She did care that he was being bullied He did care that she stood up for him She didn't want him hurt He didn't want her hurt

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Louis’s pov.

I ran down the hallways away from the laughs of my classmates. I hated them all. They pushed me around. The girls thought I was ugly behind my thick black glasses and the hood I kept o my head. Every jock in this school tortured me daily.




I ignored each one of them. I could fight pretty well but, not so good when 15 buff jocks are attacking me all at once. Speaking of jocks, I could hear them speeding down the halls chasing me. I sped up my pace thanking the years I spent on track. I was almost out the school when I bumped int a body. I seemed to have knocked this person down. I looked down and saw a bunch of dark brown curls. “I-I-I’m s-s-sor-r-try,” I said while my stutters were very noticeable. Hands were lifted, curls were moved, that revealed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had full lips, a cute nose with a nose ring, and striking dark brown eyes. I blushed at the sight of her. “Aye don’t worry about it alright. You good,” she said with an accent. The footsteps from the jocks had gotten louder and I could feel myself being picked up by my hoodie. “Hey, sweetheart what are you doing with him” I heard the mocking voice of Marcus right by my ear. “Yo put the ole boy down. That’s some pussy ass shit you doing jumping him,” she said. My eyes widened at her tone. “You got a mouth on you don’t you,” Marcus said. “Yes, the fuck I do. You betta let him go cause I fight niggas too” she said with her eyebrows furrowed as she balled her fist up. Before she could swing, I jammed my elbow into his stomach making him drop me. I landed on my feet running forward getting my bag and grabbing her hand before running down the hall. I heard Marcus shout as we exited the building and to the senior parking lot. I stopped once we were near my car. I leaned against my 2017 black Camaro catching my breath. “Yo, how you just let them do that. That’s an automatic fade right there,” she said. “I-I’m u-used t-t-to i-it,” I said. “So you telling me that they do that shit every day to you,” she said with her arms crossed. I nodded. She sighed and leaned against my car. “What’s yo name?” she asked. “L-Louis,” I answered. “I’m Aliyah,” she said back. She looked me up and down. “Want to have some fun Louis?” she asked smirking. That made me blush. “Not like that. I know a place,” she said smirking even wider. I simply nodded planning to ditch anyway. I open my passenger door and she smiles showing off her right dimple before getting in. I go to the driver’s side of my car putting my backpack in the backseat. I started my car putting and pulled out the parking lot. I drove down the street and was immediately stopped by a red light. She picks up my aux cord. “You mind?” she asked. “N-Not a-at all,” I say. She nods while plugging in her phone. She scrolls down on her phone for a while before pressing play. “She a bad thang, fine as h*ll, thick as f*ck, oh my god, that my baby, Caroline you divine, mighty fine. Shawty really blows the pipe, like a pro. Ha, f*ck you thought. Holy sh*t, I’m really lit,” she sings. I nod taking a liking to the beat. I smiled driving. “Just take a right here,” she says over the music. I nodded while turning immediately seeing Chuck-E-Cheese. I chuckled and pulled into a parking spot, and turning off the car. “R-Really?” I asked amused. “Come on it’ll be fun,” she says as hse gets out the car. I follow with my wallet and keys in my pocket. I lock the car doors before catching up with her. “Wanna split the cost?” she asks looking at me. “S-s-sure,” I say. “You know you’re s*xy right,” she says walking up to me. She stopped right in front of me. I looked at her blushing as she laughs. “Come on a white boy,” she says smiling and walking ahead of me. I scolded myself for looking at her butt in her black shorts which she paired with a burgundy leotard and black pumas. It brought out her beautiful legs that framed her height. She looked to be only 5’4. After I stopped myself from staring I jogged to catch up with her. I opened the door for her and she smiled at me making me blushed.

Aliyah’s Pov

This white boy was adorable. He blushes at everything I do. I smirked inwardly thinking of all the teasing I could do to my new friend here. We got to the front of the line, got our little stamps on our hands, and ordered a pizza with wings before we got the tokens. Then, we sat at a random table. I slid in first and before he could go to the other side and sit down, I grabbed his arm pulling to sit next to me. He blushes immediately as I laid my head on his shoulder. “So tell me about yourself,” I said. He blushes. It didn’t matter what I did since there wasn’t a lot of kids here. “W-well m-m-my f-full n-n-name i-is L-Louis M-Main A-A-Anderson, I-I’m 18, a-a-and I-I-I l-live w-with m-m-my m-mom o-o-older b-brother J-Joshua a-and m-m-my g-grandpapa,” he said stuttering every word. I although smiled. “I’m Aliyah Flower, I’m 17 and I live my mom. We moved here about 2 years ago from Jersey,” I said hugging his arm. I could tell he was nervous. It was silent after that. “Want to play some games,” I asked. He nodded quickly still blushing and scooted out. When I was out the seat I stood and took hold of his hand. We played little for hours having fun with each other and we even got in the huge slide. I got lost a few times but it was funny to see him blush every time I found him. We now sat at the table eating the food. “T-t-thank y-y-y-you. I-I hh-had f-fun,” he says. “I had fun too,” I said truthfully. We were walking out of the Chuck-E-Cheese realizing that it was sundown. We got into the car and Louis started the car up. He handed me the aux cord. I smiled and scrolled to find a song and eventually picking Girlfriend by Kap G.He had just got onto the road and to only be stopped by a red light. It had only been 2 minutes into the song when my phone rang.“I’m sorry, let me take this,” I said while unhooking my phone. “T-T-That’ o-0kay,” he said. I smiled and answered.

