Chick Down The Street

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Chapter 1

Ameera POV

The weekend pass by like a breeze of wind for me. Anne and I little shopping escapades was I guess not as bad as I would've imagine it to be.

Yes, I did lost half of my saving on buying useless crap for her. But at least I get to go with her to the club instead of going alone. You should've seen what kind of hideous thing the little mongrel bought.

She litteraly bought a full-length white fur coat, that I doubt she would ever be wearing, much like the rest of the pitiful clothes on her wardrobe. It's Texas for goodness sake! Winter here is even bearable with some sweatshirt and she probably wouldn't be wearing that godforsaken coat unless she wants to attend some cosplaying event.

"Why is your mom even letting you go to a nightclub anyway? Aren't you like underage or something?" Anne said as she's drying her wet brunette hair with her baby blue towel. I still don't understand her obsession with baby blue, I mean baby pink is better right?

I push my self up, sitting on her bed as I aimlessly scrolling through my phone. Hoping that something would catch my eyes and distract me from this boredom. "You know that my brother is attending an University on another state right? And I don't feel like mowing her lawn for some extra allowance, so I guess going to the club wasn't as bad as digging through dirt and trying to get the lawn mower going."

My older brother, Nikolas Haddid, is originally the one who's responsible for doing the club checking for my mom. But somewhere along the line he actually decided to go to college on another state and my mother being the supportive parent that she is, she actually let him go. Knowing that I would take his place sooner or later he actually took me to the club ever so often. Introducing me to his friend and teaching me how to not fall into the scheme of crazy club goers. He's a pretty decent mentor I guess.

And for the lawn mowing part, my mom is a pretty open minded person I would say. I mean she literally gave a box of condom for me and my ex-boyfriend first anniversary, I was 15 at that time. And If that didn't scream open minded I don't know what is. But for the most part she didn't want her kid to grow up being privilege and wasting money ever so often.

So I guess this is her way of teaching me and my brother how to work hard for our own crap and not to depend on her too much. She actually trust me enough to let me in and out of her club since I was 16 and I'm not about to destroy the trust she had for me by partying and drinking under age. Plus I'm not into domestic work crap so club checking, work perfectly for me.

Anne chuckle at my answer, opening her wooden door wardrobe while scanning her clothes. Searching for the perfect piece she would wear to the club tonight. I scrunched up my nose as she pulled one of her skinny light-blue jeans and one of her purple blouse.

Don't get me wrong the jeans is perfectly fine. But a blouse? On Saturday night? On a club? Heck no. "You know that we're going to a club right? Not attending Sunday Services."

She rolls her eyes while I'm giving a stinky eyes to her unique choice of clothing. "You got a problem with that? You can look good tonight, but I'm not spending even an ounce of time trying to look decent tonight."

I guess I kinda always dress up for the club. I mean today I wore some satin little black dress with a pair of black and golden pumps huging my foot perfectly. And I even apply some make up today. I just always wanted to blend in to the club atmosphere as best as I could. And dressing up once in a while wasn't so bad, it actually gave me some random pop of confidence here and there.

"The jeans could stay but please get rid of that monster purple fabric." I sigh pointing my finger to the thing that Anne's still holding.

I could visibly look at Anne slouching but not really saying anything as she shove her purple blouse back in while pulling out a velvet fabric, purple tank top out of her wardrobe with spaghetti strap and eyeing me for approval while not looking a little bit less annoyed.

I give her an approving smile, and held my thumbs up only to receive a scoff and a small smile on her lips.

Anne is really pretty wearing velvet and jeans that showing of her long legs. Which make me quite jealous because I'm the opposite of her, being short and curvy with curly ginger hair while she's tall and slim with brunette straight hair crowning her head. But I guess saying that out loud would only inflated her ego and I don't wanna make her head huge with a sudden gush of confident. Believe it or not she's actually one heck confident mongrel.

I guess she didn't put as much of a fight because she could careless on what she's wearing tonight and probably itching to get this over with as soon as possible.

After failing on convincing Anne to wore some heels instead her ol'time black toms, we actually decided to get going with her Acura RLX instead of my bike as In my motorcycle. Yes I drive motorcycle don't be so suprise about it. Anne always refuse to ride in my baby because and I quoted 'That metal monster gonna swallow me and my soul someday.' So I compromise by riding on her silver Acura RLX, this car is actually hecking beautiful, so I don't mind much.

