Chick Down The Street

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Chapter 3

Ameera POV

I gave Yohan a sideway glance, keeping his silence as he shove the warm pancakes down his mouth while his other hand holding down the ice pack that Patricia gave him, connecting it to his swollen check.

"Jesus Anne give the poor boy a break!" Patricia said as I noticed that Anne had yet enough satisfaction after beating poor little Yohan, wait beating is nothing compare to what she actually did to him, choking the life while smacking his soul left and right is more befitting.

"The little fuckers snuck onto my bed. He almost molest me mom!" Accusation is clear as day on her voice. But before Patricia had the chance to further elaborate on her daughter silliness I cleard my throath. Loudly may I add.

"Uhh, sorry Patricia thank you for the lovely pancakes. But can you leave us for the moment? I have something to discuss with this two." I saw hesitation flashing in not only Patricia's eyes, but the two little mongrels that sitting on the stool on my left and right side. Once again placing me between them forcing me to be the boundary for their raging anger.

Just like a miracle Patricia's phone suddenly rings, playing the 2000's music about 'Apple Bottom Jeans' of some sort inside her white appron. I would certainly laugh at this if not for a fact that this two little mongrel had obliterated my mood a while ago by putting up a wrestling act making me choke on a piece of deliciousness which is Patricia pancakes.

As soon as Patricia excuse her self the tension suddenly raise exponentially inside the kitchen. I whip my body to the right glaring at the first mongrel that originally choke the other mongrel to death, Anne. "What the heck was that?"

She shrug, playing the innocent game."What's what?" She should thanks her mother for making me an extra ordinary breakfast if not for that I would certainly wrestle her to the ground right at this moment.

"Why are you beating the crap out of Yohan on the early morning?" Anne being the little mongrel that she is, have the audacity to shrug once more. Oh god, one more shrug and I would rip her arms off and throwing it to the nearest trash bin. This is my friend the effect of not going to the church on early Sunday, irritation got the best of me.

"Sorry okay my head is killing me and waking up next to that fool," She said glaring at the mongrel on my left. "Is not exactly helping nor calming my headache."

I sigh, "That's called a hangover, serve you right for drinking something spiked." I said shoving some more delicious pancakes down my throat. "Iw gwot swome Twylenwol own mwy pwurse twake iwt awnd Iw expwecwt swome explwanwation whwen ywou'rwe bwack ywoung lwady."

Anne looks at me with utter disgust before I swallow the rest of the pancakes that sitting on my mouth to gave her a more coherent answer, "I got some tylenol on my purse, take it and I expect some explanation when you're back young lady." She rolled her eyes but obliged anyway I think the headache make her quite obedient for once. I should chug alcohol down her system much often.

"And you!" I said whipping my head to the left with so much force I think I even heard some of my bone crackling.

Yohan eyes go wide, the fork slip out of his grip resulting the clanking sound as it hits the plate that is still overly filled with tops of pancakes goodness.

"M-m-me?!" He stuttered pointing to his face in an oblivious way. I roll my eyes, he better be scared, If I'm not about to wrath him out, I'm at the very least gonna give him another smack. And let me tell you, If Anne's smack resulted in a swollen cheek lets just say my 'little smack' could gave him a broken jaw and internal bleedings for days.

"Spill. Now." My demanding tone is enough to make him tremble. I would laugh at this if it's not for the fact that I'm still mad at him for lying to me about his departure, and a week travel to Pennsylvania. His badly contorted lie resulted in Anne going missing and getting spiked, plus risking a lawsuit to my mom from a random jerky club goers that I beat up because of crazy assumption. I mean I don't regret the beating part tho, he sure is guilty.

He sigh, looking down at his half eaten pancakes, playing around with his fork that was once fallen out of his clutch, "Yea, I gotta go back early because... let's just say my family feud a lot back there and I gotta take some breather, sorry for not telling you, I was about to. After my mood got better, I just doesn't want to lash out on you I guess."

My anger was quickly replaced by concern, I knew that he's a duck head for not telling me about his early arrival. But I guess if I was feuding with my mom I wouldn't want to openly talk to anyone about it right after either. "Yeah sorry for lashing out on you too. Do you wanna talk about it?"

He gave me a little smile, "No way in Hell." I gave him a weak smile back. I knew even after two years of knowing me he won't easily gave in to tell me every little details about his life. I knew that he's the type of person who would tell you everything once he's ready. And I'm willing to wait, after all everybody got their own secrets, plus I don't want to make him much sadder by forcing the answer out of him, so I'm dropping the topic making him visibly relax.

