Bellas Beginning

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Bull is president of his motorcycle club, he has everything he will ever need. His brothers loyalty, beautiful women flinging themselves at him and the run of the town he grew up in. There’s only one thing he’s really wanted for the last five years and she won’t give in to her feelings. That is until he makes that decision for her. Bella has spent seven years running and looking over her shoulder. She can’t let anyone get to close incase she needs to run again or worse someone she cared about got hurt because of her past. That changes when her past finally catches up to her. WARNING - This book has reference to sexual abuse including rape. Also has violence.

Romance / Thriller
Kate Donaldson
4.9 25 reviews
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Prologue BELLA

As much as I tried to keep my breathing as normal as possible and stay calm I could still feel my heart pounding against my chest. Squeezing my eyes shut and hiding under my covers in bed hoping that he might not come tonight. I knew it was pointless, I knew my bedroom door would soon open and the man who I seen as an uncle for the first 13 years of my life would soon enter, he would do unspeakable things to me. Things I didn’t fully understand at 13, and things that changed the course of my life forever.

Five years later and the visits are still as often if not more and I have great plans to leave here as soon as I finish school in 2 weeks time and head off to college with my best friend Abby. We already have a flat ready and it’s the perfect distance from this house I now call a prison in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve tried to tell my dad countless times of the horrors that happen in his home but he either doesn’t want to accept them or doesn’t care. I suspect it’s the later. I know he blames me for my mother dying while giving birth to me. Fourteen days and then I will be free from here.

I suddenly get brought back to the here and now when I hear the door open and the creek of the floor board as a foot passes over it.

Now my precious Izzy why do you hide under the covers, show me that beautiful face and my body” the sickly whisper comes from him, I feel vomit rise in my throat at the mention of my body belonging to him. Slowly removing the covers and lifting my head slightly to meet his dark empty eyes. The sinister smile that creeps across his face as I pull the covers back from my body, the way he slowly licks his lips and pushes a hand back through his thick greasy hair pushing it off his forehead. Before I even get a chance to mutter a plead of mercy the same hand flicks out and grabs my throat, the hold he has is not hard enough to leave marks but hard enough to let me know he could cause damage if he wanted to. I let out a whimper and let my body go limp. I know there is no point in fighting him, I know there is no point in trying to alert anyone to what is going to happen, I just let him do as he pleases and hope it passes quickly. Fourteen more days, that’s all I repeat in my head over and over again as he brutally tortures my body with his own.

The next morning I wake to the familiar aches and pains that come after a visit from “Uncle Brian” I slowly sit up and take stock of the sorest areas, my wrists where he held my arms above my head so strongly I know I will have marks. My side where his other hand held me so strongly I will have matching bruises to go with my wrists and of course in between my legs. I stand and make my way to the bathroom joined onto my room and turn on the shower making sure the temperature is as high as it can go to burn away his touch from my memory. I gingerly step into the shower and just allow the water to fall over my long auburn hair and shoulders letting the flow of water work into my tight, sore muscles. I spend 20 minutes scrubbing my skin so hard it’s red by the time I step out of the shower and wrap a large fluffy towel around myself.

I get ready for school thanking god that it’s been a little colder the last few weeks which means I can get away with the dark purple long sleeved top I chose to hide my wrists. It has a deep v-neck and I pair the top with my black pleather mini skirt and my favourite black knee high flat boots. My signature white gold hoops and the necklace I never take off which belonged to my mother, a white gold chain with a beautiful amber stone pendant and I’m ready to go. My phone beeps with a text from Abby letting me know she is outside waiting. I fly down the stairs as fast as I can even with the pain my body is in, shout a bye to my father before anyone in the house can even see me and jump into the passenger side of Abby’s bright red Volkswagen Beetle.

She takes off and starts chattering away about our final few weeks we have left here in our tiny town where nothing exciting happens and how much fun we’re going to have when we finally get to California. I agree at all the right times and try to show the same excitement she has but I am slightly distracted by a text that just came through on my phone. It’s from my father which is strange since he try’s to have as little interaction with me as possible.

DAD: Do not make plans for after school I want you to come straight home, we have some things we need to discuss.

BELLA: What things?

DAD: Your future, with you finishing school we need to start thinking about your marriage. Brian will also be here to discuss such things.

Dread fills my every bone. Does this mean what I think it means, surely my father would not think of marrying me off in some prehistoric arranged marriage to the man who has raped me for the last 5 years. This has to be some sick joke. Apart from the fact Brian has tormented my every thought and action since I was 13 Brian is also only 3 years younger than my own father. I feel the vomit making its way back up my throat.

BELLA: Dad, we spoke about this you know I’m going to college in California when I graduate from high school. Everything is organised.

DAD: We did not discuss this Isabella, you tried to tell me that would be happening and you should know by now I listen to no one but myself. We will discuss this further tonight.

I know there is no point in replying. I know that if I ever want to get out from my fathers grasp and Brian’s torment I will need to run. I will need to flee like a scared mouse in the middle of the night and change every plan I have made up to this point. I now know I will not be going to California with my best friend Abby nor will I be going to college whatsoever. My life as I know it has just became one big survival game. I need to leave as soon as I graduate and run as far away from Brian or I will spend my life under his rule. I can not imagine ever living a life where I am married to the man who ruined me.
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