Chick Down The Street

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Chapter 2

Ameera POV

I grunt as I feel a smack of something hitting me right on my face. I tried to peer my eyes open but it was no use. The mascara that I forgot to wipe off yesterday night is hindering me to get the full view of what's really happening around me.

I regret even putting on one swab of that devil's spit on my eyelashes, It's like going temporarily blind with the exception of your eyelids actually feel like it has been glued by heavy duty glue.

I groan even harder as I feel something heavy topping my lower body pushing me down on the comfort of Anne's bed. My memory transfer to the night when the start of all this disaster took place.

I remember parting ways with Yohan. We've both agreed to split the job of finding the little mongrel which is Anne which could be anywhere around my mother's legally owned night club. I would search inside the club and Yohan, well he would do the rest and search around the street with his Dodge Ram.

I mean even if Anne was out of the club she couldn't have been gone that far, especially with that non-athletic body we all know she must has. Except if she's being kidnapped right at this moment. I shook the thought of my head. Heck that wouldn't happen, she's not that dumb to follow some random stranger and go with them, I mean with she's being the nerd and all.

But then my eyes go wide. What if they spiked her drink? And now she's drunk as a skunk and is being haul to their black van. I shook my head again. Nah, I haven't gotten the chance to gave her drink to her so that's probably couldn't have happen. But what if there's someone that gave her a drink? I haven't told her the rules of survival in the night club industry, have I?

Jesus, my mind is running 80miles per hour and that's not helping, because it causes me to whip my head to every direction trying to at least find a glimpse of a brunette with purple tube top around, but it only makes me dizzy, considering the fact that there's to much body in this dance floor alone, grinding with eachother. And identifying them one by one would at least take me one night to do.

Paul and Patricia is going to kill me, the thought of Anne parents being angry with me for losing their kids inside the night club with the probability of her being kidnapped makes me feel more on edge.

I know Paul and Patricia is not home most of the time but that doesn't mean they didn't care about their kid at all, and to be completely honest maybe they're even borderline protective because I would never hear that there's a day when they're out of town and Anne didn't suddenly get a burst of worry phone call asking her of her whereabouts? And what is shes doing at the moment, correction every moments.

You know the usual 5W+1H things parents do, as in, What? Where? Who? When? Why? and How? Yeah my mom is an expert at interrogating me with that.

Just as I about the leave the dance floor something In the corner of the sweaty room catches my eyes. I see a purple tube top and was about to approach it until I see that there's a guy holding the wrist of the so called purple tube top.

The dude that was holding the girl wrist look like your typical party every Friday night type of guys. With his black hair and sturdy jaw, he's towering over the purple tube top looming over her face while saying something to her.

I was about to leave the two PDA couple alone refusing to checked further if it's Anne or not because I knew to well that Anne would never let any guy being even a yard close to her, let alone holding her wrist like that while whispering something so close to her face. That is until I saw a glimpse of her face, and I froze.

Everything seems to turn into a blur as I run, run is an understatement I bolted towards them tackling the guy from the back and bitting his shoulder through his black leather jacket, "What the fuck is going on!" He roar.

I jump off him, leapfrog style while holding onto Anne making sure that she got non of her precious kidneys taken away tonight. "Holy cow, are you okay?"

"What are... you talking about... Meera..." She's slurred as she let out the most high pitched giggles that ever comes out of the mouth of Anne Beenhouwer. My eyes have gone wide, Is that a hiccup I just heard? And is that the smell of alcohol coming out of her? I sniffed at her breath once more, hmm chicken salad and rum, What the heck?

My head whipped so fast to the guy that's still trying to stand up after I decided leapfrog him. My hand grabing the colar of his white shirt pulling his face only inches away from mine.

"What the heck did you do to her?" I gritted my teeth trying to not let the anger seeped out of me like paper being hit by water. Better yet tissue being hit by a waterfall.

He hold up his hand, "You're a feisty little one aren't you?" He said with a smirk that I completely wiped out off his face by stomping on one of his foot that was covered by heavy black boots. Suck butt! Even my pumps is harder than his stupid boots.

"Answer me goddammit!" I said giving him the best intimidating look that I could pull.

"Calm yourself sugar plum, I didn't do anything to her geez, she's the one who's been clinging to me all night 'kay" He said rolling his eyes. "Can't blame her tho. I mean I wouldn't miss being with the like of me right?" He said while moving his hand up and down his body with a stupid little smirk plastered on his butt looking face.

Oh how I wish to wipe that smirk away right at this moment, "You wouldn't think I will really believe the pathetic excuse you just spit out of your stanky mouth right?" I scoff, "Now answer me 'sugarplum' did you or did you not spiked her drinks?"

He seemed unimpressed, "You think a guy like me would spike girls drinks just to have my way with them? Puh-lease." His gush of jerkiness baffled me so much I wanted to land my knee between his crotch because of the shock.

I raised my eyebrows, "With a personality like yours It would be understandable if you really are desperate to catch a girl." I said, my knuckle turning white of how long I've been clenching his colar are. "Now answer me did you or did you not?"

"Oh you mean did I or did I not want to get it on with you?" He said wrinkling his nose trying his best to pull of one of his thinking expression. "Nah, you're not my type sugarplum, but your friend sure are." Before he finished showing off his winking skills at me, my fist may or may not accidentally connected with his eyes. It might've been the later.

He slumped down, holding his eyes rubbing it, wincing when his finger make contact with it, "Damn, that's fucking hurt for a girl's punch sugarplum where did you learn how to-" Another connected to his jaw. Making him stumble back a little from the impact. I smiled at my triumph. And that's for being a sexist little dinggleberry.