“Sup”- me

“Don’t come home tonight. I got a customer,” - mama

“Where the fuck am I supposed to go?” - me

“I don’t get a flying fuck. But if you come home I will make sure to throw you hoe ass out” - mama

“Fine, fuck you too bitch” - me

With that, I hung up and put my head back thinking about places I could go. I couldn’t sleep in the car since it was in the shop. And I don’t hang out with anybody in that stupid ass school. I don’t have a “bestie” whose house I could spend the night at. Well, there is Louis.“A-A-Are y-y-y-you o-okay?” He asked so sweetly. “Yea I’m fine. We are friends right?” I asked. He blushed and nodded. “Do you think I can stay at yours tonight. My mom basically kicked me out for the night,” I explained. “S-S-Sure,” He said.

Louis’s Pov

“S-S-Sure,” I said. I wanted her to stay at my house. Just the things I cou-. Wait, Louis doesn’t think that way. I don’t have to worry about my freaking out because she always said I need some friends. I know we just met but, it has been fun hanging out with her and she was the only person I considered a friend. “Thanks,” she said and then leaned over and kissed my cheek. I blushed dark red. “N-N-No p-p-p-problem,” I replied cursing my stutter. She didn’t seem to care though. I handed her my aux cord once again because I liked her taste in music. 10 minutes of music later we pulled into my driveway. I had a big house thanks to my mom being a successful lawyer. It as a 2 story house with a nice lawn and a fairly big gate. I turned the car off. She got out of the car with her eyes wide. I got my bag from the back and so did Aliyah. Her bag was just a black sling on. That hung on her shoulder. We walked to my door with me getting out my keys and unlocking the door. Revealing my brother Joshua on the couch in a tank top and plaid pajama pants right along with my grandpa. “Who’s this beautiful young lady,” my grandpa asked looking away from the game and at us. “T-This i-i-is A-Aliy-yah,” I stuttered out. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you, young lady,” he said. She smiled at him. “What is she doing with you?” Joshua said. “I’m his friend,” Aliyah answered. Then, Joshua stood up. “Why would you be friends with him when you could be friends with me,” he said smirking at her. I couldn’t even say anything before Aliyah glared at him and grabbed my hand. “Because I like him more than you,” she says then hugging my arm. I blushed. Joshua rolled his eyes and then sat back down. Then, I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. My mom walked into the living room. When she saw us her face transformed into a wide smile. “Oh my baby boy finally got himself a girlfriend,” my said clapping her hands. “M-M-M-” but I was cut me off when she rushed over. “And she is so beautiful. Beautiful hair, skin, eyes, and teeth. Oh, I knew you had it in you,” she said smiling at me as she pulled Aliyah into a hug. “You know I was beginning to worry. I thought he would forever alone,” my mom said as I began to turn redder and redder. “I mean why wouldn’t he get a girlfriend. He’s so cute,” my mom continued before she was stopped by Joshua and grandpa’s laughing. Including Aliyah’s giggling. It was so cute. “Oh, I’m sorry. Are you staying for dinner?” I asked. Aliyah nodded. My mom smiled brightly and dragged her into the kitchen leaving me a blushing mess. Joshua continued to laugh as he walked passed me to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. My grandpa walked passed me patting my shoulder. “She’s a keeper sunny,” he said. I smiled slightly before walking in the kitchen seeing Aliyah sitting next to the seat I usually sit. My mom definitely planned this. I made my plate and sat down. Putting my bag in front of my feet. My mom was adopted and raised by African Americans so she was taught differently on how to cook. So she did actually season the food. My mom had made deep-fried pork chops, corn mixed with peas, and mashed potatoes. Aliyah looked like she was enjoying her food. It was time for bed and I had asked my mom if Aliyah could spend the night. My mom smirked at me and slid me a condom then, walked away. I blushed and stuffed the condom in my pocket. I didn’t have a regular mom like most. She was overdramatic and crazy. But, she knew when to act like a mom. Anyway, I and Aliyah walked into and I began searching in my drawers for something for Aliyah could sleep in. My mom insisted that she didn’t have any clean clothes. I heard Aliyah plop on my bed and lay down as I pulled out one of my shirts, some sweats, and some boxers. I was blushing as I turned around. “I-I-I’m s-sorry t-this i-i-is all-l I-I h-have,” I said to Aliyah. She sits up and walks towards me. “Thanks, Lou,” she said as she takes the clothes and kissed me on the cheek. My face was very red but it wasn’t about the kiss it was because of those shorts. Bad Louis, bad.

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