I was startled by my phone ringtone blasting loudly on my dress pocket. Another reason why I bought this much too expensive dress. Nothing is better than trying on a dress at the fitting room and finding that it has pocket on it.

Reaching inside I pulled out my phone out of my pocket, eyeing for the caller ID, hoping that it's not another crazy telemarketer trying to sell me another weight lifting product. They got desperate sometimes let me tell you that. And to much surprise it's not, it's worse. Its the lady that pop me out of her belly 18 years ago.

"Shucks, you need to stand up, you better leave cause I'm leaving, you don't want another swollen cheek do you?" I said standing up while holding my plate washing it on the sink with the flimsy spoge that Anne certainly have never care to replace.

Yohan pouted pointing his puppy doe eyes at me, "Do we really have to? I haven't finish my pancakes yet?"

Putting my plate at the dishwasher rack, I turn back to him, "If you want another swollen cheek you are more than welcome to stay."

He rolls his eyes pouting his lips even more, He's about to hesitantly oblige before Patricia voice startled the both of us.

"It's okay Ameera, you should go I bet Delphine is waiting for you with a flute of champagne resting on her hand." Patricia enter the kitchen unwrapping her initial appron from around her neck resting it on one of the wodden hanger near the kitchen entrance way. "I'll keep an eyes on the two you should hurry."

My worry is subsiding with Patricia every words, checking on the clock one more time I nod at her bidding her and Yohan goodbye promising her that I would visit her soon.

Backing out from the Beenhouwer drive way riding on Penelope as her engine roar softly. I race as fast and as safe as I could down the street towards the house that I visit occasionally only when my mother's around, my house.


Pulling up to our roundabout drive way. Resting Penelope down on the front of the staircase leading to the entrance. I wanting to pull my set of keys out of my purse to unlock the heavy mahogany door but cursing at my self as I remember the black micro purse that I originally brought was still sitting sound and safely on Anne's night stand.

Well as weird as it sound I knock at my own house to only found a petite chubby lady opening the door for me. Daisy Egbert, the sweet older house keeper that have been working for my family since I was 12 years old. "Oh my Miss Haddid your mother has been waiting for a while."

She step away letting me inside greeted by the familiar overly decorated hallway leading to the living room. "Am I in trouble Daisy?"

She's following closely behind me. Down the hallway, straight into the den of my lion like mother. And yes she would beat the crap out of me If she knew what I'm thinking. Luckily she doesn't. "You'll be fine, the mistress is in a good mood when she arrive."

I nod my head before actually stepping and greeted by a bizarre image of my mom sitting on top of our white leather couch near the floor to ceiling window, holding a flute of champagne savouring every last drop of it. Dang, Patricia got her facts straight. "Well, well, well look who we have here."

I chuckle at her silly remarks, "Stop the villainous act mother. Why are you calling me so early in the morning?" I point my finger on the bottle of champagne that resting on the crystal clear glass table that serve as a coffee table inside the living room. "And what's with the alcohol are we celebrating something?"

A smile was painted on her burgundy color lips, her black pointy heels clacked on the marble floor as she makes her way towards me. The thing that shock me the most is when she lean onto me embracing my body inside her motherly warm hug. I know it's an early morning but I think she's drunk already.

"Uhhh I think you have enough of that champagne mother." She pulled my shoulder away from her bone crushing hug.

"Geez don't be shy, I knew you won that scholarship to University Of Texas and oh god I can't help it I'm so happy for you Meera." She squeezed my shoulder while squealing excitedly.

Okay, okay I know you must be thinking that I'm secretly a genius of some sort but no. The only reason that I won the full ride scholarship is because of my contribution on the entrepreneurs day that my highschool held once every 6 months. I actually won the best management of the year, landing me a spot on the business management major down in the Texas University, but trust me my brain is still as slow as a turtle climbing on a tree. Do you get it? Turtles can't even climb.

"Uh surprise?" I said laughing nervously as I wiggle my arm waving it for extra effect.

"I cant wait to drop you off at the Campus tomorrow." She squeals once more pulling me for another bone crushing hug that's more than enough to forcefully squeeze the remainder of my breath out of me. Dang, and shouldn't parents be hesitant to let their kids go to college? Is she that happy to get rid of me and living her bachelorette life? Not like she already does.

"Gee thanks mom." I may have said that sarcastically but my traitor arm have a mind on their own because the second I realize it I already put my hand around her sturdy shoulder embracing her back snuggling my head on the bridge of her neck like I use to do.

As soon as she pulled away we chatted for a little bit more until she was on her merry way continuing her errands of the day, checking and reviewing the possible lot around the town to use as a spot for another one of her night club. I don't even know why she loves night club so much? There's a lot of business opportunity aside from clubhouses. For example, potato farming heck I would be so down to spend time hanging with some potato down the grassy field.