Serve him right, I quickly turned around to find a crouching Anne seemingly almost passed out on the floor. Maybe I might have taken a tad bit too long to deal with that dinggleberry. I'm gonna have her sobber up and spit out the details as soon as possible tomorrow, the little mongrel at least have things to look up to tomorrow.

I haul her, stabilizing her by putting her right hand around my shoulder letting her cling onto it for tonight. I quickly reached the exit of seven heaven, and a sudden gush of relief wash over me. I almost if not just barely dodge the bullet of my mom disowning me for losing her friends kid inside her own night club, "You're friend seems like she had a lot of fun miss." Desire said as I half drag Anne passing by the exit of the club.

I gave him a light laugh, "Let's agree to never mentioned this ever happen infront of anyone, by anyone I mean my mom. Okay Desire?"

He nodded eagerly as he pretentiously zip lock his mouth and tossing the invisible key onto his mouth swallowing it. This gesture earned a laugh from me.

As I hauled the mongrel butt inside the car she has the audacity to throw a fit at non other than yours truly, saying that I'm a party pooper and the party Is not even over yet. She earned a smack on the back of her head and a never ending glare from me throughout the whole car ride.

Before we actually left I found the little goodness left in my heart and decided to call Yohan to inform that I already got the mongrel on my custody, plus telling him that he should meet me back at Anne's place. He reluctantly agreed. I wanted to let him search around for the little mongrel all nights but that is no fun right, I mean he should've somehow face some of my wrath.

Thank the lord that Yohan actually arrived first at Anne's house so I took this chances to groan at him forcing him to haul her butt back inside the house. Once again he almost make one big mistake of not doing what I say but I said almost because I actually manage to snap his finger between the car door before he could say anything. I could still remember the beads of water that pour out of his eyes. What? I'm innocent, I'm just doing it for the sake of time. The guy is huge he probably had more power and efficiency to bring Anne back towards her room.

After we all settled I decided to lay my back on Anne soft cushioned bed. Unlucky for me and lucky for Yohan I actually forgot altogether about my will to interrogate him on his early and unexpected arrival, and decided to fall asleep right between him and the mongrel, I guess somewhat being the peace keeper for the night. I mean we could never really tell what would happen If they woke up right next to eachother right.

And here we are, me trying my hardest to shut my eyes open while being smack around by these two idiots that sandwiching me on the bed making me almost choke because the shortness of breath. I was still obviously struggling until I heard a faint sound coming from downstairs of Anne house. "Kids cheese pancakes with strawberry syrup is ready!"

That's the only motivation I need. Food. I forcefully shut my eyes open. I cringe at the sound of my eyelashes ripping, like the sound of paper being put into the shredder machine. Well I just sacrifice one year worth of eyelashes for the sake of food. Can you blame me tho? Patricia's pancakes is absolutely the best. I mean that's why she's always out of town checking up on her bakery here and there.

I scramble out of bed while I may or may not accidentally steps on Yohan stomach making him growl in pain. Okay it surely are the later. I mumbled out an Incoherent 'sorry' half heartedly, not fully meaning it.

As I was racing down the stairs making my way into the kitchen as fast as humanly possible smelled of pancakes start hitting my nerve making dopamine jumps around my bed hair laced head. As I was approaching the kitchen, I am greeted by the sight of Patricia tucked inside her white appron with a carve of smile on her old but fresh looking face and mountain of pancakes with a drizzle of strawberry syrup dropping on the side sitting on her right hand.

I licked my lips eyeing the prize. "You're early as usual Ameera, come here enjoy the fresh pancakes." She said as she put down the heavenly being on top of the kitchen counter.

Not waiting any longer I grab a pair of fork and knife taking up her offer on the fresh beautiful being. And dropping my eyes on the black kithen stool across, "Don't mind if I do Patricia."

Say no more, as I hungrily bit down the softness that is Patricia speciality cheese pancakes. A traitor moan escaped my lips as I turned beet red. But, I decide to ignore it as I chug and shove some more heavenly softness down my throat. Best. Pancakes. Ever.

Patricia eyeing me with a small smile of joy now plastered on her face. She always enjoy watching people eat her pastry with gusto. Of course not the creepy kind of way, but the relief and motherly type of smile you know. It's just her guilty pleasure I think. "You're awfully dressed up this morning hon, what is happening today?"

I looked up to her. Stopping myself from inhaling more of her pancakes down my throat and swallowing some that still lay on my mouth before I answered her questions. "My mom is coming home today Patricia, she's back from reviewing an empty lot on another state to expand her night club business."

Well, the real reason why I'm all dress up is because I forgot to change my clothes after searching all night for your missing daughter inside a club, with a lot of alcohol and dancing adults grinding at each other, Is what I would've said If I seriously have a death wish. Which I don't by the way. Life is too short and I need to finish this perfection we called pancakes before I died.

Plus my statement is not a complete lie anyway 'cause my mom is really going home today. She might have already pulling up to our drive way right at this moments, to take care of my college, dorm application and stuff. Yea stuff.

She nods her head, eagerness dripping from her similar brown eyes like Anne, "That's good, that's good, send my regards to Delphine would you?"

I showed her my toothy smile, while my hand continues to shove food down my mouth. I'm about to open my mouth and ask her on the rare occasions of why's she's home so early until a scream broke out. Making me choke on my food while a worried Patricia running through the fridge pouring me a cup of cold ice water.

Spilling some as another screams broke out from upstairs. Yeah now we know what happened when Anne and Yohan woke up next to each other.

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