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Trevor Scott is your typical alpha male, he does boxing and fight, a lot, ride a motorcycle everywhere, don't get me started at his leather jacket and obviously play with girls every so often that he change girls at least once every other week and once every other party. And of course, he doesn't date. He's all about that bachelor life I guess. But what happen on an eventful morning a new freshman pull up at his university not only calling him a jerk for making a move on her, but decided to tackle him on the floor? Copyright©2020

Romance / Humor
Qeilisha Yamilla
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Ameera POV

"I don't get it!" I groan. I roll over to see my supposed 'best friend', Anne Beenhouwer sitting on her wooden stool with her eyes fixated on a book that lay on top of her wooden top desk with array of school's supplies ready to be used.

She clicked her tongue, "Shh... what the hell do you want!" She spit angrily with her back still facing me.

I roll my eyes, here comes the mongrel, and her name is Anne. "I thought you would accompany me to the club this week gosh."

She sigh, and finally turning her body to face me. "Jesus, I already told you for the 20th times Meera. I can't." She said looking at me with her best serious look.

I raised my eyebrows. Clearly not impressed with her answer. "You know I don't like going there alone right? And You know Yohan can't come with me like usual right." I said mentioning my other best friend Yohan Grant.

"Where the fuck is he anyway?!" She said furiously, as she slams her book close.

We both know that she despise the club scene more than I do. But the few several club that lace this little town in the border of Austin is my family source of income so I can't really say no to my mother request to check up on her club once every few weeks.

She's so paranoid about people bringing drugs and other illegal stuff that 'youngster these day' her words not mine, would certainly not scared to do. And she's 'too old, and weak' once again her words, to befriend them and see what's really going on behind the scene.

Plus my mother is a single parent and we can actually live comfortably because of this business. So my hand is figuratively tied here. "For someone who's studious like you, you sure use a lot of bad words." The little mongrel roll her eyes. I'm not being rude okay. She surely have called me worse name inside her head.

Anne Beenhouwer, ah how I love that name. Not. She's my quoted 'best friend' since we basically learn the Abc's, which is a long time ago. We know eachother because we actually live in the same neighborhood and our parents are friends from college or something. Typical childhood friendship.

The only ironic thing is that we despise each other. Anne just like all of the other kids from our neighborhood. She's a good and righteous kid. Straight A's and study on the weekend type of kid. And me, well I am... complicated.

We clash so hard but we can't seem to stop hanging out with eachother. We are in too deep in this friendship to leave so I decide to be stuck with this mongrel for the rest of my life. Even though we complete opposite of eachother I know she has my back and so do I for her.

And do you know how difficult it is to find a friend who's actually talk bad about you on your face instead of stabbing you in the back? Yeah, I'm not taking my chances so I will stick with Anne.

"Where the hell is Yohan, why are you dragging me to your shit?!" She said once more as she slams her fist to her book.

I raise my hands up, signaling her that I don't wanna pick a fight with her. "Heck, violent much? I don't know he's probably out of town dealing drugs." I say half joking but I think Anne doesn't really appreciate my joke.

She sigh, defeated. She rubs her temple and then suddenly sit up straight. Putting her glasses back on. Oh I know where this is going. "Okay I will come,"

"Stop playing games Anne tell me what you want me to do and get this over with." She's not the type to gave up easily. She probably want something... and I need to know what it is. I hope it's not something insane. The last time I asked something from her she told me to take her dolphin hunting.

Do you know what kind of horrific sunburn I get from spending time dolphin hunting with her? Yea, I'd rather not talk about it. We didn't even see any dolphin, let alone any fish that day.

"We're gonna go..." Please, god have mercy, "Shopping!!!" She squeals and I let out a silent relief sigh.

I really didn't expect this but I guess this is better that dolphin hunting at least. "I guess I could manage, but why shopping tho? You know you're one indesicive biss right?"

She squint her eyes and point it towards me, "So wanna go squid hunting then?" My eyes goes wide. I just butcher her good mood. And set up myself for the worse.

"Please no... Let's just go shopping I will even pay for everything..." I say to her, I don't care If I'm begging right now. I'd even kiss her feet if she wants. At least smelling her stanky foot is better than soaking in salt water for a day looking for an inexistent squid name Jerry.

She laughed basically holding her stomach and wiping her laughing tears with the other hand. "I'm just kidding but I gladly take you up on the paying for me thing," A mischievous smirk play on her lips and I'm cursing under my breath. This stanky mongrel.

Well at least spending my saving on her is actually better than spending my time searching for random animals. "But you seriously don't know why we're shopping?"

I raised my perfectly plucked eyebrows at her questions and shakes my head. "You know that next week we'll be going to college right?"

My eyes have gone wider than they would ever be, I think they're about to pop out of their socket. How could I be so stupid? Of course college is here soon. And I completely forgot about it. Good job Ameera you almost completely ran over your college career because your memory is no better than a gold fish.

I smile nervously, "What are we waiting for lets go right now?" I say to the tall and slim brunette that stand infront of me.

She raise her eyebrows, she looked kinda amuse. Yea amused at my stupidity. The girl could read me like an open book."You forget didn't you?" I smile nervously. My nape is sweaty.

She burst out laughing, I'm not gonna hear the end of this. "You're literally accepted into University of Texas and still forget about it,"

I roll my eyes, how could I fit so much thing into my brain. I'm a busy person thinking about my imaginary boyfriend and what next book should I read on Inkitt to even care about something as trivial as university. Okay, maybe it's not that trivial. But it's not my main worry, until now.

"Yea yea, you can laugh at me later, are we going or not?" She's sits down on her wooden stool and open her book once more. I think it's physics.

"Yea not today I have to prepare my brain for Uni," She said as she once more got sucked into her study.

I huff out a desperate sigh, and mumble under my breath. "Nerd." She lift her head and shot a glare at me. Damn she's sharp.

I lift my hands up and chuckle. I don't want to risk our little plan getting ruin now are we.

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