I can't even blame her for doing her jobs on the weekend. Let's just say that I have witnessed some of the craziest stunt some of the night clubbers has pulled. And let me tell you it ain't pretty.

While she was away again I take the opportunity to hop on Penelope to retrieve my long forgotten purse on the resident of Anne Beenhouwer the little mongrel.

As soon as I enter the family friendly home of the Beenhouwer's. I immediately open the notes on my phone. Reminder to self Never Ever for the goodness of all, left Anne and Yohan on the same room alone. 'Cause as I step into the house I witnessed the sight of a frantic Patricia trying to peel her own daughter off of poorly beaten up Yohan that's lying down on his stomach. Dare I say not even breathing.

Geez I guess my mom is right after all I can't wait for her to drop me off on college away from all of this lunatic.


After ripping Anne away from Yohan yesterday. With Yohan enduring not too much damage I would say, just some of her manicure sitting on Yohan cheek waiting to be pulled by an expert today. I quickly grab my purse deciding that it's best for me and my mom little plan to visit the college, so I ended up staying the night at my own room instead.

You must be curious as to why I was staying at Anne's house most of the time, and to be honest I didn't have much to say. The house that my mom bought for us a few years after my dad left and her night club business skyrocketed is just too big for my liking. It's not like I'm not grateful for it.

Yea it does seem luxurious and all but I preferred the family oriented house with not so much statues and hallways scattered everywhere you know. That's why I ended up spending most of my time and nights on the Beenhouwer's.

Except for last night, it's just seem convenient to sleep at my house since my mom would be staying for a few days to take care of my college anyway.

And I sure heck regrets it. She barges in my room this early dawn without knocking first may I add. It's not like she have to knock anyway it's her own dang house but you know, for the sake of etiquette. And if that's not enough she has the strength to actually pull me by my achilles heels, every human weakness, and forcefully put a little floral dress on me.

Of course knowing that I would ride Penelope down to the University I would attend. I put on some black thighs. Not forgetting to finish of my looks with a pair white pumps and some lipgloss on my lips to make 'em shine.

After I proceeded to pull up the marathon of putting and fitting as much stuff as possible inside two white luggage and three boxes stunt, I'm ready and up for the move.

Stuffing all my belongings down on my mother's Porsche Cayenne we quickly out of the driveway, me with Penelope and my mom with her car, and of course she refuse to hop on Penelope, I'm not even shocked.

And her bringing her car along served as a moving truck for me so it's a win-win and beneficial situation for the both of use anyway. She can bring all of my stuff saving me the hasle and sure she doesn't have to ride on Penelope and I quoted 'Saving her, her life.'

After estimated 1 hour of riding Penelope and the fact that my bum is having a cramps we finally pull up to the glorious and much prided University Of Texas. Hoping off of Penelope and taking off my black full-on helmet I look around to find some of the weird stares people pointing towards me.

Doesn't this people have better stuff to do instead of having a staring contest with a new kid? Rude much? Plus is there's something wrong with my outfit? I'm sure as heck know that my mom has a good senses of style, even better than mine geez.

I shook some of the people with my signature glare, before approaching my mother's car helping her move my stuff and luggages around inside the dorm building. Me being the nice and well-mannered daughter, okay that sounds a little bit too conceited, me being my nice self offering to haul the box inside while she's busy pulling and tugging on, my thank goodness wheeled luggages.

As soon as we entered the creamy eggshell coloured, few level building we're greeted by the sight of a smiling receptionist lady. Her white porcelain teeth is glaring at the both of us as she explain a few conditions and rules of the dorm, and of course printing me my class schedule informing me about the schedule also being emailed to me if I lose the hard copy, and I could attend on my classes starting Wednesday.

Plus to top of the sundae with a cherry she's having my mom sign of some agreement paperwork before sending us on our merry way to see and setting up my soon-to-be dorm room for at least 4 more years.

We silently let out a breath of relief after she let us of. Hearing her chatty voice making my brain overheated and I think my mom would agree with me. After being on the elevator to the third floor we walk further and further down the hall and finally found the number 307 carved down the door.

Pulling up to the dorm brown wooden door my groggy hand reach out for the room key turning it inside the hole as I nervously squirm on my foot. This is it, this is the start or probably the end because soon after I turn the door knob, pushing the door wide open, boxes of stuff flew out of my trembling hand, I could even hear a crack of some of my stuff as the cardboard boxes suddenly toppled on top of eachother collided with the cold hard floor, making me cringe even more.

"What the actual heck!"

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