I remember asking my baby, her name is Penelope by the way, for my seventeen birthday from my mom and my brother. And Nikolas being the understanding brother that he is decided to convince my mom to buy it for me with the condition that if I ever crash it I have to use my own money to fix it, and he actually had some decency to teach me how to ride it which I couldn't thank him enough. I guess he just has that soft spot for his baby sister.

I was elated, driving it almost everyday around the neighborhood while hearing the soft roar that comes out from it, many people could argue with me and say that my bike sounds like the devil's sneer, but it actually pretty relaxing for me. Feeling the breeze of wind hitting my face and what could I say, I got the need for speed.


Anne driving her car ever so smoothly parking diagonally infront of the seven heaven, that's one of my mom's club name, one that I'm responsible for checking tonight. The ride here was pretty short since our neighborhood was only 20 minutes drive from here.

The club was of course as usually packed as ever. People in different attire loitering around the front of the club, forming a line that's probably at least more than 30 foot long. A small smile play on my lips, I see business is going great as usual.

As I exited the car, the sudden gush of cold night breeze greeted my lungs and the club music that once was very subtle now getting louder and louder, pumping my adrenaline as I struts in my 3 inches pumps, skipping the long line with Anne right behind me.

As I was about to reach the entery of the club, I have an eye contact with Desire. Desire is one of our best bouncers that has a shift at seven heaven tonight. He's very buff and tall, with a clean shave head and tattoos marking every inch of his left hand.

I gave him a little smile as he gave me a knowing look. Despite his typical scary bouncer appearance he actually have a quite boyish charm as he gave me one of that friendly boyish smile.

"Another late club check?" He ask politely trying to make a small conversation.

I smile and nod at him, "Yes, good job so far Desire, have a great night." I said cheerily to him.

He step aside the entery, making a way for me and Anne to enter the more crowded inside of the club. "You too Miss Haddid, you too."

As soon as I step in I heard a couple groans behind me. Probably some random person who's have been waiting in line for a while and they're salty because the bouncer let a little girl like me who's not even waiting on the line in the first place, inside.

I chuckled, slightly looking behind me to see that Desire is pointing a glare at the line while at the same time checking if Anne still following closely or not. Let's just say that she's pretty disoriented when it comes to direction and following someone's lead.

The club was not that different from usual. The heavy laser and multiple color lights shone brightly over the dance floor, completed with several puff of smoke floating in the air around the people that wildly dancing trying to have fun as the moon shine brighter.

"Holy shit it's smells like cigarette and sweat in here!" Said Anne slightly screaming so I can heard her over the loud club music that's playing in the back ground.

I shook my head as a smile once again plastered on my crimson color lips. I was making my way to the bar, trying to check up on the bartender and probably grabing some soda because my troath is getting parched already.

"You want some drink?" I said, slightly louder than what my usual tone is. Anne just nod while I lead her to one of the stool telling her to sit for a while, while I'm talking to Lupita and Felix, the bartender that's in charge tonight.

Lupita was a young, blonde woman, with a beautiful blue crystal eyes. As soon as her gaze met mine she's smile. She already know who I am we're actually pretty close since my brother introduced her to me years ago.

"What would you be having tonight Miss?" Lupita said to me with a joking tone.

"You know the usual right Lupita. Oh and hey Felix." I gave Felix the other older bartender a little wave and a smile and of course he gave me a smile back while trying to complete the other customers order.

"You know that I won't tattletale on you to your mother If you have some fun tonight right?" She tease me, and this earned a chuckled from me. If only she knew that my mother has eyes everywhere. One of the other reason why I'm very scared of her.

"Good one Lupita but I'm with a friend tonight and I don't think she will appreciate me getting drunk." Lupita looked at me slightly confuse before continuing the conversation while grabing two can of coke.

"Yea I see Mr. Grant earlier, did you bring another friend Miss?" Her statement got my full attention.

Yohan? I haven't heard from him for the past two day. Why's he here shouldn't he be out side of the country for sometimes? Why didn't he called me when he's back already?

A million of questions play inside my head at the same time, before I decide to asked one to Lupita. "Sorry for hindering your work Lupita, but are you sure that it's Yohan?"

"No problem Miss Haddid, and yes I'm sure it's him is there something wrong?" She asked with quite an intrigued and concern tinted on her tone.

I mean she doesn't have any reason to lie to me and she probably have know Yohan longer than I do because before I even knew Yohan he's actually my brother best buddy, my brother is the one that introduce me to him since he doesn't want me doing the club checking alone and he actually trust Yohan enough to protect me while he was away. Plus Yohan is a constant visitor of this club so he basically understand how the club work better than I do. And it's basically a luck that I actually like him and get along with him so well.

"Okay thanks for the drink Lupita, but before you got back doing your job could I ask where did you see Yohan go?" I ask her as I strech my hand reaching for the two cans of coke infront of me.

"Yes you're welcome Miss, I think he's going that way." Lupita said as she pointing her fingers toward the VIP lounge entrance.

Of course, the VIP lounge is his favourite place for getting drunks. I nod and left Lupita to her works. Now all I gotta do is gave Anne her coke and drag her to go and hunt for Yohan to choke the confession of why he's here out of his throat. I think Anne will like this idea.

She and Yohan doesn't actually got along at all. Considering Anne hatred for punk boys and Yohan hatred for nerds. They're basically eachother biggest nemesis.

Talking about the little mongrel makes me realize that she's not at the place that I left her to be. Oh crap, I turned my body 360 degrees and looked around to found her, but she's nowhere near my peripheral vision which make my anxiety rose. Where the heck is the mongrel?

She didn't really have a curfew and her parents is barely home like mine so I'm not worry about that. What I'm worrying right now is the fact that she's nowhere to be seen and what she could be doing right now to the person that crosses her path. Yea I don't want to think about it, I think I pitied the person that she crosses with more.

Before I realize what I'm doing. I was already panting out side the VIP lounge, making a slight nod to Thomas, another bouncer that guarding the VIP lounge, I mean it's called VIP for a reason.

After earning a smile and granted an access I quickly went inside. I scanned the red room which is dimly lit by a yellowish tone LED lights. There's only a couple people inside the lounge. I found myself searching for the familiar curly brunette boy, with streaking honey color eyes, and a lip piercing that could make any girl go gaga.

After a few good minutes I almost gave up looking, as I turned around, moving my legs as I about to leave, but then, I saw him. With a smile hanging from his pierced lips, he's hanging around with people his age. The people that's familiar to me. Sitting on the brown leather couch that my mom bought from IKEA.

A thousand question running around inside my head trying to escape but for the first in a very long time. I don't know what to say to him. And before I realize it I'm already standing infront of him, I think I'm still baffled for the fact that he didn't even contact me after his supposed week trip. Maybe I'm even a bit dissapointed that he didn't told me first. But that's only for me to know

Our eyes met, a clearly surprised look was plastered on his face, his eyes raking up and down my body. Blinking a ton of time probably checking if what he actually see is me or was it just the fragments of his drunken imagination.

He choose to believe the first option, "Meera what are you doing here?" His voice drag me back to reality. My minds kept running back to the fact that Anne is still missing and I probably need his help for this.

"Nice to meet you too Yohan, let's safe the sappy reunion for later 'cause I need your help." Sarcasm was dripping from my word as he now standing up stalking towards me ever so slowly.

"Aren't you gonna be mad at me for not telling you that I'm back early?" He rubs his nape. Heck ya, he better be nervous 'cause I'm about to whoop his butt.

I roll my eyes, at least he knew better than to make me more annoyed, "Yea that could wait, I have a missing mongrel on my case and I couldn't let her be missing for long, I don't know what she's gonna do if we didn't quickly find her. Let's go." I said sternly as I pulled his hand towards the exit of the VIP lounge. Never missing a hint of surprise that flash through his eyes.

"You know that I can't stand her right? and you expected me to help you find her?" He groan but quickly shut his mouth as soon as I sent him a deadly glare.

"You two could bite eachother butt latter after we found the crazy lose mongrel." I said rolling my eyes, while still pulling at his arm leading him to wherever my legs lead us too. And too my surprise I didn't hear another complaint just a faint defeated sigh coming out from him.

A victorious smirk quickly made it's way into my lips. Ladies and gentlemen, today instead of lurking for a random animal and probably getting the worst sunburn in my life, we gonna go and found one little mongrel and probably worst scenario of all I have to dealt with her biting people's head off or kicking some poor guy crotch before making him go bald. I sigh, tonight's gonna be a long night.

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